Jota Frame Type Slitting Machine

Frame Type Paper Roll Slitting Machine

  • Hydraulic Shaftless Unwinding Stand For Heavy UD Tape Jumbo Roll
  • Double Differential Friction Shaft For Rewinding
  • Adopts SKD-11 Round Slitting Blade
  • Automatic Unloading System To Save Labor Cost
  • Optional Water Cooling Differential Air Shaft
ItemFrame Type Paper Roll Slitting Machine
Applicable MaterialVarious Paper
Max Unwinding Width900mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1800mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftShaftless Hydraulic Unwinding Stand
Cutting Length450mm-1600mm
Format of Slitting2 Sheets
Paper Thickness50gsm-550gsm
Cutting WayThe Upper Blade Rotates, Lower Blade Is Fixed.
Max. Cutting Speed300 Cuts/min
Max. Stacking Height1300mm (51″), It Is Adjustable
Cutting PrecisionCutting Length<1000mm:±0.5mmCutting Length>1000mm:±0.1%
Air Compressor0.8Mpa
Power380V/220V, 50Hz
Gross Weight10500.00Kg
differential friction shaft 570

Water Cooling Differential Friction Shaft

We developed a one-of-a-kind differential shaft for the JT-CF-900. This upgraded shaft has used our most latest innovation to provide increased water flow cooling while reducing differential friction and noise.

This product is a water-cooling differential friction shaft being used to protect automotive engines and other high-speed rotating machinery. It has many advantages, such as high rigidity and low noise. Customers can use carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) according to their requirements.

Automatic Unloading System

The automatic unloading system for slitting machines is intended to boost product productivity.

Our automatic unloading system is an excellent solution for increasing productivity, lowering labor costs, and improving the working environment. Our automatic unloading technology is extremely precise and reliable.

The slitting machine’s automatic unloading system is a good example of sophisticated technology. It can perform automatic discharge of paper and produce high efficiency.

automatic unloading system, 570
shaftless unwinding stand 570

Hydraulic Shaftless Reel Stand

A hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand is an innovative product. The shaftless unwinding stand is highly specialized equipment for winding wire rope. It has the advantages of high efficiency, simple structure, and high safety performance, which can effectively reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

The shaftless reel stand utilizes patented technology and is divided into 2 parts: a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic pump, which allows for continuous operation without manual operation. There are 2 kinds of hydraulic shaftless unwinding stands: single line and double line.

Why Need Frame Type Paper Roll Slitting Machine

Have you ever seen a slitting machine that is above 1000mm rewinidng diameter?

That may be tough for you to comprehend. You may now simply realize it with our frame type paper roll slitting machine.

frame type slitting machine 800

It is the world’s most advanced and efficient slitter machine. It has the ability to process a wide range of paper and plastic film rolls with great efficiency and accuracy.

Our frame type paper roll slitter machine combines a number of innovative technologies, including a PLC control system, servo motor, auto core, and knife positioning devices, as well as an auto pusher and rack for unloading.

The machine is very efficient and performs well. It comes with a precision gearbox and high-quality bearings to assure the machine’s accuracy.

The frame type paper roll slitting machine is a novel type of paper roll slitter machine that is based on the principle of bridge design and sophisticated technologies.

It has the benefits of inexpensive investment and low energy consumption, and it is extensively utilized in many sectors.

Why Do You Need a Frame Type Slitting Machine?

In our past working experiences, the turret rewinding diameter is almost less than 1000mm.

It is a threshold to be more than 1000mm diameters for roll slitting machines in the field.

More than 1000mm, means the more functional problems need to be resolved.

The first problem is that the machine must be larger in size especially since the bigger tall machine frame is not friendly to operational labor.

The second problem is that the motor power must be increased at least two times of the original motor power.

A bigger rewinding diameter means a bigger power force for rotating.

The third problem is all the differential friction shaft in the world is mainly applicable to rewinding diameter to 800mm, more than that, the friction ring journey is limited, which means the rewinding would not be tight anymore.

The fourth problem is that the machine frame should be reinforced and strengthened because of the large slitting force that will appear during operation.

And normal roll slitter rewinder machine can’t bear such big heavy mother rolls in high speed running.

The fifth problem is the finished roll unloading.

Mainly the finished slitting rolls with a diameter of 1200mm, it is heavy to unload to the floor. Even with the help of the hoise or the frame rack, it is still adequate.

With our bridge type slitter rewinders, the finished material could be unloaded to the floor easily. To reduce the labor working strength and working hurt risks.

hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand

The customer’s requirement is bigger and higher, but the present roll slitting machines can’t meet the customer’s extremity.

As a professional slitter machine manufacturer, One new roll slitter rewinders need to be considered and redesigned now.

Easy Operations

It adopts PLC and HMI to combinate all the machine running parameters, and all the working technical data could be stored in the PLC for the next operations circles.

The machine with shaftless unwinding stand.

The big heavy mother rolls could be clamped by the unwind arms easily and be lifted. It is with the Max. diameter of 1500mm. The max. loading weight is more than 4000kgs.

It is with an easy unloading rack for the finished rolls, after the finished slit, the paper rolls could be easily unloaded to the floor.

Two rewinding shafts are located on each side of the mainframe, and the rewinding roll closes to the floor, so it is easier for the core positioning and material movement.

High Efficacy

For the new bridge type, the biggest requirement should be high efficiency. Mainly only the big printing press or packaging companies will think about such high-capacity equipment. Just one demand is efficiency.

The roll slitter rewinder designing speed is 500m/min.

In order to realize the working speed at 500m/min. All the machining parts and machine frames should be designed and tested. And the machine frame and parts quenching is required.

1200mm diameter UD Tape

The infrared auto core positioning devices and auto knife positioning devices are optional. Both of them are our patented technologies, which could help you improve your efficacy.

Patented Finished roll unloading devices. The finished rolls could be pushed to the rack automatically, reducing the roll change times and strengths.

Splicer Table: It helps the operators to join the new material tails. The last material ends and new material tails will be connected on the tables.

Low Cost And Long Service Life

We supply the bridge type slitter rewinders in width from 1600mm to 2800mm.

Compared with the normal slitters, the frame type slitter prices are not cheap, but thinking about its capacity, it is quite economic on each roll working cost.

It is a wider slitter rewinder, so one-day slitting roll quantities should be more than the narrow one. It means dividing daily working costs, one labor can convert more paper rolls at the same working time.

We use stronger machining parts, and famous electric appliances on the machines, it is with less maintenance and has a long working life span.

A higher speed at 500m/min, means more rolls could be slit at working times. To help you create more values.

High Technologies

As a professional roll slitting machine manufacturer, we have accumulated technologies for all kinds of the flexible materials slitting and rewinding. As our new innovative slitting equipment, it combines all our newest technologies.

3 Servo motors are installed on the machine, with the servo motor, has features of acceleration and decelerations speed, while a constant tension should be maintained.

The machine is more sensitive and stronger for the materials.

Lay-on roller installed on each rewinding device.

The lay-on rollers are a dance roll structure, it is swung to feed the material to close the rewinding shaft, two points: one side to protect the material not being broken, the other side to ensure the rewinding material edge is smooth and neat, no any waves.

Meanwhile, the lay-on roller can prolong the material tensions.

Patented Differential Friction Shaft

In order to realize the rewinding diameter of 1200mm, we redesigned the friction shaft structure, the friction journey has been prolonged.

differential friction shaft frame type 800

Also, one water cooling system is installed in the differential friction shaft to eliminate friction heating volume and let the shafts always be at the room temperature. It is also a key technology for rewinding at 1200mm.

Patented Unloading Pusher.

Our engineer designed an intelligent structure, once the finished roll needs to be unloaded, one support arm will be returned to prime points, and it will reserve enough space to push out the finished rolls from the shaft.  Ingenious structure!

unloading device frame type 800

The waste edge trimmer devices are compacted on the other side of the machine frame. It saves the working floor, and two motors drive the rewinding shaft for the waste edge collections.  Fast speed and easy operations.

With the above innovative technologies, we believe the machine is one of the most advanced slitting and rewinding machines.

According to your detailed requirements, we also could supply some customized features to realize your slitting jobs.

On the tension control technologies, we can supply different control methods, like the closet looping taper control, and independent tension controller with sensors.

PLC implanted a tension controls system. All the technologies just to supply you a matured technologies.

About the cutting knives, we can supply the round disc cutter, razor blade, shearing knives, pneumatic disc cutters, etc.

razor slitting blade

Different materials slitting needs different knives, we have all your solutions.

slitting blade frame type 800

As a leading paper roll manufacturer in China, we never stop our steps to explore a stronger, newer and better version of ourselves.

If  you have any inquiries, just give us a phone call, one professional solution could be recommended for you.

What does a slitting machine do?

A slitting machine, also known as a slitter rewinder, is a type of industrial machine used to cut large rolls of material such as paper, plastic, or metal into smaller, narrower rolls.

The slitting machine works by unwinding the jumbo roll and passing it through a set of rotary knives or blades that cut the material into the desired width or length.

The machine then rewinds the cut material onto smaller cores to create smaller rolls, often with specific lengths or quantities specified by the operator.

Slitting machines are widely used in various industries, such as packaging, printing, and manufacturing, to produce a variety of products such as labels, tapes, films, and foils.

What is a slitting machine?

A slitting machine is a piece of industrial equipment used to cut large rolls of material into narrower rolls.

These machines are commonly used in the paper, plastic, and metal industries to process materials such as paper, film, foil, and steel.

The slitting machine operates by unwinding a large roll of material and then passing it through a series of sharp blades, known as slitter blade.

These blades are positioned to make precise cuts at specific intervals, creating narrower rolls of material.

The slitting machine may also perform additional operations such as rewinding, coating, and inspection.

There are various types of slitting machines available, including rotary slitters, crush slitters, and razor slitters, each with its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the material being processed and the desired output.

Slitting machines can be highly automated and can process large volumes of material quickly and efficiently, making them a crucial part of many manufacturing operations.

How does slitting process work?

The slitting process involves cutting a large roll of material into narrower rolls. Here’s how it works:

  1. Unwinding: The large roll of material is loaded onto the unwinding section of the slitting machine.
  2. Tensioning: The material is pulled through the machine at a controlled tension to ensure consistent cutting.
  3. Slitting: The material is passed through a set of sharp circular blades, called slitters, that are positioned at specific intervals to cut the material into narrower widths. The slitters can be adjusted to create different widths as required.
  4. Edge trimming: The edges of the material may be trimmed to ensure a clean, straight edge.
  5. Rewinding: The narrower rolls of material, called slit coils or webs, are wound onto separate cores using the rewinding section of the machine.
  6. Inspection: The finished slit coils or webs are inspected for quality and consistency before being packaged and shipped.

The slitting process is typically controlled by a high-precision programmable logic controller (PLC) that ensures precise cutting and consistent quality.

The type of slitting blade used can vary depending on the material being processed, with options including razor blades, crush cutters, or shear blades.

Overall, the slitting process is a critical step in converting large rolls of material into smaller, more manageable widths that can be used in a variety of manufacturing applications.

What's the price of roll slitting machine?

The price of a roll slitting machine can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the type of machine, its capabilities, and the manufacturer.

Additionally, the cost of a slitting machine may vary depending on the country in which it is purchased.

Below is  some general information about factors that can affect the price of a slitting machine.

Some of the factors that can influence the price of a slitting machine include:

  • Type and size of the machine: The type of slitting machine required will depend on the type of material being processed, the desired width of the final product, and other factors. Different types of machines have different capabilities and features, and this can affect the price.
  • Automation and technology: More advanced slitting machines may be fully automated and incorporate advanced technology, such as computerized control systems or laser-guided cutting. These features can increase the price of the machine.
  • Brand and manufacturer: Different brands and manufacturers may have different pricing structures based on factors such as reputation, quality, and service and support.

Overall, the cost of a slitting machine can range from a few thousand dollars for a basic manual machine to several thousand dollars for a high-end, fully automated machine with advanced features.

We suggest contacting different manufacturers to obtain quotes and compare prices to get a better understanding of the cost of a slitting machine that meets your specific requirements.

What is hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand?

A hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand is a type of equipment used in the converting industry for unwinding and feeding large, heavy jumbo rolls of material.

The hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand is designed to handle ultra-big and heavy jumbo rolls, with a recommended weight of 1000-2000 kgs.

It is equipped with hydraulic systems that provide the power necessary to lift and lower the jumbo roll as required.

The hydraulic system uses oil pressure to drive the lifting mechanism, which can be adjusted to accommodate rolls of different sizes.

The shaftless design of the unwinder stand means that there is no need for a central shaft to support the roll, which can simplify the unwinding process and reduce the risk of damage to the material.

The hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand is typically used in applications where large rolls of material need to be unwound and fed into a downstream process, such as a slitting machine or printing press.

Its heavy-duty construction and precise control make it well-suited to handling high volumes of material in industrial settings.

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