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Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine at Asia Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Plant

A fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine is a highly efficient industrial machine used to convert large rolls of thermal paper into smaller ones with varying widths.

  • Suit for various paper
  • Max can reach 300-400m/min rewinding speed
  • Support your own customized design
fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine in APP'S factory

Jota Machinery forges a Strategic Partnership with Asia Pulp and Paper to Drive Operational Excellence and Foster Innovation

Fully automatic thermal paper slitting machines are widely used in several industries, including:

  1. Packaging: These machines are used to convert large rolls of thermal paper into smaller ones that can be used for packaging.
  2. Labeling: These machines are used to produce labels of varying widths and lengths for different applications.
  3. Printing: These machines are used to produce rolls of thermal paper that can be used for printing receipts, invoices, and other documents.

The slitter rewinder are fully automated, precise, and cost-effective, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their productivity and reduce costs.

If you are in the market for a fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine, be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer that can provide you with the features and benefits you need to meet your business needs.

900 machine

Thermal paper slitting machine is a type of industrial machine used for cutting large rolls of thermal paper into smaller, more manageable sizes.

Our slitter machine come in various sizes, with the 900mm width machine being a popular choice for its affordability and efficiency.

  • Chain lifting system, supported max 300.00kg jumbo roll
  • The max rewinding speed is 150m/min.
  • The daily ouput is 6000-10000.00 pcs
  • Siemens PLC and HMI,Schneider low power switch
JT-SLT-1300C paper cup bottom slitting machine
High Speed Paper Slitting Machine
JT-SLT-1400C WAT Tape Slitting Machine
Water Activated Tape / WAT Tape Printing Slitting Machine
JT-SLT-1600C Kraft Paper Slitting Machine
Kraft Paper Slitting Machine
Paper/Plastic Film Slitting Rewinding Machine
fully automatic themrmal paper slitting machine 370
Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
thermal paper printing slitting machine
Thermal Paper Printing Slitting Machine
surface slitting rewinding machine 370
Narrow Width Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine
JT-SLT-900A 370
Max 300m/min Rewinding Speed Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
JT-SLT-900C 370
High Speed semi-automatic thermal paper slitting machine

Special Design (4)

Rewinding Effect (4)

  • kraft paper rewinding effect

    Small kraft paper rolls are a type of paper material that comes in a compact roll form, typically with a width of less than 36 inches.

    Kraft paper is a type of strong and durable paper that is made from wood pulp, and it is known for its excellent tear and burst resistance.

    The small size of the kraft paper roll makes it a convenient and portable packaging material, suitable for wrapping, cushioning, and void filling applications.

  • carbon epoxy tape rewinding 370

    Epoxy carbon fiber prepreg is a type of composite material that consists of carbon fiber fabric pre-impregnated with an epoxy resin system.

    The epoxy carbon fiber prepreg has high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent fatigue resistance, and good dimensional stability.

    It is commonly used in aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, and other industries that require high-performance materials.

  • self adhesive tape 370

    Self-adhesive label rolls are a type of pre-printed or blank label material that comes in a continuous roll form.

    The label material is coated with a self-adhesive backing, allowing it to stick to various surfaces without the need for additional adhesive.

    These labels can be used for various applications, such as product labeling, shipping labels, address labels, barcode labels, and more.

  • WAT Tape Rewinding 370

    Brown kraft paper tape is a popular packaging material that is made from kraft paper, a type of strong and durable paper that is produced from wood pulp.

    The brown color of the tape gives it a natural and eco-friendly look, making it a popular choice for businesses that want to promote their sustainability efforts.

    Water activated tape is also recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic tapes.

Slitting Machine structure

unwinding stand 193
Unwinding Section
Unwinding stand is a machine used to hold and unwind large paper rolls, often referred to as jumbo rolls, in order to supply paper to downstream machines
slitting blade 193
Slitting Section
A slitting unit is an essential component of a slitting machine used to convert large rolls of material into smaller, more manageable widths.
PLC system
PLC System
The PLC is a digital computer that monitors the input signals from various sensors and devices and generates output signals to control the different actuators and motors in the machine.
tension brake section
Tension Control Section
A magnetic powder brake is an electromagnetic device used to control the tension in web processing applications, such as slitting, winding, and unwinding.
EPC section
EPC Section
A web guide system is an essential component of a slitter rewinder machine used to control the lateral position of the web during the slitting and rewinding process.
Rewinding section
Rewinding Section
A rewinding shaft is a critical component of a slitter machine used to rewind the slit material into smaller rolls or spools.
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Touma From Japan
Walter from Germany
Walter from Germany
Joseph from USA
Joseph from USA
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Luan from South Africa
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Fayez from Saudi Arabia
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Johan from Sweden
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Mr.Tsai from Taiwan

A Guide to Selecting the Optimal Lifting System for Slitter Rewinder

Handling thermal paper jumbo rolls can be a challenging task due to their weight and size.

To address this issue, Jota Machinery has developed three types of lifting systems for slitter rewinder to cater to different weight capacities.

Chain lifting system

The chain lifting system for thermal paper slitting machine designed to support a maximum weight of 300.00 kilograms.

This system uses a chain to lift the jumbo rolls to the unwinding stand. It is easy to operate and can be adjusted to meet different lifting requirements.

Pneumatic lifting system

The pneumatic loading system for converting equipment is a type of lifting system that uses compressed air to lift the jumbo rolls.

The  system can support a weight capacity of 1 to 2 tons, making it ideal for lifting heavier jumbo rolls it is suitable for lifting heavy jumbo rolls in a quick and efficient manner.

Hydraulic lifting system

The hydraulic loading system is another option offered by Jota Machinery.

This system uses hydraulic power to lift the jumbo rolls. The hydraulic lift system is designed to support a higher weight capacity than the chain lift system, making it ideal for heavy-duty lifting tasks.

When using these lifting systems, it is important to note that the weight information is usually stick on the jumbo roll. This information helps determine the appropriate lifting system required for handling the jumbo roll.


Jota Machinery’s lifting systems provide a safe and efficient way to handle large volumes of thermal paper jumbo rolls.

The chain lift, pneumatic loading, and hydraulic loading systems cater to different weight capacities, allowing businesses to choose the lifting system that best fits their needs.

With Jota Machinery’s lifting systems, businesses can increase productivity, reduce the risk of workplace injuries, and improve overall efficiency.

What's The Leading Time of Jumbo Roll Paper Slitter Rewinder?

The leading time of our paper slitting machine is 30 working days.

Can I Customized My Slitting Machine?

We are the manufacturer of paper slitting machines. You just need to send us the drawing you want to customize.

What's The Voltage of Jumbo Roll Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Usually, the voltage of our paper slitter rewinder is 3 Phase, 380V,50HZ.

We can also help make the voltage you needed.

Can You Help Me Provide All Essential Raw Material?

Jota Machinery provides full service for each client. We not only provide the paper slitting machine but also source you the raw material.

Is All Slitting Machine Bypassed CE Certificated?

Our slitting machines all have the essential export certification.

For more details please contact Jota Machinery.

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