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ItemCopy Paper Sheeting Machine
Applicable MaterialWrapping Paper, Office Paper
Max Unwinding Width1050mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1200mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftAir Expanding Shaft
Max Sheeting Length0-999mm
Max Sheeting Width50-1050mm
Max Sheeting Speed100-120 Cuts/min
Precision ±0.15mm
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
Packing Dimension (L*W*H)3000*2000*1300MM
Essential ItemAir Compressor
Knife Positioning Technology

Automatic Knife Position Technology

When we use a cross-cutting machine to cut materials, we will encounter the problem of cutting different widths.

Usually we adjust the slitting width manually. But this technology allows you to not manually adjust the width, you only need to enter the relevant parameters on the operation screen to complete the settings automatically

Photocell For Printed Material

An automatic tail cutter and gluer device is developed by Jota Machinery’s engineer team

This device is popular with our clients. The main reason is to save gluing time so that the thermal paper roll output is increased.

photocell 570
rotatry paper sheeter in Mexico 570

Paper Sheeting Machine in Mexico

Our high speed rotary paper sheeting running in Mexico


Copy Paper Sheeting Machine


At Jota Machinery, we design and manufacture copy paper sheeting machine that you can use to get the most from this lucrative industry.

A4 size paper is a familiar paper size for most people. When you compare it to the other paper sizes, it seems to be getting a lot of attention due to its versatile applications.

Within the office environment, this paper size is staple for a horde of printing applications since it is also compatible with most of the common printing machines.

If you are in the photocopying business, you will attest to the high rate of utilization of A4 paper size. The same reasons that make it suitable for printers are the same reasons that also make it suitable for photocopiers.

A4 paper size is very popular among artists or students who love to draw. Their clean and white appearance makes them appealing for a wide range of drawing activities.


Jota Machinery’s 1100mm Width Copy Paper Sheeting Machine

At Jota Machinery, our focus is on providing quality solutions to our clients all around the globe.

We are keen on building strong and lasting relationships with our partners, clients, and customers through the provision of patented A4 sheeting machines that will enable you to take your business to the next level.

About the Copy Paper Sheeting Machine from Jota Machinery

Just as the name suggests, this sheeting machine is for cutting papers into the A4 size or any other size. The machine comes with the ability to cut large jumbo rolls into smaller  size sheets.

This is the machine you need if you want to start producing this paper size for the end-user.

Once you get the machine and you connect to a reliable supplier of jumbo paper rolls, then you can start producing various types of A4 papers for different consumers.

At Jota Machinery, we produce a variety of paper sheeting machines, with the A4 paper sheeting machine being one of them.

There are a variety of applications within the packaging and the manufacturing processes where sheeting machines can also be of some use.

The paper sheeting machines you get from us can easily handle both small and big rolls and turn them to whatever lengths you desire.

If you are thinking of starting an A4 paper cutting business, then get in touch with us, and will help you set up as soon as possible.

How the A4 Paper Sheeting Machine Works

To fully understand how an A4 paper sheeting machine works, it is vital that you start by first considering its various functional part. The machine works as a single unit, but various components constitute the unit.

Below is a brief look at some of the various sections of a paper sheeting machine with elaborate explanations of how they work-:


The Unwinding Section

Almost all types of paper sheeting machines will start their operations after you load the mother roll, also known as the jumbo roll. This is the huge roll of material out of which you will obtain smaller pieces of paper such as the A4 sizes.

It is at the unwind section where you first place the jumbo roll for unwinding. From this segment, the slitting operation begins where the roll is slit into various widths and lengths.

To unwind the jumbo roll, you will have to insert the roll into the unwind drum. At Jota Machinery, we manufacture both the two-drum winder slitter machines and we equip them with a hydraulic shaftless mother roll loading system to make the loading process a breeze for you.

We design our paper sheeting machine for sale with excellent loading capacity. With us, you can get machines with rewinding capacities of more than 1050mm in width and 1200mm in diameter for the mother rolls.

The Transmission Section

This is the section where the paper enters in readiness for slitting following the loading of the jumbo roll.

Our paper sheeting machine features an intuitive design that makes it possible for you to cut two rolls at the same time.

We also have the original version that can accommodate just one roll at a time.

If you anticipate doing a lot of slitting operations, then you can contact us for the modified sheeters you can use with two rolls at the same time.

It is also worth noting that we optimize our paper sheeting machines for high-speed movement. You can work with the machines at very high speeds while not compromising accuracy in any way.

The speed that you will prefer for the cutting and slitting, however, will depend on the type of paper sheeter machine you will choose.

The Slitting Section

The sheeting and slitting sections of the machine all feature a single integration to ensure a harmonious flow of work without compromising the quality of the resulting paper sheets.

Before the jumbo roll accesses this section, you have to present the desired widths of the final sheets by adjusting the roller settings.

For example, if you want to produce A4 paper sizes, then you will have to configure the rollers for them to produce this precise measurement.

All you have to do is adjust the slitter head so that it can cut rows that match the widths of A4 paper size.

After cutting the paper into the desirable widths, the paper will then proceed to the sheeting section.

The slitting section in our machines features the NIP roller. This roller is important for the operations of the machine since it is responsible for feeding the paper into the sheeting section.

It is also responsible for controlling the width of the final paper.

For example, if you try feeding a paper roll that is too thin or too wide, the sheeting head will simply reject it until you configure the proper measurements. This is how you end up with very clean and quality cuts.

The Sheeting Section

It is at the sheeting section where the paper roll is eventually cut into various sizes. You can configure this section to give you various paper size widths and lengths.

For most paper sheeter machines, you can easily configure the sheeter for sizes such as A5, A4, A3, and A2.

The paper sheeting machines you get from us will also easily allow you to cut a variety of materials and not just paper alone.

For example, some of the materials you can subject to sheeting with these machines include hamburger paper, plastic films, hotdog paper, wrap paper, and office copy paper among others.

Depending on your preferences, you may choose to integrate a printing process such as flexographic printing in this section also.

To achieve this, all you have to do is link the paper sheeting machine with a compatible printer such as a flexographic printer.

This is also the right place to integrate machines such as laminators and PE coating machines if you desire to add additional processes to the paper after sheeting is over.

The Control Section

The control section occupies a central position within the machine. This makes it easy for you to control the various aspects of the machine with relative ease.

The control system is programmable. There is a control monitor which enables you to watch every process going on at a glance.

From the control monitor, you can see all the parameters and also make any adjustments depending on what you are currently working on.

The Waste Disposal Section

The A4 paper sheeting machine from Jota Machinery also features a waste disposal section to help you have a better organization within your work environment.

To use this special waste outlet, you will have to connect the hose to the outlet. The unit uses huge vacuum suction to pull all the waste through the hose.

With the inclusion of this waste disposal unit, you will enjoy working with a machine that will remain clean throughout the process.

Factors to consider before buying an A4 paper sheeting machine

Buying the right A4 paper sheeting material should not be a problem if you know some of the factors you need to consider.

If you are already shopping for such a machine, then here are some of the factors you need to have in mind-:


The Type of The Sheeting Machine

Consider the type of cutter the machine comes with. There are machines with scissor-type cutters and there are also machines with rotary knife cutters.

These machines work differently and may also have a different configurations. Therefore, be certain about the type of the sheeting machine before you commit to buying.

The Flexibility of The Machine

As far as flexibility goes, are you planning to integrate the machine with other machines such as a printer to enhance its capabilities? If so, then go for a machine with room for such integration.

Also, do you intend to work with different materials on the machine? Again, if this is your intention, then go for a machine that can work with different material types.

The Capacity of The Machine

To determine the capacity of the machine you need, start by determining the parameters you will be working with.

Think about the number of sheet outs, unwind stands, the unwinding widths, and unwinding diameters. Remember, some of these machines work differently and their capacity will determine your overall satisfaction with them.

The Price of The Paper Sheeting Machine

The price of the sheeting machine is also something you have to consider when shopping for a suitable A4 paper sheeting machine.

The price, however, will depend on a variety of factors, with the major ones being the materials used in manufacturing the machine and the configuration capabilities of the sheeting machine.

While looking at the prices, don’t let it be your only consideration. Also, remember that the cheapest machines may not always be the best.

Request a Quote For an A4 Copy Paper Sheeting Machine

Jota Machinery is a reputable manufacturer of different kinds of machines, including an A4 paper sheeting machine.

We have an awesome team of engineers and sales executives who will help you choose the right machine that will suit your needs.

Request a quote now for an A4 paper sheeting machine, or call us for more info about our machines.


What Is A Sheeting Machine ?

The paper sheeting machine converts rolls of paper into flat sheets.

It’s also known as a paper sheeter cutter. The two types of machinery used in the papermaking process are flat sheeting machines and reel rotational sheeting machines.

It can quickly generate huge sheets, making it ideal for commercial applications.

These machines come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Models vary by function and functionality.

What Does A Paper Sheeter Do ?

This sort of sheeting machine is used to cut sheets of paper into smaller pieces so that they can be utilized for packing or printing. These gadgets vary in size and shape based on their intended usage and who will utilize them.

The paper sheeting machines are intended to generate sheets of various sizes and thicknesses, making them suitable for various applications.

Paper packaging – Sheeting machines are frequently used for paper packaging because they can create vast quantities of small packaging materials. This helps businesses save money by eliminating the need to produce numerous batches of sheets for each product variety.

Is There Any Paper Sheeting Manufacturer?

A paper sheeting machine is a machine that makes large rolls of paper or plastic sheeting.

Most of the time, the word refers to the machine itself, but it can also mean the whole place where it is used.

Machines are often used to make things, which makes them essential tools for manufacturers that deal with a lot of materials. Because these machines can make rolls of any length and width, they are good for many utilization

Is Copy Paper Sheeting Machine Available From Jota Machinery ?

Of course.

Jota’s JT-SHT-1100 paper sheeting machine suits for cutting copy paper, while we also provide a rotary paper sheeting machine for cutting copy. The speed is faster than this model.

Where Can I Buy Paper Sheeter Machine

A sheeting machine is a piece of paper equipment that makes a paper sheet.

The machine can be used both in the business and industrial worlds. It is a machine used in the converting industry to make paper sheets that can be used by companies like printing companies and packaging companies. Some of these machines are also used to make toilet paper, facial tissue, and other things made from sheets of paper.

If you want to avoid problems in the future, it is essential to buy high-quality products from reputable companies. This will ensure that your equipment lasts for a long time and has no major problems.

And Jota Machinery as a professional sheeting machine manufacturer welcomes your inquiry.

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