paper straw making machine

Paper Drinking Straw Making Machine

With the ongoing global momentum to ban plastic, the demand for paper-based alternatives has witnessed a remarkable surge.

Seizing this lucrative business opportunity promptly necessitates the careful selection of a cost-effective paper straw making machine.

Make a resolute decision today and become a part of the thriving paper straw industry, maximizing your potential for success.

  • Mandrel Diameter : 3.8mm-11.3mm
  • Cutter Knives : 8-9 Knives
  • Fully Automatic Production Process
  • Non-toxic and Food Grade Standard
paper straw cutter

The Professional Paper Straw Making Machine Manufacturer Near Me

The increasing global adoption of sustainable practices has led to a significant surge in the demand for paper straws.

In addressing this escalating need, the paper straw making machines provided by Jota Machinery have emerged as pivotal solutions.

Jota Machinery, with its extensive industry knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, offers a platform for businesses to seamlessly transition to environmentally friendly alternatives, all while capitalizing on the burgeoning market for sustainable products.

Through our meticulous project planning and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Jota Machinery empowers manufacturers to actively contribute towards a greener future, all while ensuring sustainable business growth and success.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

paper straw winding

The paper straw winding machine boasts user-friendly controls and an intuitive interface, enabling operators to effortlessly navigate the machine’s operations.

The machine’s versatility allows for customization of various parameters, ensuring optimal performance based on specific production requirements.

  • 60GSM Surface Layer & 15mm Width
  • 120 GSM Middle Layer & 14.2mm Width
  • 120 GSM Bottom Layer & 13.7mm Width
  • Non-Toxic Food Grade Water Based Adhesive
JT-SLT-1300C paper cup bottom slitting machine
High Speed Paper Slitting Machine
JT-SLT-1400C WAT Tape Slitting Machine
Water Activated Tape / WAT Tape Printing Slitting Machine
JT-SLT-1600C Kraft Paper Slitting Machine
Kraft Paper Slitting Machine
Paper/Plastic Film Slitting Rewinding Machine
fully automatic themrmal paper slitting machine 370
Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
thermal paper printing slitting machine
Thermal Paper Printing Slitting Machine
surface slitting rewinding machine 370
Narrow Width Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine
JT-SLT-900A 370
Max 300m/min Rewinding Speed Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
JT-SLT-900C 370
High Speed semi-automatic thermal paper slitting machine

Special Design (4)

Rewinding Effect (4)

  • kraft paper rewinding effect

    Kraft paper rolls are a popular type of packaging material used in various industries for their strength, durability, and versatility.

    Kraft paper rolls come in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths, and can be used for a wide range of packaging and wrapping applications.

    They are commonly used for shipping, packing, and protecting products, as well as for wrapping gifts, creating artwork, and crafting.

  • carbon epoxy tape rewinding 370

    Carbon epoxy prepreg uni-directional tape is a high-performance composite material made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin.

    The carbon fibers are arranged in a single direction to provide superior strength and stiffness in that direction.

    This material is commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods industries where high strength and light weight are critical design requirements.

  • self adhesive tape 370

    Self-adhesive label rolls are a popular type of labeling solution used in various industries for their convenience and versatility.

    These label rolls are made of a pressure-sensitive adhesive material that allows them to stick to almost any surface.

    They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, and can be custom-printed to meet the specific labeling needs of businesses.

  • WAT Tape Rewinding 370

    Water activated paper tape is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional packaging tapes. It is biodegradable, recyclable, and made from renewable resources, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

    Water activated paper tape is commonly used in shipping, packaging, and storage applications.

Slitting Machine structure

magnetic brake 193
Hydraulic Shaftless Unwinder
Shaftless unwinder is a special design for unwinding heavy jumbo roll.The max unwinding diamater can reach 1200mm. You can use remote controller to lift the jumbo roll easily.
slitting blade 193
Slitting Section
Slitting unit is the important unit in our thermal paper slitting machine. Jumbo roll can be evenly divided into the slitting width you requested.
Banana roller 193
Banana Roller
Banana roller is a roller with arc. Slitted paper can ben spreaded before enter the rewinding working section. Overlapping issue can be avoided by banana roller.
automatic tail cutter and gluer 193
Automatic Tail Cutter and Gluer
Automatic tail cutter and gluer is a patented device of Jota Machinery. You do not need to stick the tail to thermal paper roll. We extremely recommended for you.
meter counter 193 193
Meter Counter
Meter counter use for measure the length you have rewinded. The whole data is shows on HMI touch screen. You can adjust the rewinding diameter by changing the meter you want to rewind.
Lower slitting blade 193 193
Lower Slitting Blade
Lower slitting blade can said is a tool for you to adjust the slitting width. You can add or remove some aluminum spacer to combine into different width .
workshop 1920 450
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Straight Paper Straw Making Machine – Manufacturing Process

In recent years, there has been increasing global concern about the environmental impact of single-use plastic items.

One particular item that has received significant attention is the plastic drinking straw.

eco friendly

Due to the growing awareness of the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on ecosystems and marine life, numerous countries and organizations have implemented anti-plastic policies and initiatives aimed at reducing plastic waste.

As a result, sustainable alternatives like the paper drinking straw have emerged as a viable solution.

The paper straw has become a popular eco-friendly alternative to its plastic counterpart.

winding process

It is made from renewable resources and offers a more sustainable and biodegradable option, significantly reducing the environmental footprint associated with single-use plastic straws.

In this overview, we will explore the rise of paper straws and highlight their unique features and benefits.

A significant development in the production of paper straws is the transition from using BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) tape to water-activated tape.

kraft gummed tape

This shift allows manufacturers to eliminate the use of non-biodegradable materials, further enhancing the eco-friendliness of paper straws.

This change has primarily been observed in regions like China, where the implementation of anti-plastic policies has spurred the adoption of sustainable alternatives.

Currently, paper straws are particularly prevalent in establishments like Starbucks, where conscious efforts are being made to reduce plastic waste and promote environmentally friendly practices.

However, it is important to note that while major chains like Starbucks have embraced paper straws, many other restaurants and food establishments still rely on biodegradable alternatives, such as compostable straws, to meet their sustainability goals.

In this article, Jota Machinery will introduce a paper straw making machine for manufacturing straight paper straws.

The production of the paper straw including the 4 below step:

Raw paper slitting

The slitting process plays a crucial role in the production of paper straws as it determines the width and thickness of each layer.

By achieving accurate slitting dimensions, manufacturers can ensure the structural integrity and performance of the final paper straws.

raw paper straw jjumbo roll slitting machine

Additionally, precise slitting enables efficient utilization of resources, reducing waste and optimizing production efficiency.

Slitting Widths for Different Layers:

  • Surface Layer (60 gsm paper):

The surface layer of a paper straw provides the outermost aesthetic appearance and requires a width of 15mm.

This layer is typically made from 60 gsm paper, which offers a lightweight and smooth surface for an enhanced drinking experience.

The precise slitting of the surface layer ensures a consistent width across the jumbo roll, contributing to the overall visual appeal of the paper straws.

  • Middle Layer (120 gsm paper):

The middle layer of the paper straw serves as the primary support structure and requires a width of 14.2mm.

Made from 120 gsm paper, this layer offers increased strength and stability.

The slitting process must be carefully calibrated to achieve uniform width, ensuring the middle layer’s integrity and preventing any compromise in the structural strength of the paper straws.

  • Bottom Layer (120 gsm paper):

The bottom layer of the paper straw, like the middle layer, requires a width of 13.7mm.

Composed of the same 120 gsm paper, this layer provides additional reinforcement and stability to the lower section of the straw.

Precise slitting ensures a consistent width, allowing for seamless assembly during the manufacturing process.

Paper straw winding

The paper straw winding process begins by placing the slitted robbin rolls, available in dimensions of 15mm/14.2/13.7, on the unwinding stand.

paper straw bobbin

The rolls are spread and aligned as they enter the 2-head winding machine. This step ensures even distribution and prepares the paper ribbon for further processing.

paper straw winding

Within the 2-head winding machine, the paper ribbon is wound tightly around a mandrel with a diameter ranging from 3.8mm to 11.3mm.

Simultaneously, a 9-cutter machine cuts the wound paper straw into lengths between 45mm and 1600mm.

This dual functionality allows for efficient and precise production of paper straws of varying sizes.

To enhance the structural integrity of the paper straws, an adhesive gluing system is integrated into the machine.

winding head

As the paper straws are formed, an adhesive is carefully applied to the inner surface of the paper.

This adhesive ensures strong bonding between the layers, preventing unwinding and increasing the overall strength and durability of the paper straws.

After the paper straws are formed and adhesive is applied, they proceed to an oven for drying.

The controlled heat within the oven ensures that the adhesive glue fully adheres to the paper, resulting in a secure bond.

Proper drying is crucial for maintaining the strength and structural integrity of the paper straws.

To ensure the hygiene and safety of the paper straws, UV sterilization is incorporated into the machine.

After the drying process, the paper straws are exposed to UV light.

This sterilization step effectively eliminates potential microbial contaminants on the surface of the straws, ensuring a clean and safe end product.

Paper straw gluing

As paper straws come into direct contact with beverages, it is crucial that the glue used in their manufacturing adheres to stringent safety standards.

Water-based glue is specifically formulated to be safe to touch and non-toxic.

water based glue

It is free from harmful organic solvent components, ensuring that it does not introduce any undesirable substances into the drinking experience.

This guarantees consumer safety and reinforces the integrity of the paper straw as a trusted and reliable choice.

Paper straws are commonly used with both hot and cold beverages.

To withstand the varying temperature conditions, the adhesive used in their production must exhibit exceptional high-temperature resistance.

Water-based glue for paper straw manufacturing is designed to withstand elevated temperatures without compromising the strength of the bond.

This ensures that the straw remains structurally intact, even when used with hot liquids, providing a reliable and enjoyable drinking experience.

A fundamental requirement for any drinking straw is water resistance.

The adhesive used in paper straw manufacturing must be capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to liquids without compromising the integrity of the bond.

Water-based glue offers excellent water resistance, maintaining a strong and durable bond even in the presence of moisture.

This feature ensures that the paper straw remains functional and does not disintegrate or lose its shape during use.

To withstand the rigors of everyday use, the adhesive used in paper straw manufacturing must possess high-strength bonding properties.

Water-based glue provides reliable adhesion to paper surfaces, creating a robust bond that can withstand bending, twisting, and pulling forces.

This ensures that the layers of paper remain securely attached, preventing the straw from unraveling or coming apart during consumption.

The high-strength bonding properties of water-based glue contribute to the overall durability and reliability of the paper straw.

Paper straw packing machine

The paper straw packing machine is a specialized solution designed specifically for straight-type paper drinking straws.

It offers a streamlined and automated process for efficiently packaging individual and multiple straws.

Both machines aim to optimize the packaging stage in paper straw manufacturing, ensuring hygienic and convenient solutions for end consumers.

Individual straw packing machine:

The individual straw packing machine is meticulously engineered to package each paper straw individually.

This approach guarantees the highest standards of hygiene and convenience for consumers.

The machine seamlessly receives straight paper straws directly from the manufacturing line, ensuring precise alignment and insertion into the packaging material.

It then proceeds to seal the packaging, creating a secure and tamper-evident enclosure for each individual straw.

single packing

This type of machine is particularly well-suited for applications where single straws need to be easily distributed, such as in retail environments, food service establishments, and consumer-packaged goods.

Multi-straw packing machine:

The multi-straw packing machine is specifically designed to efficiently package multiple paper straws together.

The machine can effectively handle a predetermined number of straws, typically ranging from two to five, and packs them into a single unit.

multi packing

By grouping the straws together, the machine optimizes packaging efficiency, reducing material waste and facilitating easier handling during distribution.

Moreover, the multi-straw packing machine ensures that the grouped straws remain aligned and securely packaged, preserving their quality and presentation until they reach the end consumer.

Both types of packing machines incorporate state-of-the-art automation and control systems to ensure precise and consistent packaging.

These machines are equipped with adjustable settings to accommodate different straw lengths and diameters, allowing for flexibility in packaging various straw sizes.

Additionally, these machines often include advanced features such as automatic counting, batch code printing, branding information integration, and quality control mechanisms.

These features enable the detection of any irregularities or defects in the packaged straws, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality assurance throughout the packaging process.

We invite you to connect with Jota Machinery, a trusted expert in the field of paper straw manufacturing.

With our extensive experience in producing both straight and U-bend paper straws, we are well-equipped to provide you with a comprehensive production plan.

Whether you are considering venturing into paper drinking straw production or seeking to enhance your current operations, we are here to assist you.

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality machinery and solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

For further information or to discuss your paper straw manufacturing needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.

What is a paper straw?

A paper straw is a cylindrical tube made from food-grade paper that is specifically designed for use as a drinking straw.

It is created by winding layers of paper tightly together to form a sturdy and functional tube.

Paper straws come in various diameters, with a minimum diameter of 3.8mm, allowing for comfortable sipping of beverages.

These straws are intended as a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic straws.

Unlike plastic, which is non-biodegradable and contributes to environmental pollution, paper straws are biodegradable and can be recycled or composted after use.

They are typically produced using eco-friendly materials and processes, ensuring they have minimal impact on the environment.

Paper straws are commonly used in a wide range of food and beverage establishments, including restaurants, cafes, bars, and takeout services.

They offer customers a convenient and eco-friendly option for enjoying their drinks while reducing the negative environmental effects associated with plastic waste.

Is paper straw better than plastic straw?

When comparing paper straws to plastic straws, there are several factors that make paper straws a better choice:

  1. Environmental Impact: Paper straws are considered more eco-friendly than plastic straws. Plastic straws contribute significantly to pollution and harm marine life when they end up in oceans and waterways. In contrast, paper straws are biodegradable and can be recycled or composted, reducing their impact on the environment.
  2. Compliance with Global Policies: Many countries and regions have implemented policies and regulations to reduce the use of single-use plastics, including plastic straws. Paper straws align with these policies and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.
  3. Food Safety: While paper straws use glue to bond their layers, it is important to note that reputable manufacturers use food-grade and non-toxic adhesives. These adhesives are safe for consumption and do not pose any health risks to consumers. It is crucial to source paper straws from reliable suppliers who adhere to quality standards and certifications.
  4. Customer Preference: With increased awareness and concern for the environment, customers are actively seeking alternatives to plastic straws. Offering paper straws demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, which can positively influence customer perception and loyalty.

It is important to note that paper straws also have certain limitations.

They may have a shorter lifespan compared to plastic straws and can become soggy if left in liquid for extended periods.

However, ongoing research and development in the industry are focused on improving the durability and performance of paper straws.

Considering the environmental benefits and alignment with global policies, paper straws are a preferable choice over plastic straws.

By opting for paper straws, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability while providing a safe and eco-friendly option to their customers.

Are paper straws healthy?

Paper straws can be considered a healthy option for use as a drinking straw.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Non-toxic Glue: Paper straws are typically manufactured using non-toxic, food-grade adhesive or glue. These adhesives are specifically designed for food contact and are safe for consumption. Reputable manufacturers ensure that the glue used in the production of paper straws meets stringent safety standards and regulations.
  2. UV Disinfection: As part of the manufacturing process, paper straws often undergo UV disinfection. This step helps to eliminate any potential microbial contamination, ensuring that the straws are hygienic and safe for use.
  3. Compliance with Safety Regulations: Paper straws manufactured for food and beverage applications must comply with relevant safety regulations and standards. This includes adherence to guidelines regarding materials, manufacturing processes, and food contact safety. Reliable manufacturers ensure that their paper straws meet these requirements, providing consumers with a healthy and safe option for use.

It is important to note that individuals with specific allergies or sensitivities should exercise caution and check the materials used in the production of paper straws.

In rare cases, some individuals may have sensitivities to certain components.

If you have any concerns or specific dietary restrictions, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider or contact us for detailed ingredient information.

Are paper drinking straws biodegradable?

As environmental concerns grow, the urgency to adopt sustainable alternatives becomes increasingly evident.

Plastic straws, notorious for their detrimental impact on the environment, often end up in landfills or oceans, where they persist for years without decomposing.

In contrast, paper straws offer a promising solution as they are fully biodegradable and compostable.

We explores the eco-friendly attributes of paper straws and emphasizes their role in reducing waste and protecting our planet.

The Predicament of Plastic Straws: Plastic straws, despite their small size, contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Even when disposed of in recycling bins, the majority of plastic straws ultimately find their way to landfills or oceans. These non-biodegradable straws take an exorbitant amount of time to break down completely, perpetuating environmental harm and endangering marine life.

The Biodegradable Marvel: Paper Straws: Introducing paper straws—a sustainable alternative designed to combat the challenges posed by plastic straws. Made from biodegradable materials, paper straws possess the remarkable ability to decompose naturally. When disposed of properly, they undergo an efficient degradation process, significantly reducing the burden on landfills and minimizing the risk of oceanic pollution.

Compostability: A Holistic Solution: One of the remarkable aspects of paper straws is their compostability. Composting is a natural process that involves the decomposition of organic matter to create nutrient-rich soil. Thanks to their composition of natural fibers, paper straws seamlessly integrate into this process. When placed in a composting environment, they break down rapidly, contributing to the creation of fertile soil and completing the sustainability loop.

Advancing Waste Reduction Efforts: By choosing paper straws over their plastic counterparts, individuals and businesses actively participate in waste reduction initiatives. The biodegradable nature of paper straws ensures that they leave a minimal ecological footprint and do not contribute to long-term pollution. Furthermore, the adoption of paper straws signifies a commitment to protecting our environment and embracing sustainable practices.


In a world grappling with plastic pollution, paper straws emerge as a powerful eco-friendly solution.

Their biodegradable and compostable attributes make them an ideal choice for those seeking sustainable alternatives to plastic straws.

By opting for paper straws, we can collectively reduce waste, safeguard our ecosystems, and work towards a greener future.

Let us embrace the biodegradable marvel of paper straws and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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