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Jota’s High-Speed Paper Slitting machine is not only suited for cutting kraft paper but also for other paper.

  • Suit for various paper
  • Max can reach 300-400m/min rewinding speed
  • Support your own customized design
  • Adopts famous brand parts
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China Paper Sheeter Manufactuerr

Jota Machinery is a well-known paper sheeter manufacturer

We offer economical type paper sheeting machine machines, high-speed rotary paper sheeting machine machines, and A4 paper sheeting machine production lines or other sheeting machine machines.

If you want to know more, please contact us at Jota Machinery.

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Paper Conveyor Belt

A conveyor belt is better for paper convery

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1100mm Paper Sheeter 370
Paper Sheeting Machine
A4 copy paper sheeting machine 370
A4 Copy Paper Sheeting Machine
rotatry paper sheeting machine 370
High Speed Rotatry Paper Sheeting Machine
thin paper sheeting machine 370
Thin Paper Use Double Layer Paper Sheeting Machine
JT-SHT-800 paper sheeting machine 370
800mm width paper sheeting machine
shrink film packing machine
Shrink Film Packing Machine
surface slitting rewinding machine 370
Narrow Width Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine
JT-SLT-900A 370
Max 300m/min Rewinding Speed Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
JT-SLT-900C 370
High Speed semi-automatic thermal paper slitting machine

Special Design (4)

Rewinding Effect (4)

  • kraft paper rewinding effect

    Kraft paper rolls are an essential material for many different industries.

    They are made from a strong, durable paper that is ideal for packaging, shipping, and storage.

    Kraft paper is typically brown in color, and it is often used for wrapping products, protecting them from damage during transport or storage.

    One of the main advantages of kraft paper rolls is their strength.

    The paper is made using a special manufacturing process that results in a strong, high-quality product. This makes it ideal for use in the shipping and packaging industry, where products need to be protected from damage during transit.

  • carbon epoxy tape rewinding 370

    Thermoset carbon prepreg is a high-performance composite material that is widely used in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment.

    It consists of carbon fibers that are pre-impregnated with a thermosetting resin and then cured under heat and pressure to produce a lightweight and extremely strong material.

    Thermoset carbon prepreg offers excellent mechanical properties, including high strength-to-weight ratio, stiffness, and fatigue resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications where performance is critical. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of thermoset carbon prepreg in more detail.

  • self adhesive tape 370

    Self-adhesive label rolls are a convenient and popular choice for labeling and packaging products in various industries.

    These labels are made from a flexible material with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back, allowing them to stick securely to a wide range of surfaces, such as plastic, glass, metal, and paper.

    One of the key advantages of self-adhesive label rolls is their ease of use.

    They can be quickly and easily applied to products, saving time and labor costs compared to other labeling methods.

    Additionally, self-adhesive label rolls can be customized to include a wide range of information, such as product name, barcode, logo, and other details.

  • WAT Tape Rewinding 370

    Water-activated paper tape rolls are a sustainable and high-strength packaging material that is widely used in various industries.

    Kraft paper tape is made from renewable materials such as kraft paper, and it is reinforced with fiberglass threads for added strength.

    One of the main advantages of water-activated paper tape rolls is their environmental friendliness.

    Unlike traditional plastic tapes, they are biodegradable and compostable, making them an eco-friendly choice for businesses that are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

Paper Sheeter Structure

unwinding stand 193
Unwinding Section
A slitting machine unwinding stand is an essential component of a slitting machine used in various industries for cutting wide rolls of material into narrower widths. This machine is used to unwind the roll of material and keep it under tension while it is being slit into smaller widths.
slitting blade 193
Slitting Section
Round slitting blades are a type of cutting tool used in various industries for cutting materials into precise and uniform widths. These blades are designed to rotate at high speeds, making them capable of cutting through a wide range of materials, including paper, plastic, metal, and textiles.
PLC system
PLC System
The PLC on a slitting machine is designed to provide precise and reliable control over the cutting process, ensuring that the material is cut accurately and consistently.
tension brake section
Tension Control Section
A magnetic power brake is an essential component of a slitting machine used in various industries for cutting wide rolls of material into narrower widths.
EPC section
EPC Section
A web guide system is an essential component of a slitting machine used in various industries for cutting wide rolls of material into narrower widths.
Rewinding section
Rewinding Section
A differential friction shaft is an essential component of a paper slitting machine used in various industries for cutting wide rolls of paper into narrower widths.
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Korea client
Kim Jung From Korea
Touma From Japan
Touma From Japan
Walter from Germany
Walter from Germany
Joseph from USA
Joseph from USA
Luan from South Africa
Luan from South Africa
Fayez from Saudi Arabia
Fayez from Saudi Arabia
Johan from Sweden
Johan from Sweden
Mr.Tsai from Taiwan
Mr.Tsai from Taiwan

China Roll to Sheet Cutter Cutting Machine

Roll to sheet cutter cutting machine is a fairly popular and flexible machine for cutting various kinds of materials into individual sheets.

Usually, the machine starts by slitting the mother material into suitable widths before cutting them into the desired lengths.

It starts with a large jumbo roll that goes through the slitting section before final conversion into individual sheets with specific dimensions.

With the help of the machine, you no longer have to struggle cutting large rolls of paper materials with your hands.

The automation it allows comes with a lot of efficiency and accuracy in operations.

At Jota Machinery, we pride ourselves on manufacturing some of the best roll to sheet cutting cutter machines in China.

We have a professional team of designers and engineers who are always ready to help you get the most appropriate machine for your needs.

Our strict adherence to high-quality standards will help you get the best value for your money in addition to investing in paper roll to sheet machines that will serve you and your business for a long time.

Talk to us today if you need the best supplies of China roll to sheet cutter cutting machine.

Benefits of Investing in a roll to sheet cutting machine

There is a myriad of benefits that comes with investing in a roll to sheet cutting machine.

You will even get to enjoy more if you are getting your unit from a reputable manufacturer like Jota Machinery.

dance roller 800

Here is a brief look at some of the reasons why you should consider investing in this machine-:

  • You Will Cut Down On Time And Labor
  • A Great Deal of Versatility
  • High Precision And Accuracy
  • Minimal Space Requirements
  • Great Safety Features
  • Easy Maintenance

You will cut down on time and labor

With a high-quality roll to sheet cutter cutting machine, you will realize a significant decrease in the time you need to accomplish tasks.

Not only this but also due to the machine’s automation, you will not need to have a large workforce around to get things going.

Since you will be able to save a lot of time and also work with a lean labor force, it will be easy for you to expand your products, increase the number of your clients and ultimately improve your bottom line.

A great deal of versatility

A typical paper roll to sheet machine like the ones you get from Jota Machinery are highly versatile pieces of equipment.

This simply means that the possibilities of the things that you can achieve with them are endless.

With the modern technology present in their designs, they are fully programmable and you can adapt them to a variety of applications as the nature of your jobs will demand.

This is good news for businesses since with just a single machine, you can open multiple product lines to reach more customers and expand your enterprise.

With these machines, you can achieve precise cuts for materials such as normal paper, Teflon, plastic materials, glitter vinyl, interfacing and backings, and bubble foams among others.

In addition to working with different kinds of materials, the machine can also give multiple cuts. These include half breaks, special cutting, and one cutting among others.

High precision and accuracy

Jota Machinery roll to sheet cutting machines comes with a high degree of accuracy. The margin of error is just about 1mm.

photocell 800
As such, it gives you the confidence you need to progress with your work, knowing that you will end up with the best possible cut qualities.

Minimal space requirements

Another beautiful advantage of investing in this machine is that it is not demanding when it comes to space requirements.

You don’t need a huge warehouse to go on with your operations. With its compact design, it has minimal space requirements and will seamlessly fit in most office spaces.

Great safety features

No need to worry about unnecessary accidents when working with the paper roll to sheet machine from Jota Machinery.

With its degree of automation, the operator will have no contact with the blades and can always operate the machine from a safe distance. As such, the risks of accidents are greatly minimized.

Easy maintenance

The machines don’t require a lot when it comes to care and maintenance.

If you can keep the core components away from dust, and observe the regular maintenance routine from the manufacturer, then you will have very little to worry about.

Changing the blades is also fairly easy, and you won’t need more than ten minutes to achieve this.

Easy to operate

Once you have the necessary training, operating the machine is a fairly simple task.

The man-machine interface system will avail at your fingertips all the vital controls you need to keep the machine operating.

Whether you want to set different cycle times or different cutting quantities, it makes it so simple for you to achieve these and many other operations.

Jota’s patented roll to sheet cutter machine

We are a transparent manufacturer with very strong relationships with our partners, clients, and customers.

Our roll to sheet cutter machines uses a patented technology that you can only find with us. As such, our machines have unique features to help you achieve all your needs.

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We are not copycats. We believe in originality since that is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

Major features of a roll to sheet cutter machine

A typical roll to sheet cutter machine will have an unwinder and a feeding unit.

They will also feature a slitting station, a cutting section, and a stacker or a collection table.

It may be possible to include additional features if the client has a need for them. Here is a detailed look at some of these components-:

The Unwinding System

This is the system responsible for holding the mother roll.

paper sheeter unwinding stand 800

The mother roll, also known as the parent roll is usually heavy with a large diameter. The unwinders found in these machines can hold mother rolls of different diameters and weights.

The design of the unwinding system may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Some may use an air expanding shaft, while others may be shaftless. Most people love the shaftless versions because they are easy to operate and also change the mother rolls.

The Feeding Unit

The feeding unit primarily consists of a servo motor and two synchronous motors. The function of the motors is to feed the roll paper into the machine.

The unit also features aluminum rollers which high abrasive resistance to ensure high feeding precision. With the inclusion of a statics bar, you don’t have to worry about static influence anymore.

The Cutting Unit

With most of the paper roll to sheet machines, the cutting unit will normally feature a heavy casting structure.

paper sheeter blade 800

Usually, they have a heavy-duty knife that can cut any material into the necessary widths and lengths. You can manually adjust the cutting position of this unit, or adjust it automatically using the man-machine interface control system.

Human Interface Control System

Modern roll to sheet cutting machines will feature a man-machine interface control system.

HMI  system allows you to see what’s going on inside the machine at a glance.

This unit may feature a touch screen for easy operations.Automatic Tension Control System

The tension system in these machines is fully automatic and you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting the tension while you load different weights

When you feed the paper into the system, the brake load will adjust automatically to control the tension depending on the weight of the incoming load.

The Slitting Unit

The slitting unit has a set of round slitting knives that you can easily adjust and reposition to achieve various cut sizes and quality.

A Collection Table

The collection table is also known as the stacker.

collect table 800

This is the final place where all the cut sheets will stack ready for collection or packaging. With it, you will end up with neatly stacked pallets at the end of every operation.

The accuracy of the roll to sheet cutting machines

All the roll to sheet cutter machines from Jota Machinery will let you perform your sheeting with very high accuracy.

The machines feature high-precision servo motors which make it possible for every piece to be cut at the same length.

For more precise cuts, you can set the knife to custom lengths so that you end up with exactly what you have wanted.

Common materials you can use with the machine

Since this is a fairly versatile machine, you will have the freedom to subject it to a myriad of applications.

Some of the common materials you can comfortably sheet with it include-:

  • Laminates
  • Normal paper
  • Film
  • Various types of plastic materials
  • Foil
  • Fabric
  • Labels among others

Factors to consider when buying roll to roll sheet cutter cutting machine

With various brands and models to choose from, including having to deal with savvy salesmen who are only keen on getting your money, you need to be very cautious when shopping for a roll to sheet cutter machine.

Consider these factors to help you choose the right machine for your needs-:

The size of the machine

The size of the machine is the number one consideration you must make before you go out shopping.

The easiest way to determine the size of your machine is to simply think about the size of the rolls you will be using with it.

If you are not certain about the size of the rolls, feel free to ask the manufacturer for some guidance.

Based on the nature of your business, they should be able to guide you correctly on the right size of machine that will meet all your needs.

The thickness of the sheeting material

Since there are different sheeting materials, their thicknesses also vary a lot.

To begin with, the thickness of the material that the machine can accommodate will greatly depend on the size of the machine.

Most machines, however, will come with a standard thickness of 400mm.

The sheet size

It is always possible to adjust the cutting units of these machines but up to certain limits.

Therefore, while shopping for a roll to sheet cutter machine, ensure that the machine’s cutting unit is flexible enough to accommodate the sheet sizes that you will be cutting.

The speed of the machine

One of the main reasons for getting a roll to sheet cutting machine is to enhance the operations of your business.

If the machine is not going to accord you the speeds you desire, then there may be no need to buy them.

Consequently, check that the machine has reasonable speeds that will not make you fail to meet your clients’ deadlines.

Generally, making smaller cuts with the machine will take a longer time compared to making larger cuts.

But that notwithstanding, the speeds must be reasonable for efficient operations.

After-sale services by the manufacturer

The last thing you want is to get an expensive piece of machinery like a paper roll to sheet machine from a manufacturer who is not going to offer solid after-sale services.

After shipping, you may need help with setting up the machine and getting it to work right for the first time.

sales team

Also, it may be important to train your team on the operations of the machine, including simple troubleshooting techniques that they may need as time goes by.

This is only possible if you work with a reliable manufacturer who will be available to you any time you need them regarding the machine.

Get the best China roll to sheet cutter cutting machine from Jota Machinery

Talk to us today if you are in the market shopping for a roll to sheet cutter machine. We are a reputable manufacturer with hundreds of happy clients all around the world.

Our team is available for a free consultation to help us understand your needs so that we can deliver to you a machine that will perfectly meet your needs.

We adhere to high manufacturing standards so that you can have real value for your money with every machine you get from us.

Call us now and let us explore all the possibilities available to you.

What Are the Factors to Decide Your Sheeting Machine Type?

A paper sheeter, also known as a paper-making sheeter or a paper roll cutting machine, is a device that generates paper sheets. It is one of the most significant machines in the papermaking industry’s production process.

Some factors to decide on your sheeting machine type:

  1. Your mother roll width determines your sheeter machine width.
  2.  Your material thickness decides the sheeting head mechanical structure.
  3. Your productivity demand decides your machine speed.

Please prepare the above-detailed requirement, contact our professional sales, one proper sheeter machine will be recommended.

Does Your Sheeter Have Slitting Function?

Yes, a slitting cutter assembly will be installed on a sheeter for small paper sheet converting.

The slitting knives are adjustable to slit the material into narrow rows or waste edge trimming.

Then it will be fed to the sheeting device to be cut into different lengths.

In addition to this, some sheeting machines can also be equipped with slitting devices for different purposes (such as film edge trimming or A3, A4 paper sheet cutting.

With the slitting functions, the paper sheet will be cut into small segments. The productivity has been improved.

There is another problem that occurred is how to manage the small paper sheet on the collection table smoothly.

Our professional engineer has experience in all kinds of material converting. Just contact to us for your better solutions.

If The Printed Material Could Be Sheeted Following the Color Code?

Yes, it is a major update for tracking the color code for printed goods.

A photocell is installed on the machine; as one continuous paper passes, it detects the code and signals the sheeting knives; a complete printed picture is sheet cut with high precision.

It is an advanced color code tracking technique. Sheets made from the continuous web or printed materials can be trimmed to preset length.

The length of the color code at a specific distance determines the length of the cut.

If blank material or no color code tracking is provided, the sheet is cut to a fixed length by the PLC.

There is no need to be concerned about cutting faults after cutting because this machine is equipped with an automatic cutting error detection device (which detects whether or not there are any errors in cutting). When an error occurs during cutting, the machine will immediately stop operation and alarm.

Is A3, A4 Sheet Cutting Machine Available?

Yes, we have an A3/A4 sheet cutting machine.

One machine has been specially updated by our engineering teams for A3, A4 paper converting. It can cut A3 and A4 sheets into strips and is a simple to use production line.

It can be connected to a wrapping machine to create a fully automated A4 paper production line.

Only A4 copy paper production lines are currently available.

There is no adequate wrapping machine for A3 paper.

After the sheet is sliced into A4 paper, it will be automatically conveyed to the A4 paper wrapping machines thanks to innovative technology. As a result, the entire line operates smoothly and efficiently, resulting in great productivity.

Is All Paper Sheeting Machine Bypassed CE Certificated?

Our paper sheeting machines all have the essential export certification.

For more details please contact Jota Machinery.

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