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Two Drum Center Surface Slitter Rewinder

  • Hydrulic Shaftless Unwinder Stand For Loading Heavy Jumbo Paper Roll
  • Light Weight Carbon Fiber Material Rewinding Shaft
  • Pneumatic Shearing Blade For High Speed Operation
  • Max Rewinding Speed can Reach 600m/min
  • Max Rewinding Diameter : 1800mm
ItemTwo Drum Center Surface Slitting Machine
Applicable MaterialKraft paper, Coated Paper and other thick paper
Max Unwinding Width1200-2800mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1800mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftShaftless Hydraulic Unwinding Stand
Min Slitting Width300mm
Max Rewinding Speed600m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter1800mm
Rewinding shaft3-inch Air Exapanding Shaft
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V

carbon fiber rewinding shaft

shaftless unwinding stand 570

Hydraulic Shaftless Stand

Jota Machinery is the first supplier in the world to apply the hydraulic shaftless unwinder on our thermal paper slitting machines.

With a heavy-duty shaftless unwinder, the thermal paper rolls can be easily clamped and lifted to the machine for the slitting process.

It could reduce the labor working strength and an easy roll exchange.

As a professional thermal paper slitting machine manufacturer, we supply different kinds of hydraulic shaftless unwinders for sales, and different functions at different prices, welcome to contact us.

Thermal Paper Roll Inkjet Printer

We never stop our steps to help our customers to resolve any possibility in the thermal paper rolls process. The inline thermal paper roll inkjet printer is our invention.

On our thermal paper roll process line, the inline inkjet printer can be installed for the inkjet printer on the side of the thermal rolls, which will be more and more welcomed by the customers.

The inkjet printer is flexible for all kinds of printing patterns, the company logo, any character, and drawings are workable on it. Easy operations.

If you have this requirements, please contact us for more.

inkjet printer 570
packed thermal paper roll 570

Heat Shrink Film Packaging Machine

As a thermal paper slitting machine manufacturer, we supply different types of thermal roll packaging solutions.

Heat shrinking packaging machine is the most popular equipment for wrapping big quantities of rolls. It is an ideal solution for high volume, heavy-duty use and can be equipped with different types of heating elements including an infrared heater and a hot air gun.

One piece of Hot Shrinking Packaging Machine can be served for 3- 5 pieces of thermal paper roll slitting machines online.

If you have questions, please consult us.

Why Two Drum Center Surface Slitter Rewinder?

Are you looking to cut paper, plastic, or film? You’ve come to the correct place. We have a large selection of slitting machines that can do the job.

The slitting machine is used to cut any shape into several strips, such as kraft paper, water-activated tape, coated paper, and other thick materials.

High speed slitting machine

It is useful in the paper converting industry, where it has become an essential component of binding machinery for making small rolls.

Jota Machinery manufactures one set of two drum center surface slitter rewinder that work to transform a mother jumbo roll into a son small roll. The maximum rewinding speed is 500-600m/min.

The slitter rewinder was manufactured about a year ago, and it has been supplied to Russian consumers. They primarily manufacture kraft paper.

Kraft paper is used in a variety of industrial uses, including bags, wrapping, building materials, and even as a newspaper.

It is formed of paper pulp and is noted for having a strong and stiff structure. It has high tear resistance, making it ideal for the job that it serves.

Aside from its strength, kraft paper offers good water resistance and can only absorb water to a certain extent.

This makes it ideal for usage in pharmaceutical companies, where even minor contamination can have serious consequences on products as diverse as cosmetics.

The center surface rewinding is a new slitting technique that is based on the standard slitter rewinder. When the material is largely thin and soft, it can be used.

Unlike other Jota Machinery slitting machines, this one is designed to cut mother jumbo rolls into son jumbo rolls.

Hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand

Some mother jumbo rolls are oversized in paper mills, they are super hefty jumbo rolls and the weighing more than a ton.

Hydraulic shaftless unwinding is a novel form of unwinding technique in which the air shaft is not manually threaded into the parent roll.

shaftless unwinder stand

The unwind stand has a chunk at the front and back ends.

To use the hydraulic station to raise and lower the parent roll, just line the chunk with the paper tube of the parent roll and then operate the remote control.

As I previously stated, this slitting machine is appropriate for large parent rolls. Our greatest unwinding diameter is 1500mm.

Slitting blade using pneumatic action

Pneumatic slitting blades are commonly used in the textile, printing, and packaging sectors for cardboard, paper, textiles, fabric, and other non-ferrous materials.

The speed can be automatically adjusted by the electronic control based on the thickness of the material. The service life can be extended up to 500,000 times.

Pneumatic slitting blade

Lower circular knife devices, upper circular knife devices, and so on comprise the entire set of slitting units.

A knife shaft, a circular knife, a bearing seat, and a servo motor comprise the bottom circular knife device.

This slitter machine is outfitted with 20 lower round knives, each having an outer diameter of 200 and a servo motor driving the round knives’ shaft.

The upper round knife device is made up of a beam, a knife seat, a round knife, and so on, and this machine has 5 upper round knives.

Loosen the nut to move laterally when altering the location of the upper circular knife.

To modify the amount of bite, loosen the square nut and move the upper round knife left and right. Tighten the nut after adjustment.

The upper round knife has a diameter of 150. The air cylinder controls its lifting and lowering operations.

Simply turn the air valve on the control box panel to the “up” or “down” position to control the slitting and feeding.

The upper round knife beam is a dovetail groove construction that holds the upper round knife in place. It is mounted to the rack’s wall plate, with adjustment devices on both sides.

Before and after the bottom circular knife, there is a 200mm paper support roller to keep the paper web on the same plane. Idler rollers are used to support the sheet and keep it at a consistent angle when it enters the slitter.

Unloading of the paper table

A paper unloading table, an oil cylinder, and a bearing seat comprise the paper unloading table apparatus.

The tabletop of the paper unloading table is a welded section of steel construction.

After the finished paper roll is completed, the operational platform “lifts” the paper unloading table, and the paper roll is pushed onto the paper unloading table by the paper-pushing device.

slitting machine in Thailand

To unload the paper roll gently, press the “down” button on the console; the unloading speed is controlled by the throttle valve.

The electrical operating table can be used to control the “up” and “down” movement of the paper receiving table.

Jota Machinery is dedicated to supplying paper mills with paper conversion services.

Please contact our sales team if you require slitting ultra big jumbo paper rolls. We will give you our undivided attention.

What does a slitter rewinder do?

A slitter rewinder is a specialized machine utilized in a range of manufacturing facilities and industries worldwide.

Its primary function is to cut a parent roll of material to a narrower width suitable for processing in subsequent stages of production.

Commonly referred to as slitters, rewind slitters, or roll slitters, these machines can be customized to suit specific material types, slitting techniques, and production requirements.

Manufacturers seeking slitting machines typically have specific requirements for their operations, including operator safety and ease-of-use, production speed, and floor space constraints.

Therefore, most slitter rewinders are designed to meet these requirements while also providing a high level of precision and efficiency.

At our company, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives who can guide you through the process of selecting the right machine for your particular application.

Whether you require a machine that can slit multiple materials or one that is tailored to specific material roll specifications, we can help you find the best solution to match your unique requirements.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and to learn more about our range of slitter rewinders.

Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support, and we look forward to working with you to help optimize your production processes.

What is an air shaft used for?

An air shaft is a highly efficient device utilized in the handling of unwind and rewind rolls for web-fed materials, including continuous-process printing presses, coaters, laminators, and slitters.

Its primary function is to support and control the movement of rolls of paper, film, foil, and other web-based substrates during the processing of these materials.

One of the key advantages of using an air shaft is its ability to provide a secure grip on the core of the roll without causing any damage.

This is achieved by inflating the shaft, which creates a positive interface that allows for precise control of the web via brakes and motors.

This not only helps to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted production process but also helps to minimize waste and reduce downtime.

What is PE Coated Paper?

PE coated kraft paper is a specialized type of paper that has been coated with a layer of polyethylene to create a strong and durable moisture and grease barrier.

This makes it ideal for a variety of applications where protection from moisture and grease is essential, such as in the food packaging industry.

Compared to wax coated paper, which is also used for moisture and grease resistance, PE coated kraft paper has several advantages.

It can be used in hot environments without melting and affecting the product being packaged, which makes it more versatile and suitable for a wider range of applications.

PE coated kraft paper is often used in the production of food packaging, including fast food packaging, bakery packaging, and snack food packaging, as well as in the manufacturing of envelopes, bags, and other industrial applications.

Its excellent moisture and grease resistance properties help to ensure that the product inside remains fresh and protected, while its strength and durability provide added protection during handling and transportation.

What is bleached kraft paper/white kraft paper?

Bleached kraft paper is a specialized type of kraft paper that has undergone a treatment process involving the use of bleach and other chemicals to whiten and purify the natural kraft pulp.

This process not only gives the paper a bright white color, but also enhances its strength, making it stronger than traditional brown kraft paper.

Because of its added strength and durability, bleached kraft paper is widely used in a variety of applications, particularly in the packaging industry where it is used extensively for wrapping and packaging of products.

Its excellent strength and resistance to tearing make it an ideal choice for protecting and securing products during transit, while its bright white color can help to enhance the appearance of packaged products.

In addition to its use in packaging, bleached kraft paper is also used in a range of other applications, including printing and labeling, as well as in the manufacturing of various paper products such as bags, envelopes, and other industrial applications.

What is carbon fiber air shaft?

A carbon fiber air shaft is a specialized type of air expanding shaft that is made from a lightweight material called carbon fiber.

This material is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for applications where weight reduction is a critical factor.

Compared to traditional steel air expanding shafts, carbon fiber air shafts offer several advantages.

Firstly, due to their lightweight construction, they can significantly reduce the overall weight of a machine or system, which can lead to improved performance and efficiency.

Additionally, carbon fiber air shafts are highly resistant to corrosion, which can help to extend their lifespan and reduce maintenance requirements.

Carbon fiber air shafts are commonly used in a variety of applications, including in the paper, film, and foil industries for handling and processing of web materials.

Their high strength and stiffness make them ideal for use in high-speed applications where precision and stability are critical, while their lightweight construction helps to reduce energy consumption and improve performance.

At our company, we offer a range of high-quality carbon fiber air shaft products that are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries and applications.

Our carbon fiber air shafts are manufactured using the latest technology and the highest quality materials, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support to help our customers find the right solution for their unique requirements.

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