CFRTP Thermoplastic Uni-directional Tape Line

  • Hot melt impregnation process to produce CFRT UD Tape.
  • Suitable for PP/PET/PC/PA56 and other resin impregnation production of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic prepreg unidirectional tape.
  • The thermoplastic prepreg production line adopts 4 steel rods distributed in front and back for calendaring and cooling.
  • Equipped with the constant tension control creel, the glass fiber yarn will not loosen when the machine stops.
  • Siemens PLC/HMI, Schneider low-power switches, and other well-known brand components are used.
ItemCFRTP Thermoplastic Uni-directional Tape Line
Applicable ResinPP/PET/PC/PA66
Fiber Creel192 Spindles
Production Speed15m/min
Thickness Can Produce0.20mm-0.30mm
Maximum Extrusion Volume80kg/hr
Working Temperature280°C
Rewinding StationDuplex
Rewinding Shaft6-inch Air Expanding Shaft
Max Rewinding Diameter1500mm
Single Station Maximum Rewinding Weight2000.00KG
HMI12-inch Display Screen
Waste EdgeRound Blade

144 spindles fiber creel

extruder machine

6.35mm slitting width for carbon fiber

320MM Width Slitter Rewinder for Converting into Ultra Narrow Width Small Roll

JT-SLT-320X is suitable for slitting and winding of glass fiber unidirectional tape and PEEK+carbon fiber unidirectional tape.

The minimum cutting width can reach 6.35mm. Suitable for subsequent weaving, automatic tape laying, and other technological processes

Aerospace Towpre Narrow Tape Slitting Spooling Machine

JT-SLT-250S is a narrow tape slitting and winding machine for aerospace prepreg.

Jota Machinery is equipped with the function of automatic peeling paper according to the characteristics of prepreg.

Our 250S can cut the prepreg into widths of 3.175mm/6.35mm/12.7mm and spool it.

fiberglass prepreg tape
Ud Tape Slitting Machine

Fiberglass UD Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine

JT-SLT-900E is the newest fiberglass unidirectional slitting machine released by Jota Machinery.

Unlike the old one-way belt slitting machine, this slitting machine is equipped with an automatic unloading function, which can not only improve production efficiency but also ensure the safety of operators.

CFRTP Thermoplastic Uni-directional Tape Line

Jota Machinery released one set of manufacturing lines called CFRT thermoplastic Uni-directional tape line in 2020.

This set fiber-reinforced production line helps you make UD tape using the hot melt pre-impregnation technique.

This production line can introduce PA/PET/PP/Nylon, etc. resin into the surface of the fiber, then compound the prepreg resin with thermoplastic fiber unidirectional tapes via hot pressing rollers, resulting in a high-toughness prepreg product reinforced by thermoplastic resin fiber unidirectional tape.


JT-CFRT-650/700 fully incorporates the benefits of comparable equipment in Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and China, and is a high-efficiency prepreg compounding machine created and constructed through continuous refinement and perfection in the real manufacturing process.

Fiberglass yarn creel, yarn spreading, ceramics oven, dipping die, extrusion system, setting system, rewinding system, and other components comprise the total production process.

Creel for 192 spindle fibers

A fiber creel with 192 bobbins holds fiberglass woven roving. Each bobbin is attached to a driving shaft and is linked to a motor through pulleys and wire strands.

To make a cylindrical shape, all of the bobbins are positioned in order down the length of the creel.

fiber creel (800PX)

The fiber creel should be able to rotate in both directions and have an adjustable angle from the horizontal at each position.

When stopped, the automatic brake function helps keep the yarn from becoming loose.

There are 96 spindles on each side. The paper tube is standard 3 inches in diameter, with a maximum diameter of 300mm.

Yarn spreading section

The yarn spreading comb is adjustable in the width direction, making it easy to change the width of the yarn.

fiber spreading section

Each piece is joined by joints and rests on the left and right threads’ adjustable link mechanism. Adjust width range is 3-6mm.

Tractor motor

Traction is of the active friction kind, with a rubber roller of 250mm width and 900mm length.

Glass fiber roving is clamped using rubber rollers and steel rods.


The resin particles can be held in the hopper and fed into the extruder by a twin screw or a single screw.
















They will then be fed into the barrel of the extruder via the extruder screwing tube.

Following mixing and kneading, the resin will be melted into a liquid mass at temperatures ranging from 100°C to 200°C.

extruder machine

It is heated, melted, and forced to flow out through the die by the high-speed revolving screw.

A creel, a separation system, a dipping system, a traction system, and a rewinding frame are common components of a melt impregnation apparatus.

T Die Impregnation

The principle is to lay the continuous fiber behind the creel and equally force it into the separation system by adjusting the rollers.

The fibers are fully stretched and warmed by the unwinding roller before entering the impregnation system in the fiber separation system.

The molten resin infiltrates the fiber under the operation of high temperature and high pressure, and the prepreg is obtained by cooling and traction.

twin screw

For solvent-resistant resins, melt impregnation is preferable.

The impregnating material is less volatilized, avoiding internal defects of high porosity induced by solvent volatilization, and is suited for the manufacture of crystalline resin prepreg tapes.

Edge trimmer and collector system for waste

The edge of the generated thermoplastic unidirectional tape is not neat when the resin and fiber are impregnated and compounded in the mold.

This difficulty is solved by the circular knife-trimming mechanism.

The trimmed scraps will be automatically rewinding to our traverse spooling machine, fitted with one on each side. On the side of the prepreg production line, a hand wheel is mounted to manually adjust the width of the waste edge.

Stand for rewinding

Jota Machinery’s strength has always been rewinding, and the double-winding stands have their own tension systems.

Each station’s maximum winding diameter is 1500mm, and its maximum load-bearing capability is 2000.00kg. For offloading, it must be paired with a row crane.

6-inch rewinding shaft

Two torque reduction motors regulate each of the two windings.

When the material roll in the working winding position exceeds the predetermined length, the alarm bell sounds, the winding motor in the other working position is started manually, and the material is manually cut off.

Roll the material onto the new station’s paper core to complete the winding of the second roll of material.

Stop the roll manually, lift it, replace the air shaft and paper core, and wait for the next station switch to achieve continuous roll change.

Each rewinding stand has a touch screen and independent continuous tension control, as well as a real-time display of equipment operation status and numerous control techniques.

Thermoplastic composites materials stand out due to their low density, strong strength, good impact resistance, good fatigue resistance, recyclability, quick processing and molding, and low cost.

UD Tape is innovative composite material that are high-performing, low-cost, and environmentally friendly.

900E in client's factory

Thermoplastic ud tape commonly utilized In recent years, with the continuous improvement of various countries’ requirements for energy saving, emission reduction, and environmental protection.

FRT has gained faster in industrial products such as electronics, electrical appliances, aircraft, automobiles, trains, energy, ships, medical equipment, sports equipment, construction, military industry, and so on.

New materials, technology, and equipment are continually emerging as a result of development.

What is CFRTP?

Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) is a composite material made of pre-impregnated carbon fiber and thermoplastic resin (like PP, PE, PA, PA6, PA66, PPS) PEEK)by hot melt prepreg methods.

The plastic polymer will be hot melted by a twin co-extruding plastic extruder in high temperatures from 260 degrees to 450egree, then the resin will be immersed in an M-shape mould where be prepared with the carbon fiber or glass fiber under the help of the high pressure and high temperatures.

Then after calendering rollers cooling and calendering, the unidirectional tapes are formed, then rewind into rolls.

In China, the CFRTP UD tape standard width is 650mm, and sometimes 1300mm wide is required, and the thermoplastic Carbon Tape width is mainly 150mm to 300mm. The tapes thickness from 0.2mm to 0.3mm in weight from 170gsm to 300gsm.

What are Thermoset Epoxy Carbon Tapes?

Thermoset epoxy carbon tapes are high-quality carbon fiber prepreg tapes that are used to prepreg carbon fiber is woven fabrics or carbon fiber that has been soaked in epoxy resins and then dried to create expoxy carbon tapes, which are then used to make carbon fiber composites.

Polyester and epoxy resin form the basis of thermoset epoxy carbon tapes, with glass fibers or carbon fibers added in varying proportions.

It can be employed in a variety of fields, including aircraft, wind energy generating, and sports equipment.

Epoxy is a rigid thermosetting plastic, which means it becomes permanently hard and non-malleable after high pressure, high temperature curing in the tank.

The term “thermoplastic molding” refers to a procedure in which the curing reaction is triggered by heat rather than a chemical reaction using a catalyst.

Thermoset epoxy is a very strong and resistant substance with great temperature resistance and abrasion resistance. It can be utilized in applications that demand a lot of strength and longevity.

Until now, the thermoset Carbon UD tapes are a majority of the carbon world.

It is with the advanced process technology and related equipment are advanced.

What is the Unidirectional Tapes?

Unidirectional (UD) tapes are created by mixing unidirectional fibers with a resin matrix that contains more than 70% epoxy resin.

Because of their excellent strength-to-weight ratio, they are commonly employed in the manufacturing of composite products.

The two materials are combined to create a material with a tensile strength of around 1000MPa to 1GPa, making it perfect for aerospace and other high-performance applications.

High strength, high-temperature resistance, and good adhesive performance are all characteristics of unidirectional prepreg tape.

Metal pieces are commonly bonded, sealed, and reinforced with unidirectional tape.

Due to its low elastic modulus, it also possesses great flexibility and fatigue resistance.

Due to its excellent performance qualities and strong economic efficiency, carbon fiber prepreg tapes have been widely used in all disciplines of civil aviation, military aviation, rocketry, and space technology application for decades.

It continues to be very popular with customers from all around the world today.

What are Thermoplastic UD tapes?

Thermoplastic UD tapes have a carbon fiber reinforcing and are a high-performance elastomeric material.

The UD material is made by molding a polymer or other resin around a continuous reinforcing textile filament, such as carbon fiber or woven fiber, that is inserted in the resin matrix during the high pressure, high-temperature pre-impregnation process.

Unidirectional is shortened as UD. This means that one side of the tape is smooth and flat, while the other side has a texture comparable to that of woven materials such as cotton or wool.

The flat side is utilized to adhere to substrates, while the textured side is used to adhere to the surface of the substance being bonded.

UD tapes can be used to make robust and long-lasting connections between two materials or surfaces.

They’re also commonly utilized as an adhesive backing on carbon fiber prepregs before they’re cut into panels or strips for usage in items like aviation parts or automobiles.

What are the UD Tape Slitting Spooling Machines?

UD tape slitting spooling machines, which are also called UD tape slitters, are used to slit UD tapes. Different varieties of UD slitters have been created to satisfy the varying requirements of clients.

Because of their superior heat resistance, UD tapes are frequently utilized in the aerospace and defense industries. Furthermore, they have excellent dimensional stability and mechanical strength.

As a result, clients in these businesses place a high value on them.

By this machine, the UD tapes could be slit into narrow ribbons by the round disc knives assembly, then spooled in different patterns like the level wind pattern, and pyramidal wind pattern.

The spooling machine is a high technology and high precision machine that can realize all the high-grade composite machines converting. It will be widely used in all the composite material fields.

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