CAD Plotter Paper

Automatic Plotter Paper Slitter Rewinder

  • Hydraulic loading system, the max jumbo roll weight can reach 1000.00kgs
  • Unique design  for rewinding big rolls, max rewinding diameter can reach 300mm
  • Adopts banana spreading roller to avoid overlapping issue
  • All Kinds Of Thermal Roll Wrapping Methods Are Available
  • Achieving full satisfaction from numerous clients
ItemAutomatic Plotter Paper Slitter Rewinder
Applicable MaterialThermal Paper, Plotter Paper
Max Unwinding Width900mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding Shaft Hydraulic Unwinding Stand
Min Slitting Width25mm
Max Rewinding Speed300m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter300mm
Rewinding shaft0.5”, 1” are Available (Or As Your Request)
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
shaftless unwinding stand 570

Hydraulic Shaftless Stand

Jota Machinery is the first supplier in the world to apply the hydraulic shaftless unwinder on our thermal paper slitting machines.

With a heavy-duty shaftless unwinder, the thermal paper rolls can be easily clamped and lifted to the machine for the slitting process.

It could reduce the labor working strength and an easy roll exchange.

As a professional thermal paper slitting machine manufacturer, we supply different kinds of hydraulic shaftless unwinders for sales, and different functions at different prices, welcome to contact us.

Thermal Paper Roll Inkjet Printer

We never stop our steps to help our customers to resolve any possibility in the thermal paper rolls process. The inline thermal paper roll inkjet printer is our invention.

On our thermal paper roll process line, the inline inkjet printer can be installed for the inkjet printer on the side of the thermal rolls, which will be more and more welcomed by the customers.

The inkjet printer is flexible for all kinds of printing patterns, the company logo, any character, and drawings are workable on it. Easy operations.

If you have this requirements, please contact us for more.

inkjet printer 570
packed thermal paper roll 570

Heat Shrink Film Packaging Machine

As a thermal paper slitting machine manufacturer, we supply different types of thermal roll packaging solutions.

Heat shrinking packaging machine is the most popular equipment for wrapping big quantities of rolls. It is an ideal solution for high volume, heavy-duty use and can be equipped with different types of heating elements including an infrared heater and a hot air gun.

One piece of hot shrinking packaging machine can be served for 3- 5 pieces of thermal paper roll slitting machines online.

If you have questions, please consult us.

JT-SLT-900A Automatic Plotter Paper Slitter Rewinder

In the past, we frequently received inquiries about the plotter paper used for CAD drawings.

Therefore, we installed an automatic plotter paper slitter rewinder that has a max 300mm rewinding diameter.

plotter paper slitter rewinder

The JT-SLT-900A automatic plotter paper slitter rewinder is a high-performance and high-precision single-point slitting machine that specializes in cutting and rewinding plotter paper and CAD drawing paper.

It incorporates a hydraulically driven rewinding shaft with roller guides and an automatic feeder, as well as a high level of automation.

The greatest benefit of this equipment is its rapid end-roll replacement.

Included in the hydraulic lifting sections are an oil tank, a hydraulic cylinder, and a control system.

It is put on the unwinder stand so that the plotter may automatically wind and cut plotter paper in a specific area.

With high-precision film splicing technology and sophisticated control, it can accommodate a variety of roll paper sizes.

57mm thermal paper roll

The greatest advantage of the machine is the end roll’s rapid replacement after one round cut.

The slitter functions reliably and is appropriate for winding large-diameter tiny rolls.

What is the difference between this model and other Jota Machinery thermal paper slitters?

JT-SLT-900A VS JT-SLT-900 thermal paper slitting machine for example.

The 900A machine employs a hydraulic (pneumatic) unwinding stand, whereas the 900 machines used a chain-based lifting system.

Installed on the unwinder stand, the plotter paper slitter rewinder consists of an oil tank, hydraulic cylinder, and control system.

It offers features such as an oil filter, oil pressure regulation, and lift unladen stroke adjustment, among others.

Both the 900A and 900 machines have a 1000mm maximum unwinding diameter for jumbo rolls.

The JT-SLT-900 thermal paper slitting rewinding machine has a maximum load capacity of 400 kilograms, however, the 900A automatic plotter paper slitter rewinder can handle heavier thermal paper jumbo rolls.

We can provide you with the most effective hydraulic unwinding stand for slitting machines. Jota Machinery offers extensive expertise and skill in this industry.

As a reputable manufacturer, we offer customers an extensive selection of items.

Contact us if you are interested in our products. We will offer the most competitive pricing and service!

Our plotter paper rewinding machine is designed specifically for plotter paper, with 1.5-inch and 3-inch rewinding core sizes.

Slitter rewinder

Usually, the plotter paper web has a width of 405mm. Therefore, we improved the rewinding portion to accommodate such a core size.

We improved the rewinding section to accommodate a rewinding core size that facilitates the cutting of plotter paper and provides reliable performance.

The size and breadth of drawings are determined by customer specifications.

JT-SLT-900A VS coreless type thermal paper slitting machine

The purpose of the slitting machine is to divide the strip into many sheets.

When it does operate, there may be overlap issues, especially when the machine is running at high speeds.

The overlap in the sheet may cause problems due to the following factors: high tension, which is both a mechanical overload event and a strengthening process.

When Jota Machinery is dealing with after-sales issues, some customer feedback is difficult to spilting the small roll. Both wrinkling and overlapping can cause this problem.

In order to solve this problem, we must find the reason from the source.

Our banana shaft eliminates the problem at its source.

banana roller

A banana roller is visible above the slitting knife.

If you inspect it closely, you will notice that it has a curvature.

The arc form can provide the paper with a spreading effect, preventing any issues with biting during the transmission process.


Developed from the basic thermal paper slitting rewinding device, this plotter paper-specific equipment specializes in plotter paper, CAD drawing paper cutting, and rewinding.

The most noteworthy benefit of the equipment is its rapid end-roll replacement. The product is more competitive than in the past, and it can be utilized in more industries.

The plotter paper slitter rewinder is suitable for cutting and rewinding plotter paper and plotter drawing paper.


It is designed specifically for plotter paper slitting rewinding machines, and its greatest advantage is the speed with which end rolls may be replaced.

We have 15 years of experience in the assembly and development of thermal paper slitters.

Contact us for more information.

What is a plotter paper?

Plotter paper is a type of paper used in large format printing.

It is a specially coated paper that is designed to work with inkjet and laser printers that are used for printing large scale images and designs, such as engineering or architectural blueprints, maps, posters, banners, and other similar applications.

Plotter paper comes in a range of sizes, typically larger than standard printing paper, and is available in different weights and finishes to suit various printing needs.

The paper may be coated with a matte or glossy finish, and may also have different levels of opacity, which affects the amount of light that can pass through the paper.

In summary, plotter paper is a specialized paper that is used in large format printing applications and is designed to produce high-quality, accurate and detailed prints with vibrant colors and sharp images.

What kind of paper does a plotter use?

A plotter typically uses a specialized type of paper called plotter paper or large format paper.

Plotter paper is designed to work with the inkjet or laser printing technology used in plotters, which is different from the technology used in traditional printers.

Plotter paper comes in a range of sizes and weights, depending on the specific needs of the printing project.

It may be available in rolls or sheets, depending on the type of plotter being used.

The most common types of plotter paper include bond paper, vellum, and film. Bond paper is the most commonly used type of plotter paper and is ideal for printing technical drawings, maps, and blueprints.

Vellum is a translucent paper that is often used for overlays and detailed tracing work. Film, on the other hand, is a clear plastic material that is used for printing transparencies and other similar applications.

It is important to select the right type of plotter paper for the specific printing project to achieve the desired result.

This may involve considering factors such as the weight, thickness, finish, and size of the paper, as well as the type of ink or toner being used in the plotter.

Can I draw on plotter paper?

Yes, you can draw on plotter paper.

Plotter paper is designed to be compatible with a range of different drawing and printing techniques, including hand-drawing and sketching.

If you plan to draw on plotter paper using traditional media such as pencils, pens, or markers, it is important to choose a paper that is appropriate for the specific medium being used.

For example, a heavier weight paper may be necessary to prevent ink bleed-through when using markers or other wet media.

Additionally, you may want to consider using a paper with a smooth finish if you are working with fine lines or detailed illustrations.

If you plan to use a plotter to print your drawings, you can create your artwork using digital drawing software and save it as a compatible file format for the plotter.

Once the file is loaded onto the plotter, it will print the design onto the plotter paper.

Overall, plotter paper is a versatile medium that can be used for a range of different drawing and printing applications, making it a popular choice for artists, designers, and engineers.

What is the thickness of plotter paper?

The thickness of plotter paper can vary depending on the specific type and weight of the paper. Plotter paper is typically measured in terms of its weight in grams per square meter (GSM).

The most commonly used weights of plotter paper range from around 80 GSM to 180 GSM, with some specialty papers available in weights up to 300 GSM.

A lighter weight plotter paper, such as 80 GSM, may be used for printing basic line drawings or drafts, while a heavier weight paper, such as 180 GSM, may be used for high-quality prints that require greater durability and resistance to wear and tear.

It is important to select the appropriate weight of plotter paper for the specific printing or drawing project to ensure the best possible results. The weight of the paper can affect factors such as ink absorption, color vibrancy, and overall print quality.

What is CAD plotter paper ?

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) plotter paper is a type of large-format paper that is commonly used in engineering, architecture, and other technical drawing applications. It is designed to work with CAD software and plotters, which are specialized printers that are capable of producing large-scale, detailed prints.

CAD plotter paper is typically made from high-quality wood pulp or cotton fibers and has a smooth, uniform surface that is suitable for fine line drawings and precise detail work.

It is available in a range of weights and sizes, including rolls and sheets, to accommodate different printing needs.

One of the key features of CAD plotter paper is its ability to handle large amounts of ink without smudging or bleeding.

This makes it ideal for printing detailed technical drawings, blueprints, and schematics, which often require precise lines and small text.

Overall, CAD plotter paper is a specialized type of paper that is specifically designed for use with CAD software and plotters, and is an essential tool for many professionals in fields such as engineering, architecture, and manufacturing.

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