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Thermal Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

Jota Machinery is the leading supplier of thermal paper slitting machines.

Our thermal paper slitting has a fully automatic type, semi-automatic type, and economic type thermal paper slitting machine.

  • Fully Automatic Controlled, Only Need One Operator
  • Inline Flexo Printer For Your Choice
  • Advanced Hydraulic Shaftless Unwnding Stand
  • All Parts Are Famous Brand
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Your Most Trustworthy Thermal Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine Supplier

Jota Machinery is a professional manufacturer of thermal paper slitting machines.

In 10 years, we independently developed the first thermal paper slitting machine. With the determination to become bigger and stronger, we constantly upgrade and improve the thermal paper slitting machine.

So far, we have become the most recommended production supplier among many customers.

We have launched thermal paper printing slitting machine, an automatic thermal paper slitting machine with a 3-4 color online flexo printing machine.

If you have purchase requirements for related equipment, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

thermal paper cutt off 550

Thermal Paper Roll Break Off Unit

Jota Machinery’s small roll break-off unit is paired with our fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine.

When paper rolls are reminded, small rolls will be conveyed to break off the unit.

There are 2 teleport wheels on the break-off unit. The first wheel will press the rolled thermal paper, the second transfer wheel will break the thermal paper till roll, and it has the function of making the small roll stand up.

thermal paper printing slitting machine 370
Thermal Paper Printing Slitting Production Line Support Printing and Slitting Unit to Run Synchronously. This Set Line Not Only Economic but Also Save Space.
JT-SLT-900C 370
Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Rewinding Is the Upgraded Slitter for Cutting Bigger Jumbo Roll. The Max Unwinding Diameter Can Reach 1000mm. The Hydraulic Shaftless Design Makes Lifting Easier
JT-SLT-900A 370
900A Is the Most Popular Thermal Paper Slitting Machine Among Our Slitter. We Use Banana Roller to Avoid the Overlapping Issue. The Max Rewinding Diameter Even Can Reach 300mm.
semi automatic thermal paper slitting machine 370
This set thermal paper slitting rewinding machine is the semi-automatic one. JT-AUX-900 give you the plan from unwinding to automatic shrink film packaging .
fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine 370
This set machine is the fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine manufacturced by Jota Machine. You only need to assign one operator to check the operation. The output is near 2-3 times than our economic thermal paper slitter rewinder.
shrink film packing machine
This Set Heat Shrink Wrapper Machine Support Packing Any Size Thermal Paper Roll You Wanted. You Just Need to Provide Us the Packing Design and Size. We Will Produce the Mold to Help You Achieve.
water activated paper tape slitting machine 370
This set machine is the New developed slitting machine. Water activated kraft paper tape is more sticky than BOPP Packing Tape.In 2022, many customers have already placed orders for us.
JT-SLT-900 Thermal Paper Slitting Machine 370
This Set Machine Is the Most Affordable Thermal Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine. Operation Is Easy While Only Need Small Space. Very Suitable for Freshman Whom Want To Do Thermal Paper Roll Business.
coreless type thermal paper slitting machine 370
This Set Machine Only Suit for Rewinding Some of Thermal Paper Roll Don't Need Inner Plastics Core. We Installed a Banana Roller on This Slitter, And the Problem Of Biting Paper Can Be Largely Avoided

Special Design (4)

  • automatic tail cutter and gluer 370

    An effective thermal paper slitting machine gadget is an automatic tail cutter and gluer.

    It may trim the surplus paper at the end of the thermal paper roll (the tail) and glue it together to prevent it from unraveling. You don’t have to worry about the tail being too long or too short with this gadget since it will automatically adapt to your requirements.

  • Banana Roller

    Overlapping is a frequent problem in thermal paper slitting machines. Overlapping will create printing and cutting issues, reducing the efficiency of the whole manufacturing process.

    The banana roller may spread the edges of the paper to prevent overlapping. For many years, it has been frequently utilized in thermal paper slitting machines and has shown to be successful.

  • hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand 370

    Our firm created a new sort of unwinding stand called the hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand. It has high efficiency, low energy consumption, and simple operation, and its performance is consistent.

    The shaftless unwinding stand’s primary power source is a hydraulic cylinder, which provides power for raising or lowering the load through an electronic control valve. Its construction is straightforward and simple to maintain and repair.

  • waste trimmer 370

    Jota Machinery has introduced a new waste edge trimmer device. The waste edge will be evacuated via the air tube, which also serves the purpose of shredding paper.

    The machine can substantially minimize waste paper volume while also improving sorting accuracy.

    This device suits for our big-size paper slitting machine i.e. film slitting machine, semi-automatic thermal paper slitting machine

Machine Configuration (4)

  • PLC 370

    Siemens PLC is a sophisticated and user-friendly programming language that enables you to interface with your machine, control operations, and construct a variety of applications.

    Every industry and factory needs a fundamental understanding of Siemens PLC.

  • YASKAWA Inverter 370

    YASKAWA is a global leader in the manufacture of frequency inverters for medium-voltage drives.

    The company’s technology and services provide a comprehensive solution for industrial electric applications, assuring dependability and efficiency.

  • 0615 Schneider Swicher 370

    The Schneider Low Power Switcher is one of the market’s most inventive and effective power suppliers.

    When compared to a typical linear power supply, it offers a highly efficient switching architecture that reduces energy usage by up to 70%.

  • Siemens HMI 370

    Human Machine Interface (HMI) software from Siemens allows humans to connect with industrial processes, making work simpler and safer.

    It streamlines machine operation, boosts production, and assures regulatory compliance.

Our Service

magnetic brake 193
Shaftless Unwinding Stand
Shaftless unwinder is a special design for unwinding heavy jumbo roll.The max unwinding diamater can reach 1200mm. You can use remote controller to lift the jumbo roll easily.
Banana roller 193
Banana Roller
Banana roller is a roller with arc. Slitted paper can ben spreaded before enter the rewinding working section. Overlapping issue can be avoided by banana roller.
slitting blade 193
Upper Slitting Blade
Slitting unit is the important unit in our thermal paper slitting machine. Jumbo roll can be evenly divided into the slitting width you requested.
Lower slitting blade 193 193
Lower Slitting Blade
Lower slitting blade can said is a tool for you to adjust the slitting width. You can add or remove some aluminum spacer to combine into different width .
automatic tail cutter and gluer 193
Automatic Tail Cutter And Gluer
Automatic tail cutter and gluer is a patented device of Jota Machinery. You do not need to stick the tail to thermal paper roll. We extremely recommended for you.
meter counter 193 193
Meter Counter
Meter counter use for measure the length you have rewinded. The whole data is shows on HMI touch screen. You can adjust the rewinding diameter by changing the meter you want to rewind.
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Mr.Tsai from Taiwan

Paper core cutting machine manufacturer in China

Paper tubes are ubiquitous in contemporary society.

There are paper tubes contained within both the toilet paper and the little roll of thermal paper.

The innermost layer of the Copic potato chip container, when peeled away, reveals the paper tube.

The interior of the firecracker is a paper tube as well. It is evident that paper tubes are present everywhere.

Even though they are all paper tubes, their production procedures vary.

The paper tubes used for fireworks and firecrackers require a parallel paper core making machine, but standard spiral paper core machines can be used for other paper tubes.

On the equipment of the paper core making machine is a component called mandrel, which is used to roll kraft paper onto the mandrel to make paper tubes of various lengths, thicknesses, and inner diameters.

The length of the paper tube generated by the paper tube machine is 1500mm, 2000mm, or even longer.

In order to use paper tubes in various industries, it is necessary to cut paper tubes to varied lengths. So you require a paper core cutter.

Since its founding, Jota Machinery has specialized in paper-related products such as thermal paper slitter, kraft paper slitter, and kraft paper tape slitter, among others. A paper core cutter is also offered by our company.

Currently, our automatic paper core cutting machines come in the following varieties:

  • JT-SL-200C Fully Automatic Paper Core Cutting Machine
  • JT-1500C High Precision Digital Control Paper Core Cutting Machine
  • Multi-blade Paper Tube Cutting Machine
  • Manual Paper Core Cutting Machine

JT-SL-200C Fully automatic paper core cutting machine

Among our numerous paper core cutter machines, the fully automatic paper core cutting machine has always been the most popular.

Many of this type’s customers are enterprises that specialize in the fabrication of paper tubes.

fully automatic paper core cutting machine

The automatic paper tube machine and paper core producing machine can be combined to produce a kraft paper tube assembly line.

When connected to the machine for creating paper cores, the rolled paper tube can be immediately supplied to the unwinding platform of our tube cutting machine.

When a predetermined number of paper tubes are accommodated on our unwinding stand, a sensor is activated.

The air cylinder on the unwind frame creates a bouncing action before pulling the paper tube towards the cutter.

A PLC program performs a succession of core jacking, tubeclamping, and corecutting operations.

This completely automatic tube-cutting machine is designed for cutting paper tubes with dimensions of 50-152mm in diameter, 4-15mm in wall thickness, and 10-2000mm in length.

If the size of your paper tube does not fall within this range, please contact our sales staff.

At the end of 2021, we partnered with a German company to enhance the following aspects of this completely automatic pipe-cutting machine:

  • Security cover

  • Top tube cylinder

  • Free rotating blade

  • Security cover

Security cover

In actuality, protective covers have also been fitted on our high precision digital control paper core cutting machine, however the functions may not be as extensive.

In accordance with customer requirements, we install sensors on all opened doors.

When any door is opened, the machine will immediately stop, and the HMI will indicate which numbered door has been opened.

This function is the outcome of our iterative debugging and confirmation with the German client’s team. We have upgraded our automatic paper core cutter machine as a result of the German team’s diligence and patience, for which we are really thankful.

Top tube cylinder

This is a minor issue brought to our attention by German clients, namely that this equipment is only appropriate for cutting paper tubes up to a length of 2000mm.

Prior to the enhancement, the client stated that the used cylinder was too large and required a great deal of force to press when cutting small paper tubes.

Currently, this issue has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, and any length of the paper tube can be simply modified.

Free rotating blade

Before we changed the old blades, the angle of the paper core cutter blade would alter automatically after each cut.

Although the service life has been increased, the blades are frequently destroyed by incorrect clients.

Currently, we have replaced it with a blade that rotates freely and is likewise highly user-friendly.

These are the three significant modifications. In order to meet European production safety regulations, we have upgraded a variety of factors, including emergency stop, HMI, wastepaper core, and air detection.

All enhancements are made in accordance with customer-provided documentation. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about this paper tube cutter machine.

JT-1500C High-precision digital control paper core cutting machine

The tube-cutting machine can cut paper tubes of up to 1500 mm in length.

If the inner diameter of your paper tubes is between 25 and 200 millimeters and the wall thickness is between 5 and 18 millimeters, then this tube-cutting machine will function flawlessly.

Whenever a customer acquires a slitter, we will typically recommend this core cutting machine. The purpose is to aid the consumer in rewinding the material.

Our Swedish client purchased a JT-1500C in addition to the JT-SLT-2100D nonwoven fabric slitting machine.

When using the slitting machine, the customer does not need to worry about not having a proper size paper tube.

This cardboard tube cutting machine’s cutting process is pneumatically controlled, and the servo motor controls the knife seat’s back-and-forth motion.

pneumatic cutter blade

You can simultaneously configure ten groups of appropriate size parameters.

JT-1500C is simple to use, and the edges of the cut paper tubes are smooth and free of burrs. Please contact us if this item meets your purchasing requirements.

Individual customers can use multi-knife tube cutting machines and manual tube cutting machines.

For instance, if you require a paper tube for rewinding materials, you may want to consider purchasing this affordable tube-cutting machine.

As a domestic manufacturer of paper tube cutting machines, we offer customized service from A to Z.

Please contact us for further information.


What is paper core?

A paper core refers to a cylindrical tube or spindle made of paper, which is often used to hold or wrap materials such as textiles, plastic films, adhesive tape, or paper itself.

The core or paper tube is typically made by winding multiple layers of kraft paper around a mandrel, which is then removed to create an empty tube.

The number of layers used to create the core can vary depending on the required strength, stiffness, and diameter of the core.

Paper cores are commonly used in industries such as printing, packaging, textiles, and construction, where they play a vital role in holding, protecting, and dispensing materials.

What is the difference between paper tube and paper core?

Paper tubes and paper cores are both cylindrical objects made from paper, but they have different functions and characteristics.

A paper tube is a hollow cylinder made of paper that is used for packaging and shipping items.

It can be made from different types of paper, such as kraft paper or cardboard, and can come in various sizes and thicknesses depending on the application.

Paper tubes can be used for packing anything from posters and artwork to carpets and textiles.

They provide excellent protection against damage during shipping and handling, and they are often more cost-effective than other types of packaging.

On the other hand, a paper core is a cylindrical object that is used as a base or support for winding different types of materials, such as paper, film, or fabric.

Paper cores are usually made from high-strength paper, and they can come in different diameters and lengths depending on the application.

They are used in a variety of industries, including printing, textile manufacturing, and adhesive tape production.

Paper cores are essential for ensuring that the wound material is stable and can be transported safely without being damaged.

In summary, while both paper tubes and paper cores are cylindrical objects made of paper, they have different functions and applications.

Paper tubes are used for packaging and shipping items, while paper cores are used as a base or support for winding different types of materials.

What are the sizes of paper cores?

Paper cores come in a variety of sizes depending on their intended use. Here are some common sizes for paper cores:

  • 1.5 inches (38 mm)
  • 2 inches (51 mm)
  • 3 inches (76 mm)
  • 6 inches (152 mm)

The length of the paper core can vary based on specific requirements or usage.

Additionally, the thickness of the paper used to make the core can also vary, with thicker paper being used for heavier duty applications.

Where is paper core used?

Paper cores are cylindrical tubes made of paperboard or cardboard, and they are used in a variety of applications across various industries.

Here are some common uses of paper cores:

  1. Packaging industry: Paper cores are widely used in the packaging industry for a variety of products, including textiles, films, plastics, adhesives, tapes, and other products that require winding, rolling or spooling. Paper cores provide a sturdy base for these products to be wrapped around, and they also help to protect the product during transportation.
  2. Paper manufacturing industry: In the paper manufacturing industry, paper cores are used to wind and store large rolls of paper. These paper rolls are then transported to printing presses or other paper processing facilities. Paper cores are also used in paper converting operations to rewinding small rolls of paper, such as tissue, toilet paper, or paper towels.
  3. Textile industry: The textile industry uses paper cores for winding yarns, threads, and other textile products. The paper cores provide a stable base for the yarn or thread to be wrapped around, and they also help to prevent tangling and knotting during transport.
  4. Construction industry: In the construction industry, paper cores are used as forms for concrete pillars and columns. The paper core provides a temporary support structure for the concrete until it dries and hardens, at which point the paper core is removed.
  5. Art and craft industry: Paper cores are used in a variety of art and craft projects, including making homemade candles, paper flowers, and other decorative items. They can also be used as a base for wrapping paper, ribbons, or other materials.

Overall, paper cores are versatile and essential components that are widely used in various industries.

What are the standard paper core sizes?

There are several standard paper core sizes that are commonly used in various industries.

These sizes are determined by the diameter and thickness of the core.

Here are some of the most common standard paper core sizes:

  1. 1 inch core: This is a small diameter paper core that is commonly used in the packaging industry for products such as tapes and labels.
  2. 1.5 inch core: This is another small diameter paper core that is commonly used in the packaging industry, especially for narrower tapes and labels.
  3. 3 inch core: This is a larger diameter paper core that is widely used in the paper manufacturing and converting industry for large paper rolls such as printing paper, newsprint, and kraft paper.
  4. 6 inch core: This is a very large diameter paper core that is used for heavy-duty applications such as large industrial fabrics or plastic films.
  5. Custom sizes: Depending on the specific application, custom paper core sizes can also be made to order. These can range from small, niche sizes to large, specialized sizes for unique applications.

It’s important to note that these are just the most common standard paper core sizes and that other sizes may also be available depending on the manufacturer and application.

When selecting a paper core size, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of the application and the properties of the material being wound onto the core.

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