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Travese Winding Machine

  • Self-Developed Narrow Towpreg Traverse Spooling Machine
  • Axis Quantity Supported Customized
  • Min Slitting Width Can Reach 3.175mm (0.125-inches)
  • Latest Technology For CFRTP/ CFRT Composite Material
  • With Automatic Peel Function for Thermosetting Material
ItemCarbon Prepreg Tape Slitting Traverse Winding Machine
Applicable MaterialThermoplastic UD Tape, Carbon Prepreg Tape
Max Unwinding Width250mm
Max Unwinding Diameter300mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm) or 6-Inch(152.4mm)
Unwinding ShaftAir Expanding Shaft
Min Slitting Width3.175mm(0.125-Inches)
Max Rewinding Speed50m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter300mm
Rewinding shaft3-Inch or 6-Inch Are Available
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
Packing Dimension (L*W*H)6284*1373*3000MM
fiberglass winding effect 570

Fiberglass UD Tape Spooling

Around the end of 2021, Jota Machinery independently developed this slitting traverse spooling machine.

We first slit and spool the fiberglass UD tape. You can watch a video to see how this machine works.

Carbon Fiber Prepreg Tape Winding

Due to the light weight of the carbon fiber prepreg tape. At present, it has been widely used in the market.
The commonly used industry for prepreg tape is aerospace, so our machine is also aimed at this industry.
The JT-SLT-250S machine is also given the function of peeling off the PE film.

carbon fiber prepreg tape 570
traversem winding machine 16 heads 570

16 Axis Traverse Winding Machine

In 2022, we customized a 16-axis traverse spooling machine for the top customers in the CFRTP industry.

The customer personally operated this set winding machine. Even the speed can reach an amazing winding speed of 95m/min.

Carbon Fiber Prepreg Tapes Slitting Traverse Spooling Machine

Our carbon fiber prepreg tapes slitting traverse spooling machine is designed and developed by ourselves.

90% of domestic thermoplastic UD tape or sandwich panel products suppliers have cooperated with us.

The machine can slit carbon fiber prepreg tapes from 5 mm to 10mm in width into all kinds of carbon fiber strips like thermoset epoxy carbon fiber, thermoplastic glass fiber, and carbon fiber unidirectional tapes.

It is designed according to the needs of customers and technical requirements.

The slitting speed of JT-SLT-250S can be adjustable from 30m/min to 95m/min according to customer requirements, and the cutting accuracy is high enough less than 0.125mm.

Our traverse winding machine has many advantages such as low failure rate, high efficiency, and easy operation, etc.

narrow ud tape 800

We have more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing carbon series machines.

Our products are used in various fields such as the aviation industry, aerospace industry, automobile industry, and other industries that require high-quality carbon fiber materials with high strength and lightweight.

To slit the narrow strips, a slitting and spooling machine is required, and then the AFP (Automated Fiber Placement) or ATL procedure is performed ( Automated Tape Laying).

tape laying 800

Although the AFP and ATL procedures are absolutely equivalent, they are used in different ways to fulfill certain structure construction objectives, such as providing strength or stiffness where it is needed.

The main distinction between the two methods is that AFP uses overhead tape placement equipment, whereas ATL employs a vacuum-assisted head.

Because of this distinction, it’s important to note that, due to the lack of a vacuum source, ATL can’t be used for all applications.

The entire procedure is totally automated, with the cutting machine cutting the narrow strip to the desired length based on the control panel’s width setting. After that, we can make CFK parts with AFP or ATL .

Knowledge about carbon fiber prepreg tape

Carbon fiber prepreg tapes are divided into two categories: glass fiber prepreg tapes and carbon fiber prepreg tapes.

Most composites production techniques use fiberglass prepreg tapes as basic material, such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP), polyester reinforced plastics (ERP), and polypropylene reinforced plastics (EPR), and so on.

In CFRP composite materials manufacturing procedures such as direct wet-out fabrication, carbon fiber prepreg tapes are commonly employed as reinforcement materials.

prepreg tape 800

For CFRP reinforced plastic composites, AFP (Automatic Fiber Placement) or ATL (Automatic Tape Laying) is employed.

Carbon fiber that has been prefabricated into tape or tube form is coiled onto a mandrel surface and cured at high temperatures in an autoclave or oven in this procedure.

It’s often used to make aircraft and automotive parts, as well as other complex goods that require a lot of stiffness, such as boat hulls or wind turbine blades.

Advantage of our traverse winding machine

Compared with the slitting rewinding, spooling has an advantage to rewinding longer UD tape strands on a longer length, and rewinding patterns in different methods flexibly to meet different working processes.

Two servo motors are installed on one spooling head, one for rewinding, and one for the traverse movement journey.

The spooling head features a 360° rotating axis and servo motors drive.

It has the ability to change the angle of the winding arm to meet the needs of various carbon fiber prepreg tapes.

When the winding arm starts up or stops abruptly, it uses an eccentric gear reducer with a big torque capacity, which ensures that the torque is stable.

The unwinding and winding shafts are driven by the servo motor via a gearbox, and the unwinding and wind-up speeds are proportional to the servo motor frequency.

Spooling is the process of forming a continuous composite strip from cut rolls of prepreg tape. The spool is wound with the tape in a helicoidal pattern to prevent the layers from unwinding during production and transportation.

finshed goods of 250s 800

Thanks to our own design software, all kinds of spooling working methods are workable: spool winding pattern: Level wind, Taper wind, Reverse Taper Wind, Magpak wind, step wind, etc.

For most applications, carbon fiber prepreg tapes are supplied as flat reels which need to be slit into strips prior to winding on a spool.

A longer rewinding spooling rolls means less roll change and working efficiency improved.

The spooling process is very important in the manufacturing of carbon fiber composites.

The quality of the final products depends on how well the spooling process is done, especially for high-performance parts where strength and stiffness are critical factors.

prepreg slitting machinne line

Due to its special features, carbon fiber prepreg tapes are commonly used for aircraft, aerospace vehicles and their parts, cars, boats, and other civil engineering applications such as bridge construction, etc.

Due to some Epoxy Carbon UD tapes, the protective film lamination functions are featured.

After slitting, before spooling, one 10mm PE Film strip will be laminated with the carbon tape strands, then spooled in pyramidical patterns. This technology is required for all the thermoset epoxy carbon tapes.

spooling roll 800

In order to keep the PE film lamination softness, one magnetic braked is installed for the PE film unwinding tension control. and PLC controls the constant tensions.

What’s more, we designed two sets of the total different soft programs for different materials: Thermoplastic carbon/ glass Fiber UD tapes are hard and tough, but the thermoset Carbon Woven Tapes are soft and adhesive.

Their physical properties are totally different, so the tension controls and preset parameters are completely different.

One machine with 2 sets of software, it seems like you have two machines with different features.

Jota Machinery as a CFRTP UD Tape equipment manufacturer always supplies value-added equipment to help you create a higher value and wealth.

Thank you!

What is CFRTP?

Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) is a composite material made of pre-impregnated carbon fiber and thermoplastic resin (like PP, PE, PA, PA6, PA66, PPS) PEEK)by Hot Melt Prepreg Methods.

The plastic polymer will be hot melted by a twin co-extruding plastic extruder in high temperatures from 260 degrees to 450 degree, then the resin will be immersed in an M-shape mould where be prepared with the carbon fiber or glass fiber under the help of the high pressure and high temperatures.

Then after calendering rollers cooling and calendering, the Unidirectional tapes are formed, then rewind into rolls.

In China, the CFRTP UD tape standard width is 650mm, and sometimes 1300mm wide is required, and the thermoplastic Carbon Tape width is mainly 150mm to 300mm. The tapes thickness from 0.2mm to 0.3mm in weight from 170gsm to 300gsm.

What are Thermoset Epoxy Carbon Tapes?

Thermoset epoxy carbon tapes are high-quality carbon fiber prepreg tapes that are used to prepreg carbon fiber is woven fabrics or carbon fiber that has been soaked in epoxy resins and then dried to create Expoxy Carbon Tapes, which are then used to make carbon fiber composites.

Polyester and epoxy resin form the basis of thermoset epoxy carbon tapes, with glass fibers or carbon fibers added in varying proportions.

It can be employed in a variety of fields, including aircraft, wind energy generating, and sports equipment.

Epoxy is a rigid thermosetting plastic, which means it becomes permanently hard and non-malleable after high pressure, high temperature curing in the tank.

The term “thermoplastic molding” refers to a procedure in which the curing reaction is triggered by heat rather than a chemical reaction using a catalyst.

Thermoset epoxy is a very strong and resistant substance with great temperature resistance and abrasion resistance. It can be utilized in applications that demand a lot of strength and longevity.

Until now, The thermoset Carbon UD tapes are a majority of the Carbon world. It is with the advanced process technology and related equipment are advanced.

What is the Unidirectional Tapes?

Unidirectional (UD) tapes are created by mixing unidirectional fibers with a resin matrix that contains more than 70% epoxy resin.

Because of their excellent strength-to-weight ratio, they are commonly employed in the manufacturing of composite products.

The two materials are combined to create a material with a tensile strength of around 1000MPa to 1GPa, making it perfect for aerospace and other high-performance applications.

High strength, high-temperature resistance, and good adhesive performance are all characteristics of unidirectional prepreg tape.

Metal pieces are commonly bonded, sealed, and reinforced with unidirectional tape. Due to its low elastic modulus, it also possesses great flexibility and fatigue resistance.

Due to its excellent performance qualities and strong economic efficiency, carbon fiber prepreg tapes have been widely used in all disciplines of civil aviation, military aviation, rocketry, and space technology application for decades.

It continues to be very popular with customers from all around the world today.

What are Thermoplastic UD tapes?

Thermoplastic UD tapes have a carbon fiber reinforcing and are a high-performance elastomeric material.

The UD material is made by molding a polymer or other resin around a continuous reinforcing textile filament, such as carbon fiber or woven fiber, that is inserted in the resin matrix during the high pressure, high-temperature pre-impregnation process.

Unidirectional is shortened as UD.

This means that one side of the tape is smooth and flat, while the other side has a texture comparable to that of woven materials such as cotton or wool.

The flat side is utilized to adhere to substrates, while the textured side is used to adhere to the surface of the substance being bonded.

UD tapes can be used to make robust and long-lasting connections between two materials or surfaces.

They’re also commonly utilized as an adhesive backing on carbon fiber prepregs before they’re cut into panels or strips for usage in items like aviation parts or automobiles.

What are the UD Tape Slitting Spooling Machines?

UD tape slitting spooling machines, which are also called UD tape slitters, are used to slit UD tapes.

Different varieties of UD slitters have been created to satisfy the varying requirements of clients.

Because of their superior heat resistance, UD tapes are frequently utilized in the aerospace and defense industries.

Furthermore, they have excellent dimensional stability and mechanical strength. As a result, clients in these businesses place a high value on them.

By this machine, the UD tapes could be slit into narrow ribbons by the round disc knives assembly, then spooled in different patterns like the level wind pattern, and pyramidal wind pattern.

The spooling machine is a high technology and high precision machine that can realize all the high-grade composite machines converting. It will be widely used in all the composite material fields.

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