What Is Automatic Tail Cutter And Gluer?

After a long time working in the slitter rewinder machine, we found the slitting process is fast, but the roll change is complicated and a time killer.

So our engineer has set up a tails cutter and gluer to help you improve your efficiency

Tails cutter and gluer machine, also known as the tails cutter and gluer machine, is a set of equipment for automatic production of the tail.

Tails cutter and gluer is a kind of tail cutting and glue spreading machine, which can be used to cut the tail end automatically. It can spread the glue on the surface of the paper automatically.

The tail cutter and gluer are used to cut the tail end of a paper roll. Paste cutting and gluing are done at the same time. The gluing machine’s speed may be adjusted to accommodate varying paper thicknesses, allowing it to satisfy the requirements of various types of paper glues.

Many features are available on the tail cutter and gluer, including automatic feeding, automatic feeding and cutting, and automatic feeding, cutting, and glue spreading (gluing). It is suitable for a variety of paper rolls, including cardboard tubes, corrugated board tubes, paper tubes, and plastic tubes.

The gluer can also be used for other materials such as paper or plastic film. It offers both side and rear gluing capabilities. The adhesive will paste two pieces together at the same time.

Tail cutter and gluer have stable performance and reliable operation, easy to operate and maintain. It is mainly used on our thermal paper slitting machines.

For the thermal paper rolls, it has features for roll change fluently, one end tail cutting and glue spreading are necessary.

Our smart engineers installed the device on our thermal paper slitter rewinders. It just helps you to improve your productivity and working capacities.

The knives of the tail cutters are round disc knives, it is high-speed steel material, running at high speed and lower noise.

The volume of glue spreading is adjustable, we use one air valve to control it is volume, the glue mainly is water-based glue or hot melt glue. There is a glue tank installed in the machine, the glue will be spread on the paper automatically.

We also supplied different glue spreading needles to meet your requirements, one glue volume is adjustable.

Pay attention please, once you finished today’s work, please clean up the glue spreading needle, otherwise, the glue will be solid to block the needles. It is a daily operation required for glue spreading.

All the tails cutter and gluers working are controlled by the PLC in the machines. It is no need for an independent process. So the operation is very simple.

More and more paper slitter rewinder customers will choose the tail end cutting devices and gluing devices as their optional functions, you also can think about it.

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