high speed paper sheeting machine 550

High Speed Rotatry Paper Sheeting Machine

Our hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand is used on our rotary paper sheeter. It has a wide diameter and high-precision roller, so the machine’s performance is consistent and dependable. The machine has a cutting speed of 300-400 cuts per minute. It has proven to be quite successful on the worldwide market after many years of manufacture.

Our rotary paper sheeter has a hydraulic shaftless unwinding platform, which reduces machine weight while increasing machine strength.

The machine has a cutting speed of 300-400 cuts per minute. The operating speed may be modified to meet the needs of various materials and industrial processes.

Multi-Function Slitting Machine

The width of the multi-function slitting machine may be easily modified thanks to our manufacturing. This set machine is ideal for a wide range of materials, including self-adhesive labels, plastic film, thin film, fiberglass ud tape, non-woven fabrics .etc. to provide optimal rewinding.

We can provide you with differential friction shafts made of various materials.
Our large-scale slitting machine will surely meet your expectations.

Its revolutionary design enables it to produce a wide range of plastic film, thin film, and non-woven fabrics. To get the greatest winding results, our slitting machine uses a differential friction shaft.

We may give a number of additional equipment to assist you in increasing productivity.

D type slitting machine 550
paper core 370

Paper tubes are also widely used in our daily life and have received a high degree of attention. Paper tubes are tubular objects made of paper, most of which are spiral paper tubes and seamless paper tubes.

Jota Machinery can provide a fully automatic paper core cutting machine, semi-automatic paper core cutter, manual core cutter, CNC high precision core cutter machine, and so on.

Contact our sales team if you are looking for a suitable pipe cutter.

kraft paper jumbo roll

Kraft paper has a broad range of applications. It may be utilized not only as cement bag paper, envelope paper, glue-sealed paper, and asphalt paper, but also as cable protecting paper, insulating paper, and other similar applications. Kraft paper can hold any kind of material, whether it is a solid or a liquid, a powdered or granular substance.

Jota Machinery supplies various width kraft paper slitting machines for cutting kraft paper, the max width can till to 2800mm. Contact us for more information.

thermal paper jumbo roll 370

There is thermal paper all around us. Thermal paper, for instance, is used to make fax paper, electrocardiograms, and supermarket cashiers.

Jota Machinery has been manufacturing thermal paper slitters for more than ten years. We can offer printing slitting machines as well as fully automatic thermal paper slitter rewinder and semi-automatic thermal paper slitting equipment.

Additionally, we can assist you find operational solutions and offer services for your raw materials.

WAT Tape 370

Water activated paper tape suitable for covering or sealing export cartons. The material for self-adhesive kraft paper tape is coated kraft paper that has either been covered with acrylic glue or rubber glue.

Wet water-based kraft paper tape is constructed from kraft paper base paper and coated in edible plant starch to maintain viscosity without moisture for an extended period of time.

A slitting device with integrated printing and slitting capabilities has now been created by Jota Machinery. Please get in touch with us to learn more about water activated paper tape printing slitting machine

die cutting label roll 370

There is also a way of slitting called die cutting. Die-cut self-adhesives usually used for express delivery, labels in the packaging industry. This kind of irregular shape paper needs to use our die-cutting machine.

Die cutting is not only limited to the development and specific position of the electronics or printing industry. The industry has developed to this day. We consider all products that can be automatically punched and indented by flat or round hob tools to belong to the die-cutting industry. It involves more than just the electronic printing industry.

We can supply flat die-cutting machines, as well as rotary die-cutting machines. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

fiberglass UD tape 370

Among them, thermoplastic unidirectional tape has outstanding characteristics such as low density, high strength, good impact resistance, good fatigue resistance, recyclability, fast processing and low cost, etc.

It is a new type of composite material with high performance, low cost and environmental protection.

Our thermoplastic unidirectional tape slitting machines have been widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, aircraft, automobiles, trains, energy, ships, medical equipment, sports equipment, construction, military and other industrial products.

wrap paper sheet 370

Wrapping paper is often used in the catering industry. However, you will find that these wrappers are all rectangular as A4 size.

This kind of wrapping paper is cut from a large roll of paper to different sizes by slitting and sheeting cutting. For an example of A4 paper, we need to first cut the large roll paper into 210MM wide, and set the length to 279MM. So the paper cut by our paper sheeting machine is 210mm*297mm.

Using our sheeting machine, you can easily cut roll-shaped paper into sheet-shape finished products.

Flexo Printer for Paper

Flexographic printing machine is a printing equipment, which belongs to the category of equipment accessories.

It uses fluid ink with strong fluidity. The ink is transferred to the graphic part of the printing plate by the ink fountain rubber roller and the anilox ink transfer roller and makes it inked, and then the printing pressure is applied by the pressure roller to transfer the ink on the printing plate. Transfer to the substrate, and finally finish the printing process on the dry side.

PVC film roll 370

Polyvinylchlorid film is known by its full name, PVC film. Polyvinyl chloride is the major ingredient, and additional ingredients are added to improve its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. This surface film has three layers: a lacquer top layer, polyvinyl chloride in the center, and an adhesive for the rear coating at the bottom.

It is a beloved, well-liked, and frequently utilized synthetic substance in today’s globe. PVC film is the second most commonly used synthetic material in the world. PVC is the best material among those that can create three-dimensional surface films.

bobbin roll

JT-SUR-1300 Surface slitter rewinder is specially suitable for slitting and rewinding raw materials to very narrow widths.

If you are in the cigarette or paper straw industry, then you should know that these two materials need to be slit to a very narrow width.

The rewinding method of this rewinder is different from other rewinding methods, so the speed can also be different. The fastest speed can reach 500m/min

paper straw 370

As the world rejects plastic restrictions, the emergence of paper straws means that plastic straws or degradable straws have to be withdrawn from the market.

A Korean customer bought a production line of 7 paper straws from us, which happened to be the best-selling time period for paper straws. As the saying goes, only those who grasp the market trend are qualified businessmen.

Jota Machinery can service the entire production line of paper straw machines, from surface slitting and rewinding to packaging.

paper bag 370

The emergence of paper bags is the same as paper straws, which response to the call of the country for environmental protection.

The raw material of the paper bag is the kraft paper we talked about. Since the paper bag has a hand rope and some do not have a hand rope, the equipment required is also different.

But at Jota Machinery you don’t have to worry about this problem, our fully automatic paper bag production line can produce both with and without carry rope.

Our Technology (4)

  • paper core postioning 370

    This technology operates by directing two lasers at the cores, one on the rewind side of the slitter and one on the slitting side, at the slitting blades.

    When the operator at the control station enters the desired slit pattern and starts the cycle, the laser pointer travels to the first cut location and the operator aligns a knife to the laser line.

    The laser on the rewind side of the machine casts a similar line, which the operator uses to align the edge of a core. This process is repeated until all knives and cores are ready for the next run. The servo-guided laser pointers are not only precise, but the user-friendly operator interface does all of the required arithmetic to distribute the slit strips in a balanced manner throughout the machine width to obtain an optimal configuration.

  • automatic knife postioning 370

    When adjusting the slitting knife, we generally need to manually adjust the slitting machine on the cross-cutting machine, but if it is equipped with an automatic knife adjusting device, it can save a lot of time.

    You only need to enter the width you want to adjust on the HMI, and then the mechanical gripper will automatically adjust the slitter to the specified position.

    After the first slitting blade adjustment is completed, it will automatically adjust the next slitting knife, thus completing the process of automatically adjusting the slitting knife.

    We suggest you contact us for more information.

  • automatic unloading system

    The JT-SLT-1300F Multi-function slitting machine is our first slitting machine equipped with an automatic discharger.

    The working principle of automatic unloading is that the slip shaft rotates counterclockwise to unload the material, and the automatic unloading arm is equivalent to a thrust to complete the unloading.

    If your material rewinding diameter is relatively large, we recommend you choose an automatic unloading device.

    Welcome to contact us for more information

  • automatic tail cutter and gluer 0510

    The automatic tail cutter and gluer device on the thermal paper slitting machine is a patented product of Jota Machinery.

    This device is often be requested to added by clients when purchasing our slitting machine. The automatic cutting device can increase your output, and you do not have to use manual cutting every time after the winding is completed.

    The glues we use are all environmentally friendly water-based glues.

Feedback from Our Client (4)

paper roll banner

What's The Business of Jota Machinery?

At first, the reason why we chose to make a paper slitting machine was that we took a fancy to the environmental protection performance of paper and the performance that can be used for a long time.

Thermal products, kraft paper, self-adhesive, paper tubes and other products are all our services, and after years of hard work we have begun to build our reputation. Our slitting machines are found all over the world.

Due to our excellent team of engineers, we have developed a printing and slitting machine for thermal paper, water activated paper tape printing slitting machine, and even a fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine with 3 color in-line flexo printing machines. to the Turkish market.

As thermoplastics and thermosets have invaded the market in recent years, our general manager Bruce has begun to expand into these services.

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Jota Machinery is not only the manufacturer of paper converting machines we also can support you with the raw material to assist your business.

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