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JT-SLT-900D Jumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder Machine

  • Optional Hydraulic Shaftless Loading System
  • This Set Jumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder Also Works For Cut Paper
  • Independent Unloading Arm
  • Our Patented Water Colling Differential Friction Shaft
  • 3″ / 6″ Differential Shaft is Both Available
ItemJumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder
Applicable MaterialThermal paper, ECG Paper,FAX Paper
Max Unwinding Width900mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftAir Expanding Shaft
Min Slitting Width25mm
Max Rewinding Speed110m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter160mm
Rewinding shaft0.5”, 1” are Available (Or As Your Request)
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
Packing Dimension (L*W*H)1900*1900*2100MM
Essential MaterialThermal Paper, and Air Compressor
carbon prepreg tape rewinding effect 570

Carbon Fiber Prepreg Tape Rewinding Effect

Carbon fiber prepreg tape is a unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg tape made of high-quality carbon fibers and resin.

It is robust, has high tensile strength, and is bendable. Carbon fiber prepreg tape offers superior fatigue resistance, is lightweight, and is resistant to corrosion.

As a result, it is often utilized in aviation, aerospace, and other sectors.

Choose JT-SLT-900D jumbo roll slitter rewinder to help you boost the thermosetting business.

Fiberglass Mesh Rewinding

Fiberglass Mesh Roll is produced by weaving fiberglass strands in both the weft direction. It offers strong temperature resistance, good water absorption, and corrosion resistance. It is usually applied as a reinforcing material for concrete structures in shipbuilding and construction.

The Fiberglass Mesh Slitting Machine is generally used to cut fiberglass mesh into different specifications with high precision and at an affordable price.

It is frequently utilized as a reinforcing material for concrete structures in shipbuilding and construction.

fiberglass rewinding effect 570
D type cut kraft paper 570

Kraft Paper Rewinding Effect

Jota’s JT-SLT-900D is also the ideal slitter for cutting kraft paper.

This set slitting machine was created by expert professionals with over 10 years of experience.

Differential friction shaft winding techniques of paper slitting machines are primarily driven by the cylinder driving force and the pulley driven by friction caused by a specific amount of rotational speed and may produce straight sheet paper in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

Please contact us for more information about this machine, as we can supply you with pricing and full images.

What is Paper Jumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder ? (SLT-900D)

Jumbo roll slitter rewinder are used to slice, cut, and slit wide flexible material rolls into the required width and length to make them easier for the next process.

In general, paper roll slitting machines can be put into 3 groups:

A paper roll slitting machine is a machine that cuts a paper roll into the required width and length. It can be used to cut any material, including paper, plastic film, electric appliances, and UD tapes.

Simplex Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine

The oldest type of roll slitter machine is the simplex slitter rewinder. It only has one blade that cuts the whole roll of paper at once. The blade is called a “knife,” and depending on the type of paper being cut, it is usually made of tungsten or high-speed steel.

This kind of machine has been around since 1876, and people still like it because it works well and is easy to use.

Turret Paper Roll Slitting Machine

Turret roll slitting machines have two pairs of rewinding shafts, the slit material could be slit and rewound on the alternative rewinding rolls in a crossover.

The rewinding rolls drove by independent inverter motor or servo motors, with the closet loop taper tension control system, the finished roll can be rewinded in tight and smooth.

Because of it is turret structures, the finished rolls are independently be reminded and never be overlapped occurs

Cantilevered Turret Slitter Rewinder

Cantilevered turret slitter rewinder machines have a compact structure and small volume, mainly the cantilevered one is one side of the guiding roller, and round disc knives are installed on the machine frame, the other side is cantilevered.

There are only some pneumatic supports to close the working process when the machine running at high speed.

Jota machinery as a professional roll slitting machine manufacturer, combined the above slitter rewinder working features and redesigned a new type JT-SLT-900-1600D turret cantilever slitter rewinder machine.

1600d slitter rewinder 800

With turret structures, the finished rolls could be slit and rewound in efferent rewinding shaft, to ensure the slit rolls are smooth and neat,

With the cantilevered structures, the finished rolls could be easy to be uploaded to the rack for easy roll change,

A paper roll slitting machine is a machine that slits rolls of paper.

This can be done in various ways, but the most common is to cut the paper in half so that it can be fed through a printer or other packaging equipment.

The standard working width of a paper roll slitting machine is 900 to 1600 millimeters (mm).

About some new features on our roll slitting machines:

Rewinding Diameter to 1000mm or 1200mm.

And the standard rewinding diameter of the machine is no more than 800mm.

In the printing packaging, the roll diameter of 800mm can meet almost all of the machines. The roll diameter is not limited to the technology, and it can be used in any place with a certain range.

In order to catch up with the client’s requirement, we definitely designed a patented technology, a differential friction shaft with water cooling devices which can improve the efficiency of the machine.


Differential Friction Shaft is more and more welcomed.

but it has a disadvantage, easy to be hot under high-pressure friction.

When the temperature in the shaft reaches over 80℃, it will have a great impact on the performance of the whole machine.

The rewinding tension could not be as same as in the beginning, the rewinding rolls can’t be very tight. which will affect the roll uploading or transportations, to disqualify the product.

In order to solve this problem, we apply our patent technology and develop a new kind of roll slitting machine differential friction shaft with a water cooling device.

There is a chiller connected with the rewinding shaft, there is cooling water or oil that would be recyclable in the rewinding shaft axis. It can take away the heating calorie which is created by the rewinding ring friction.

Because of the low temperature on the friction panel, the rewinding shaft can ensure the life of shafts is longer than before.

A water cooling device has a special structure, it can avoid wear and tear of the shaft due to friction between the shaft and the drum when rotating. Also, prolonged the working performance.

In China, there are many roll-slitting machine manufacturers that use differential friction shaft technology, only Jota Machinery has paid an attention to the friction heating problem and resolved it.

differential friction shaft 800

After realizing the rewinding diameter to 1000mm, we optimized the machine structure to realize 1200mm diameters.

As a result, Jota Machinery is still a sole slitting machine supplier for supplying a diameter of 1200mm slitter rewinders.

Not only supply a rewinding diameter of 1200mm slitter, also ensure the rewinding effect is tight and neat.

When you are choosing your slitting machine suppliers, please clarify this technology. there are big technical differences: One machine with a diameter of 1200mm and one machine could realize a rewinding diameter of 1200mm. They are totally different.

With the diameter of 1200mm, it means only enlarging the machine frame to 1200mm, and enlarging the motor power accordingly, many suppliers thought it could be realized.

The reality is without the water cooling device, the friction rewinding shaft is not adequate after the rewinding diameter of more than 800mm.

This is also an inspection standard to judge if your supplier is a professional supplier to supply you a qualified slitter rewinder or not.

Servo Motor for Driving.

Jota Machinery has been in the field of slitting machine for about 20 years.

At the beginning, Jota Machinery had only a single inverter motor for the entire machine drive. Now we use 3 sets of servo motors for this purpose.

The machine’s primary job is to cut a big piece of paper into several smaller pieces at once. Through PLC control, the speed of the motor can be adjusted by the frequency inverter.

The paper roll slitting machine uses a motor shaft that is turned by a servo motor, which also moves the upper and lower blades.

Meanwhile, the NIP rollers are driven by the servo moto also. With a NIP roller, the material tension could be separated into several segments for easier operations and precision tension controls.

For rewinding driving, we use two pieces of independent servo motor for rotating. With the help of the PLC, two servo motors are synchronized, to ensure all the rewinding paper rolls strip are in constant tension.

Servo motors, It has many benefits, like being very effective, being able to cut quickly, lasting a long time, making little noise, and so on. Especially for the speed acceleration and decelerations, the servo motor has prime advantages over other motors.

It is like a huge engine automobile, can reach a high speed like 300m/min or 500m/min in a short time, meanwhile, it ensures the material tensions are constant.

For this point, I suggest you consider our servo motor slitter rewinders, it will improve your working efficiency and slit effects in better progress.

Round Disc Knives.

Long rolls of paper are split into smaller rolls using roll slitting machines.

On roll slitting machines, there are three types of blades: round disc knives, razor blade knives, and pneumatic shearing knives.

Round disc knife: Because it can be adjusted to meet varied requirements, the round disc knife is the most popular type of knife used in roll slitting machines.

It has two sides (front and back) and can be used as a cutting tool on both sides. It can either cut both sides of the paper roll at the same time or one side before the other.

slitting blade 800

Razor blades are specialized blades that are used to cut film rolls with extremely high tensile strength, such as film materials or other sensitive materials.

When utilizing this type of blade, it’s vital to remember that the edge is extremely sharp and can easily break if not handled correctly. The razor blade is not motorized. only the thin materials are workable.

Pneumatic shearing knives: These knives are typically used to cut the material roll at high speed, it is a pneumatic controlled round disc knives to shear the paper or film.

Mainly some high speed machines in 300m/min or 500m/min, even 1000m/min, due to their stable functions and high precisions, the pneumatic shearing knives are your best choices.

pneumatic slitting blade

Jota Machinery has a deep understanding on knife shearing utilization, if you have any questions on your material slittings, welcome to have a further discussion with us.

As a standard roll slitting rewinding machine, Our JT-SLT-900D/1600D can help you create your value at your biggest, meanwhile we can optimize the machine to meet with your requirement, please contact us.

What’s your delivery time for roll slitting machine?

Our typical delivery time is four weeks from the time you place your purchase. For an additional price, we can provide speedier delivery timeframes, but this is dependent on the availability of the product in our inventory and your location.

We produce our roll slitting machine in modules, we prefer enough delivery time to set up a perfect machine for you.

Once the machine is ready, our service engineer will trial run your machine in time on the spot, to resolve all the potential quality equipment, only qualified slitting machines are permitted to be shipped.

Please contact us at jotamachinery@gmail.com  if you have any questions about our delivery time or would like to learn more about speedier delivery times.


What is the paper roll slitting machine?

A paper roll slitting machine is equipment that cuts paper rolls, plastic rolls, and other materials into smaller rolls. It can be used to make new material rolls or to trim existing rolls into useful parts.

The paper roll slitting machine is commonly seen in workplaces and other locations where big rolls of paper must be split into smaller ones.

It’s also useful in printing and packaging companies where workers must cut the plastic into smaller pieces for use in packaging and other products.

The paper roll slitting machine has many different types, such as manual and automatic ones.

In Jota Machinery, we supply you with a roll slitting machine to meet all your requirements, under the background of our machinery mechanical understanding, and software optimizations.

How is the paper roll slitting machinery work?

Slitting machinery for paper rolls is a type of machine that cuts paper rolls into smaller rolls.

In the printing and packaging industry, this equipment is commonly utilized. It can slit paper in a variety of widths, making it simple for consumers to select the proper size.

paper roll slitting machinery has four main components: Unwinder, transmission system, disc cutting machine, and rewinding equipment.

PLC controller and touch screen monitor are part of the automatic control system on the slitting machine which is used to operate the machine and display the operational conditions. guiding roller, and servo-driven motors are all part of the transmission system.

The cutting machine utilizes a knife blade to cut the paper roll into various widths based on the needs of the customer.

Its working process from The material unwinder, web guide edge tracking, round disc knives slitting, and slit roll rewinding.

The working principle is simple, but lots of technical secrets determine your slitting machine features.

What's the paper roll slitting machine price for sale?

The price of the paper roll slitting machine will vary depending on the features you need. For example, if you only want to slit your rolls into smaller ones, a simple slitting machine will be fine. The cost of a simple slitting machine is around USD10000.00.

However, if you need to cut and slit different types of paper rolls or materials, you need a high-level intelligent slitting machine. The cost of a high-level slitting machine can be more than USD200,000

If it better contacts our professional sales, we will make a business plan for you at an affordable price after getting your detailed requirement.

All the slitting machines for sales in Jota machinery meet different requirements. we believe we definitely supply a machine to resolve your present problems.

What's the roll slitting machine's purpose?

The roll slitting machine is commonly used in the packaging business for cutting wide web film into strips.

Paper slitting machines, plastic film slitting machines, electric lithium slitting machines, and carbon tape slitting machines are all types of roll slitting machines.

The paper slitting machine cuts newspaper or paper board into strips that can be used as packing material for present boxes and other items. It can also be used to cut strips out of corrugated cardboard.

Plastic film slitting machines cut plastic films like OPP, PE, PC, PVC, etc. into strips that can be used to package electronic items such as cellphones and laptops for transportation or storage.

The electric lithium slitting machine is used to cut rolls of lithium materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polypropylene (PP).

Other thermoplastic films, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene, can also be used with it (PE). It is mainly used for the new energy or solor field.

The carbon tape slitting machine is primarily used to cut carbon fiberUD  tape into long strips according to the requirements of the customer.

What's your features on the roll slitting machines?

Our roll slitting machines have a number of features that set them apart from the competition.

First and foremost, our devices are simple to operate. With the help of the PLC and HMI touch screen.

They’re made to be simple to use and straightforward, so you can get started right away with minimal training.

Second, our equipment is dependable. We’ve double-checked that every component is of the finest quality and sources from the famous brand suppliers, ensuring that your machine will last for years.

Also, our quality control system can ensure your machine is the best-qualified one.

Finally, we provide exceptional customer service. When you need assistance, our professionals are always available!

Our services are online 7×24 hours. Any questions can contact us via what’s app or WeChat as well as a phone call.

The machine’s blade holder is designed in such a way that the blade rotates at a 45-degree angle to the surface of the material being cut; this allows the machine to cut materials into strips of various widths and thicknesses without changing blades or adjusting cutting angles, greatly increasing productivity and lowering labor costs.

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