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Jota Machinery's Technology

  • All parts are famous branded: Siemens, Taiwan AirTac, Hiwin, Japan SMC…
  • Already established long-time cooperation relationship with the world-class entrepreneur.
  • Adopted technology from the advanced country.
  •  Upgraded the slitting machine timely.
  • Team working

Factory Qualification

Jota Machinery factory has obtained the ISO9001-2008 and CE certification. The company has a professional quality assurance system, standards and regulations are strictly followed and the production process is strictly controlled.

The company always insists on the quality of the product and customer satisfaction as its core competitiveness. In addition, JOTA actively promotes employee training and innovation, making every employee a member of the JOTA family.

The QC department is in charge of quality inspection and control throughout the product development process. Our QC staff inspects each tiny spare part before installation, verifies the raw materials before production, ensures the production process follows the specifications, and notifies any defects our clients.

  • Jota's certificate
  • pantent certification

Our Range of Services

logistic sticker

A logistic system is a method of moving items from one location to another. Gathering, storing,

sorting, and handling items are part of the process. Barcode is a required raw element for it.

With our skilled technical team, Jota Machinery provides a suitable solution to logistic systems. We can provide you with:

Thermal sticker paper slitter rewinder, labeling machine, RFID label applicator, RFID tag/sticker printer & encoder, RFID tag/Sticker encoding machine, and more.

paper mill

Jota Machinery has a long history of serving paper mills.

Many paper mills have installed our paper slitter rewinders and paper sheeters all over the world

We also offer maintenance and repair services for current machinery and new ones. Our engineers have extensive experience in the field of paper machinery and can give technical support for your requirements.

We have provided entire facilities for various large-scale paper mills in China in recent years.

food wrapping paper

Jota Machinery supplies solutions to the wrapping field: one solution is for the wrapping material converting equipment like paper or plastic film slitting cutting sheeters.

The other is wrapping machines for various wrapping procedures. Thermal rolls process wrapping lines, A4 paper wrapping lines, and other item packing solutions are examples.

We have a large selection of wrapping machines, ranging from manual to fully automatic.

AFP Machine

Jota Machinery supplies a complete process of thermoplastic prepreg UD tape composites. we provide the best quality of thermoplastic prepreg composites processing machines which are in good demand in the market.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of thermoplastic prepreg composites in China by supplying the thermoplastic carbon / glass fiber prepreg machine production line, carbon tape double belt press, UD tape slitting, and spooling machine.

Our products are extremely long-lasting, dependable, and simple to install. The organization has a team of skilled specialists who oversee every stage of production, from pre-production to post-production, to ensure that the final product given to you is error-free.

cmyk printing

For printing enterprises, Jota machinery is a dependable partner and supplier. We are delighted to provide you with our pre-press and post-press machines.

Our company was created in 2008, and our staff is made up of skilled specialists and engineers. We’ve been in the printing industry since 2002, and we’ve gathered a lot of knowledge in printing and packaging throughout that time. We are prepared to supply you with high-quality printing machines, die cutter machines, and paper core machines at an affordable price.

We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products at reasonable costs. We can meet all of your requirements and expectations with our extensive knowledge and skills in this area.

cash register

Jota Machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal cash register roll slitting rewinding machines. We specialize in the design and fabrication of cash register roll slitting machines for a wide range of industries including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, automotive, and more.

Our cutting-edge technology enables us to offer the most advanced machines in this industry. Our product range includes a semi-automatic cash register roll slitting rewinding machine, a high-level thermal cash register roll slitting rewinding machine, a fully automatic thermal cash register roll slitting rewinding machine with a wrapping line, and a fully automatic cash register roll production line at affordable prices.

Jota Machinery has a superior ability to boom your thermal paper roll business.

One of The Leading Paper Slitting Machine Supplier to Rocket Your Business

Jota Machinery

Jota machinery has a professional engineering team with innovative cutting-edge technology. We can offer you the best slitting machine and thermal paper slitting machine with inexpensive price, high quality, and good service.

We have a worldwide view of your business scope.

Strong marketing ability to support you rocket your business.

Working with us, not only supply a machine, also joins a tie with future bright future.

Jota Machinery is one of the professional paper-slitting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our machines have been exported to many countries and regions such as South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and so on. Our products are well received by customers worldwide due to their high quality and competitive price.

CNC logo

Jota Machinery is a reputable paper machine maker. We have a CNC center and a competent and steady slitting machine. Our goods are highly welcomed in each country.

CE logo

Before delivery, every Jota slitter rewinder is CE tested and certified by our customers to be in excellent working order, including the whole set of auto machining centers. All of our machines have passed the SGS inspection.

short leading team
Leading Time

We are a machine shop with a CNC center. We use high-quality imported components and strive to provide goods at competitive costs. Our standard lead time is 30-40 days, however, we can quickly supply items in emergency scenarios.

OEM customized

We differ from other providers in that we are a manufacturer, allowing us to provide a customized solution that meets the demands of your organization. Our team consists of skilled engineers and designers. Send us your design, and we will tailor and build each machine to your specifications.

affordable price

Our slitter rewinder is built with high-quality parts and a well-thought-out design; we only utilize name-brand components. Our products offer a high price-performance ratio and consistent performance, ensuring that each machine meets the expectations of clients. Each machine is reasonably priced.

24h service

We have a skilled sales and technical staff to offer one-stop shopping. As part of this commitment, we maintain a 24/7 service response system, so no matter what time of day or night you contact, someone will always be accessible to assist you in completing your task.

Comment from Our Client

Thermal Paper Slitting Machine Client from South Africa

feedback from South Africa

Jota's Flexographic Printer Good Feedback from Serbia Client

flexo printer feedback from Serbia

Plastic Film/ Paper Slitting Machine Using Feedback from Colombia Client

1600F using feedback from Combia client

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KT Tape Slitting Machine in Mexico
Elastic Tape Slitting Machine in The United States

Jota Machinery is an innovative manufacturer of elastic tape slitting machines, with extensive experience in the assembly and manufacture of elastic tape slitting machines. Our products are intended for use in the packaging and sporting goods industries.

Our elastic tape slitting machine has been created to give you the finest option for your needs. Our machines are constructed to last and are intended to give you a long-lasting, dependable product that will continue to work well for many years.

paper sheeting machine in Mexico
Rotary Paper Sheeting Machine in Mexico

Jota Machinery is a global technology business that specializes in rotary sheeter production. For years, we have been installing our machines in Mexico for the most demanding applications.

These obstacles can be met with the help of our rotary sheeters. They are intended to handle big rolls of paper or board at fast speeds with minimal waste or material damage, making them ideal if you need to produce vast numbers of high-quality printed goods rapidly and efficiently.

Plotter Paper Slitter Rewinder in Crotia

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the Jota Machinery plotter paper slitter rewinder in Croatia.

We modified the mechanical structure so that our machines may be used for any type of paper rewinding or slitting, including plastic, cardboard, and other materials.

We want you to be aware of all the capabilities that our machine has to offer, so please contact us at your earliest convenience if you have any questions or concerns. We eagerly await your response!

Contact Our Support Team

Quick Quote


Can I Customized My Slitting Machine?

The answer is yes.

Since we are the manufacturer and have our own CNC center and design team. You just need to provide us with your drawing or the color you want to paint then we help you finish your ideal slitting machine.

What The Leading Time Of Your Slitting Machine?

The standard slitting machine leading time is 30 days.

For the customized machines, we need to confirm each detail with you so the leading time may belong.

Can You Arrange Engineer To Our Side To Debug The Machine I Purchased?

The answer is yes.

The step is we can help you adjust the machine via online video call first.  If an online video call can’t work then we can arrange the engineer to your side, however, you should arrange the round trip ticket, accommodation, and engineers per day salary.

I'm New to This Filed and Don't Know How Run the Business. Can You Assist Me?

We are not only the supplier of the slitting machine but we also provide you a full project plan to assist you to run this business well.

Jota Machinery treats each client as a family member, you can get the ideal guideline from us.  For more details please contact your sales manager.

What’s The Warranty for My Slitting Machine?

Since you purchased the slitting machine from us then you have joined Jota Machinery’s membership system already.

The warranty time for the machine is one year but the service is whole.  We can provide you the free parts with a one-year warranty time except for accessories deemed damaged.

Will You Help Me Installation When I Received the Slitting Machine?

When you received the machine we will provide you with an operation manual, installation manual and machine layout drawing, and other related documents for your reference.

We have a special after-sales team so don’t worry about this issue.

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