Paper Edge Protector Machine

Jota’s High-speed paper slitting machine is not only suited for cutting kraft paper but also for other paper.

  • Suit for various paper
  • Max can reach 300-400m/min rewinding speed
  • Support your own customized design
paper edge protector machine 2560

Why You Need Paper Edge Protector Machine

Around the end of last year, Jota Machinery launched a large gantry slitter. The machine is currently operating successfully in Uzbekistan.

The maximum unwinding width of this slitting machine can reach 2800mm. The unique hydraulic shaftless roll-up design enables this slitter to withstand heavier parent rolls.

This set jumbo roll paper slitter rewinder not only has a special design in the unwinding structure but also can achieve amazing speed in the speed.

paper edge protector 550

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high precision core cutter 370
Digital Control High Precision Paper Core Cutting Machine
fully automatic tube cutter 370
Fully Automatic Paper Tube Cutting Machine
800A paper core cutter 370
Manual Paper Core Cutting Machine
Sapiral Paper Tube Making Machine
fully automatic themrmal paper slitting machine 370
Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
thermal paper printing slitting machine
Thermal Paper Printing Slitting Machine
surface slitting rewinding machine 370
Narrow Width Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine
JT-SLT-900A 370
Max 300m/min Rewinding Speed Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
JT-SLT-900C 370
High Speed semi-automatic thermal paper slitting machine

Special Design (4)

Rewinding Effect (4)

  • kraft paper rewinding effect

    Kraft paper rolls are an essential material for many different industries.

    They are made from a strong, durable paper that is ideal for packaging, shipping, and storage.

    Kraft paper is typically brown in color, and it is often used for wrapping products, protecting them from damage during transport or storage.

    One of the main advantages of kraft paper rolls is their strength.

    The paper is made using a special manufacturing process that results in a strong, high-quality product. This makes it ideal for use in the shipping and packaging industry, where products need to be protected from damage during transit.

  • carbon epoxy tape rewinding 370

    Thermoset carbon prepreg is a high-performance composite material that is widely used in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment.

    It consists of carbon fibers that are pre-impregnated with a thermosetting resin and then cured under heat and pressure to produce a lightweight and extremely strong material.

    Thermoset carbon prepreg offers excellent mechanical properties, including high strength-to-weight ratio, stiffness, and fatigue resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications where performance is critical. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of thermoset carbon prepreg in more detail.

  • self adhesive tape 370

    Self-adhesive label rolls are a convenient and popular choice for labeling and packaging products in various industries.

    These labels are made from a flexible material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back, allowing them to stick securely to a wide range of surfaces, such as plastic, glass, metal, and paper.

    One of the key advantages of self-adhesive label rolls is their ease of use.

    They can be quickly and easily applied to products, saving time and labor costs compared to other labeling methods.

    Additionally, self-adhesive label rolls can be customized to include a wide range of information, such as product name, barcode, logo, and other details.

  • WAT Tape Rewinding 370

    Water-activated paper tape rolls are a sustainable and high-strength packaging material that is widely used in various industries.

    Kraft paper tape is made from renewable materials such as kraft paper, and it is reinforced with fiberglass threads for added strength.

    One of the main advantages of water-activated paper tape rolls is their environmental friendliness.

    Unlike traditional plastic tapes, they are biodegradable and compostable, making them an eco-friendly choice for businesses that are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

Slitting Machine structure

unwinding stand 193
Unwinding Section
A slitting machine unwinding stand is an essential component of a slitting machine used in various industries for cutting wide rolls of material into narrower widths. This machine is used to unwind the roll of material and keep it under tension while it is being slit into smaller widths.
slitting blade 193
Slitting Section
Round slitting blades are a type of cutting tool used in various industries for cutting materials into precise and uniform widths. These blades are designed to rotate at high speeds, making them capable of cutting through a wide range of materials, including paper, plastic, metal, and textiles.
PLC system
PLC System
The PLC on a slitting machine is designed to provide precise and reliable control over the cutting process, ensuring that the material is cut accurately and consistently.
tension brake section
Tension Control Section
A magnetic power brake is an essential component of a slitting machine used in various industries for cutting wide rolls of material into narrower widths.
EPC section
EPC Section
A web guide system is an essential component of a slitting machine used in various industries for cutting wide rolls of material into narrower widths.
Rewinding section
Rewinding Section
A differential friction shaft is an essential component of a paper slitting machine used in various industries for cutting wide rolls of paper into narrower widths.
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Why You Need A Paper Edge  Protector Machine?

Do you want to venture into the paper edge protector machine business?

Are you aware that the paper edge protector industry is valued at US$ 2.8 billion?

Every business person globally thinks about product safety, without which losses are inevitable. This fact gives you an unlimited opportunity to invest in paper corner protectors.

Paper corner protectors, also called cardboard edge protectors, are V or L-shaped products used to protect the edges and wall corners of products or packages from damage in every step of the overall shipment process.

Corner protectors come in different finishes, sizes, and materials to help them blend with the shape and transit needs of specific products.

Paper edge protectors are used in the packaging industry to ensure that the product arrives in good form. Damages in packaging will lead to unusable, unacceptable, and unusable products.

These damages cost the manufacturer and cost consumers, and the logistics sector.

This article will discuss how to make corner protectors, the paper edge protector machine, the advantages of edge corners, which uses edge protectors, and much more. Your eyes of understanding will open up to the ever-growing potential in manufacturing cardboard edge protectors.

For these and much more, read on!

What’s The Manufacturing Process of Paper Edge Protector Machine?

The manufacturing process of the kraft paper corner protector is not a complicated matter. It is not labor-intensive since most of the work is done by the paper edge protector machine. You will, however, require one power press operator, one leading operator, and one helper.

paper edge proector

Some raw materials commonly used in this process include

  • Virgin Kraft Paper of 150GSM – 200GSM
  • Grey Board Paper of 200GSM – 500GSM
  • Semi Kraft Paper of 120GSM – 180GSM
  • Kraft Board Paper of 200GSM – 500GSM

These kraft paper corner protector-making materials are slit into strips for use in making the edge protectors.

paper edge protector machine

The manufacturing process includes nine successive steps. These steps require basic operation skills, and you can efficiently train on them in a short period. They include:

  • The first step is to load the strips on the reel stand according to the desired paper corner.
  • Then the rods and paper on the roller go to the glue stand.
  • At the paper stand, you gum the paper strips. You use a pump to pour adhesive on the strips.
  • Then the scrapping knives remove the excess glue from the strips of paper.
  • The excess glue finds its way back to the gluing chamber.
  • Under a roller, you paste the paper strips on each other.
  • To give the desired angle to the gummed paper strips, you pass them through the forming rollers.
  • The paper edge protector cutting machine cuts the angle boards to your desired lengths.
  • The last step is an operational operation. The power press cuts customized slots on the angled board for round products.

The Paper Edge Protector Machine

You will require a paper edge protector production line for all shapes, thicknesses, and lengths of the corner paper protectors. Your standard supply of this line should include the following equipment;

  • A Cascade Gluing System. This system is responsible for efficiently transferring glue from the glue tank to paper layers. Its essential components are an MS outer jacket and stainless steel inner jacket. Water heated by electric heaters between the two jackets boils the glue when needed. The gear pump then pumps the glue to the paper layers. This package provides a glue supply system, a paper tension arrangement, and a glue scraper system.
  • The Reel Holding stand. This device feeds and holds the paper well into the glue cascade system. It’s made of flats and MS angles. This stand is fitted with bottom rollers that can adjust to your desired posture when in operation.
  • The Pre-Forming Machine. Paper layers are loaded into the rotating rubber rollers in this system. The system, in turn, rolls them to your desired thickness. The extra glue arrangement feeds the outer layer with a low paper thickness and mild glue value together with these papers. This system gives you the required thickness and width.
  • The Forming Machine. Once the papers are pre-formed, they are going to the forming stage. The forming machine operates pneumatically and has three stations with male and female angular rollers. The angle is formed stage by stage as the paper is fed through the forming machine. It is then fed to the shearing system by rollers at a controlled speed.
  • The In-Line Cutting Machine. This machine cuts the paper edge protector to your required lengths. This online guillotine shear machine has an electric sensor and is operated by a pneumatic cylinder.

Who Uses The Paper Edge Protectors?

All companies want to maximize profits and minimize losses. One sure way of achieving this goal is by securing their products on transit from damages.

This need calls for paper edge protectors. No wonder the global trade on edge paper continues to grow.

The current trade value for paper edge protectors globally is US$ 2.8, and it will hit US$ 4.0 by the year 2030. The big question is,why this huge growth?

paper edge board

In our view, two factors inform this growth. They are:

  • There is a persistent boom in the e-commerce sector and rapid global industrialization driving the global demand for paper edge protectors.
  • Paper edge protectors have increasingly become a convenient option for warehousing, product protection, and transit requirements. It is environmentally clean and has reduced claims, lost orders, and complaints.

Because of these factors, people involved in the packaging industry and local and global business players are leading users of this product. Most sectors of global trade, including food supplies, health care products, agribusiness, industrial products, and electronics, use paper corners to secure their products.

The Benefits Of Paper Edge Protectors

The advantages of paper edge protectors are many, and they help businesses in several ways, which include:

  • They protect product surfaces from sharp impacts and help them in resisting abrasion.
  • Due to their flexibility can be versatile and fit any product type, no matter its shape.
  • They are recyclable, reusable, and environmentally clean.
  • They are lightweight, easy to carry, and cheap compared to their plastic and metallic counterparts.
  • They help reinforce cartons, keep them sturdy, and protect products from collapsed sides.
  • They are easy to use and don’t call more tools, professional labor, or glue for installation.
  • Corner edges reinforce and stabilize goods when packages are stacked under a stretch film.
  • Cardboard edges are economical, last long, easy to maintain, and cost less.
  • They protect your stacked products from slipping away. This quality helps you stack many products together, consequently maximizing your available space.
  • They help to stabilize pallets in warehouses.
  • They are versatile. Paper edge protectors are used to guard fragile products like artwork and mirrors. On the other hand, they are used to preserve bulk goods like furniture and machinery.
  • They are easy to customize to fit the specific needs of each customer.
  • Depending on the customer’s needs, you can print colors and prints on the cardboard edges. These enhanced features help in locating and advertising the customer’s brand.
  • Paper corners help avoid dents, bumps, and knocks while your products are in transit.
  • These paper edges protect the human resource handling the packages from possible bruises and tissue damage by sharp or harsh products.

Without a doubt, the benefits of edge protectors are enormous, and the need for this product is on the rise. Besides, you now know how to make paper corner protectors and the potential customers for your products. The beauty of it all is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

paper edge machine

Why should you wait any longer?

Start your business today!

Buy your paper edge protector machine from us and see your company grow with the industry.

We will offer you all the support you need for growth. Your success is our business.

For more about this product and related information, contact us now! You can also visit our website for more content.

What is the Paper Edge Protector Machine?

The paper corner protector machine named paper edge angle board machine is a machine used to form the paper edge corner protector from the corrugated paper board. which is widely used in the packaging industry.

The paper corner protector machine is composed of a strip unwinder, glue spreader, a continuous press forming roller device, and one inline punching cutting device.

With the PLC and touch screen, the paper corner protector can be completed in a continuous process on the machines. And no need for any auxiliary equipment.

The machine can be used to produce a corner such as 90°, it is widely used for the wooden pallet edge protection, it is a good friend for all kinds of pallet shipping and transforming.

What Is the Paper Edge Protector Machine Price?

The standard paper corner edge protector machine price is around 25000 – 50000.00 USD. The prices are determined by the different configurations.

It is made of a PLC control system and touch screen, it is easy to operate and maintain.

The paper corner protector machine, also known as the paper corner edge protector machine, can be used to pack goods and make them seem nice.

The paper corner protector machine is used to ensure that the goods are straight and smooth. It has a positive effect on product display and can prevent product corners from being damaged during shipping.

This machine can be widely used in the industries such as printing, stationery, packing, and so on.

What Is the Paper Corner Protector Used For?

The paper corner protector machine is used to keep the product’s edge straight and smooth throughout transit. It is the greatest option for you to select.

The paper corner protector machine is primarily used for wrapping, packaging, sealing, and protecting a wide range of products, including cartons, furniture, clothing, and other home appliances.

It can also be employed in a variety of industries such as electric appliances and building materials.

In order to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination in good condition, we need to protect them before they leave our factory.

The primary function of this machine is to ensure that no scratches or dents occur on the merchandise during shipping. It also shields your product from water, dust, and other pollutants that could harm it.

The paper corner protector machine is a simple solution to preserve your products without wasting time or money!

What's The Automated Edge Protector Cutter Machine?

The automated edge protector cutter machine is a special device for cutting the paper edge protectors in different lengths and shapes.

We can supply two types of cutter machines. One is the inline cutting machine, and the other one is an independent cutting machine

The inline cutting machine on the edge protector making machines is an automatic cutting machine that is used for the production of paper strip edge protectors.

It is installed in the edge protector-making machine line and works as a part of the whole line.

After the paper edge protector is formed in the last stage, the cutting device will be cut and punched in a certain length for the next operation process.

The independent cutting machine is a hydraulic cutting machine, because of its low capacity, the customer seldom uses it now.

What's The Automated Edge Protector Punching Machine?

The automated edge protector punching machine is a compact and elegant equipment for punching the edge protector.

The entire procedure, including the feeding and ejection of the edge protection strip, is automated. The punching machine detects the length of the strip using infrared sensing and automatically adjusts the punching position.

It is possible to make different types of edge protectors with different lengths by modifying the working length of the punching machine. Furthermore, it can manufacture numerous items at the same time, considerably improving production efficiency.

As an accessory of the corner protector manufacturing line, it mainly performs three functions:

  1. Cut and punch the paper corners according to the width requirement of customers’ products;
  2. Punch the paper corner protector automatically in different shapes to meet customer requirements;
  3. To ensure that each product has a protective area for packaging protection during transportation.
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