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High Precision Digital Control Paper Core Cutter Machine

  • Fully Controlled By PLC
  • Cutter Holder Controlled by Servo Motor
  • Taiwan Tungsten Steel Cutting Blade
  • Easy Operation and High Precision
ItemHigh Precision Digital Control Paper Core Cutter Machine
Applicable MaterialPaper Core
Tube Diameter25mm-200mm
Tube Length10-1500mm
Tube Thickness5mm-18mm
Blade Moving Speed300mm/s
Cutting Precision0.1mm
Mandrel Rotating Speed150RPM-1000RPM
shaftless unwinding stand 570

Hydraulic Shaftless Stand

Jota Machinery is the first supplier in the world to apply the hydraulic shaftless unwinder on our thermal paper slitting machines.

With a heavy-duty shaftless unwinder, the thermal paper rolls can be easily clamped and lifted to the machine for the slitting process.

It could reduce the labor working strength and an easy roll exchange.

As a professional thermal paper slitting machine manufacturer, we supply different kinds of hydraulic shaftless unwinders for sales, and different functions at different prices, welcome to contact us.

Thermal Paper Roll Inkjet Printer

We never stop our steps to help our customers to resolve any possibility in the thermal paper rolls process. The inline thermal paper roll inkjet printer is our invention.

On our thermal paper roll process line, the inline inkjet printer can be installed for the inkjet printer on the side of the thermal rolls, which will be more and more welcomed by the customers.

The inkjet printer is flexible for all kinds of printing patterns, the company logo, any character, and drawings are workable on it. Easy operations.

If you have this requirements, please contact us for more.

inkjet printer 570
packed thermal paper roll 570

Heat Shrink Film Packaging Machine

As a thermal paper slitting machine manufacturer, we supply different types of thermal roll packaging solutions.

Heat shrinking packaging machine is the most popular equipment for wrapping big quantities of rolls. It is an ideal solution for high volume, heavy-duty use and can be equipped with different types of heating elements including an infrared heater and a hot air gun.

One piece of Hot Shrinking Packaging Machine can be served for 3- 5 pieces of thermal paper roll slitting machines online.

If you have questions, please consult us.

High Precision Digital Control Paper Core Cutter Machine

Paper core cutting machines are a crucial piece of equipment in many industries, allowing businesses to efficiently cut paper cores to specific lengths.

In the world of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are crucial for maintaining high-quality production standards.

A high precision digital control core cutting machine is a perfect example of equipment that can deliver both precision and efficiency in manufacturing processes.

The machine has caught the attention of prominent companies, including Sonoco, a leading global provider of consumer packaging, industrial products, and packaging services.

Sonoco has recognized the importance of investing in high-quality paper core cutting machines to maintain their standards of quality and efficiency.

Sonoco is a renowned global packaging solutions provider that has been in the industry for over 120 years.

The company has built its reputation on delivering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to customers across various industries.

With a focus on customer service, quality, and innovation, Sonoco has become a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

In addition, another notable client from Sweden has also purchased this core cutting machine, along with a slitter rewinder, to cut small cores for rewinding non-woven fabric.

This highlights the versatility and adaptability of the core cutting machine, and its ability to be customized to meet the unique needs of different industries.

Let us know what’s the shining point on the core cutter machine attract these 2 clients.

  1. Flexible using
  2. Easy Operation
  3. Fast cutting speed

Flexible using:

Flexibility is a crucial feature when it comes to core cutting machines.

Businesses and individuals alike require a machine that can cut various core sizes and lengths to meet their specific needs.

Our core cutter has proven to be an ideal solution for companies and home users who require flexibility in their core cutting needs.

cutter blade of high precision cutting machine

The cutter machine can cut a maximum length of 1500mm tube into smaller sizes, ensuring that businesses can meet their customer’s demands while also providing the convenience of cutting tubes to urgent use.

Moreover, the core cutter is not only limited to business use but is also suitable for home users who require narrow size tubes for their DIY projects.

cutted paper core

The flexibility of this machine allows it to cut tubes to the desired size and length, making it ideal for various applications, including crafting and handmaking products.

Our core cutter offers superior performance, precision, and safety features, making it an investment that provides long-term benefits.

Its versatility ensures that it can meet the needs of different users, from businesses with high production demand to individuals who require core cutting for their hobbies.

Easy Operation

The operation of our core cutter is straightforward.

When loading the paper core, users can use the scraw to lock the paper tube in place.


Once secured, users can set the 10 groups maximum length and number of pieces needed on the touchscreen.

The machine can then automatically cut the paper tube into the desired width, ensuring that users can complete their cutting tasks efficiently.

The touchscreen interface is user-friendly and allows for quick and easy adjustments.

Users can select various cutting options and set the machine to cut specific lengths and quantities.

The touch screen also provides real-time updates on the cutting process, allowing users to monitor the progress of their work.

The ease of operation of our core cutter makes it an ideal solution for businesses and individuals who require a reliable and efficient cutting machine.

With its user-friendly interface and simple operation, the machine can be operated by anyone, regardless of their experience level.

Fast cutting speed:

Cutting blade is responsible for cutting the paper core into the desired length, making it a critical component in ensuring that the cutting process is precise and efficient.

Our core cutting machine features a tungsten steel blade that is controlled by a cylinder, providing a reliable and efficient cutting solution.

The tungsten steel blade is a durable and robust material that ensures long-lasting performance.

It is specifically designed to withstand the rigorous demands of cutting through thick paper cores with precision and accuracy.

The use of Tungsten steel blades ensures that the core cutter delivers high-quality cuts every time.

The cylinder controls the blade’s movement, ensuring that it moves with precision and accuracy.

1500c paper core cutter

The control system ensures that the blade moves at a consistent speed, resulting in clean and precise cuts.

Additionally, the use of a pneumatic cutting blade ensures that the cutting process is automated, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Once the cutting process is complete, a servo motor moves the cutter head back to its initial position, ready for the next cutting operation.

This automation ensures that the cutting process is efficient and saves time, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to increase productivity.

Above is the introduction for our JT-1500C high precision digital control core cutter.

You can contact us for more information.

What is the best tool for cutting cardboard tubes?

The best tool for cutting cardboard tubes is a paper core cutting machine.

These machines are specifically designed for cutting cardboard tubes and offer several advantages over other tools.

One key advantage of using a paper core cutting machine is that they are controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

This automation feature ensures high precision in the cutting process.

The PLC allows for accurate measurements and precise control of the cutting parameters, resulting in clean and accurate cuts.

Additionally, paper core cutting machines are designed to minimize or eliminate burrs.

Burr refers to the rough edges or protrusions that can occur during the cutting process.

By using a paper core cutting machine, you can achieve a clean and smooth cut without any burrs, which is important for maintaining the quality and usability of the cardboard tubes.

It’s worth noting that other tools like saws or knives can also be used to cut cardboard tubes, but they may not provide the same level of precision and burr-free cutting as a dedicated paper core cutting machine.

What is the difference between pipe cutter and tube cutter?

Tube cutters and pipe cutters are terms that are often used interchangeably to describe tools used for cutting cylindrical objects.

However, it is important to recognize that these tools are not always the same.

Pipe cutters are primarily designed for softer materials such as PVC pipes, while tube cutters are specifically tailored for cutting harder materials like cardboard and kraft paper core tubes.

What is a tube cutter?

Tube cutters play a vital role in various industrial sectors by facilitating the transformation of long lengths of materials into smaller, more manageable sizes.

These versatile tools are designed to efficiently cut cylindrical objects, such as paper cores, cardboard tubes, and other similar materials.

With the assistance of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), tube cutters offer precise and automated cutting processes without the need for human intervention.

This article explores the core meaning and significance of tube cutters in industrial settings, highlighting their ability to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

  1. The Function of Tube Cutters: A tube cutter serves the primary purpose of dividing long lengths of cylindrical materials into smaller sections. This process enables the creation of shorter, more convenient pieces that are easier to handle, store, or transport. For instance, a tube cutter can efficiently convert a 1500mm length paper core into three 500mm sections, resulting in increased versatility and usability.
  2. Automation with PLC: Tube cutters are often equipped with PLC, which automate the cutting process without requiring constant human intervention. The PLC serves as the control center, overseeing the precise measurements, cutting parameters, and overall operation of the tube cutter. This automation minimizes human error, ensures consistency in the cutting process, and enhances overall efficiency.
  3. Precision and Accuracy: Tube cutters, driven by PLC, offer high precision and accuracy during the cutting process. The automation allows for precise measurements and controls, resulting in uniform and clean cuts every time. This level of precision is particularly important in industries where the quality and consistency of cut materials are critical for subsequent manufacturing or production processes.
  4. Versatility and Adaptability: Tube cutters are versatile tools that can handle various types of cylindrical materials. Whether it’s cardboard tubes, paper cores, plastic pipes, or other similar objects, tube cutters can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes, diameters, and material properties. This adaptability makes them indispensable across a wide range of industries, including packaging, textiles, construction, and more.
  5. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: By employing tube cutters with PLC automation, industrial processes experience enhanced efficiency and productivity. The automated cutting process eliminates the need for manual measurements, marking, and cutting, reducing labor requirements and freeing up human resources for more complex tasks. As a result, production cycles are streamlined, lead times are reduced, and overall productivity is maximized.

Conclusion: Tube cutters, driven by PLC automation, play a pivotal role in the industrial sector by converting long lengths of cylindrical materials into smaller, more manageable sizes.

Their ability to ensure precision, accuracy, versatility, and automation makes them indispensable tools in numerous industries.

By utilizing tube cutters, businesses can optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and achieve consistent, high-quality results in their manufacturing or production processes.

Why do we need tube cutter?

Tube cutters offer numerous advantages over band saws when it comes to cutting cylindrical materials.

Their ability to deliver superior cutting effects with smooth and beautiful edges, along with faster cutting speeds, makes them a preferred choice in many industrial settings.

The enhanced efficiency, improved safety, and versatility of tube cutters further contribute to their appeal.

By incorporating tube cutters into their operations, businesses can achieve high-quality cuts, increased productivity, and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Is tungsten good for knife blades?

Tungsten Carbide machine knives offer exceptional longevity, wear resistance, and cost efficiency compared to steel blades.

Their extended lifespan and reduced replacement requirements result in significant cost savings over time.

Additionally, Tungsten Carbide blades deliver enhanced cutting performance and versatility across various industrial applications.

By considering the longevity and cost-effectiveness of Tungsten Carbide machine knives, businesses can optimize their cutting processes, minimize downtime, and achieve long-term cost savings while maintaining high-quality cutting results.

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