Automatic Kraft Paper Slitting Machine

  • Easy Operation
  • All Parts is Famous Branded i.e Siemens  / Schneider / SMC
  • Top Class Entrepreneur’s Prior Choice
  • Support Customized
  • Small Layout
ItemHigh-speed kraft paper slitting machine
Applicable MaterialKraft Paper
Max Unwinding Width1600mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1500mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftAir Expanding Shaft
Min Slitting Width80mm
Max Rewinding Speed200m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter1500mm
Rewinding shaft3-Inch Air Expanding Shaft
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
Dimension (L*W*H)3500*4000*3000mm
Essential MaterialAir Compressor , Paper Tube
slitting blade 370

Adjustable Round Slitting Blade

Our slitting blade is adjustable.  You can re-combine the spacer provided by Jota Machinery to get different slitting widths.

If you have an issue with changing slitting width, please don’t hesitate to with Jota Machinery.

Automatic Tail Cutter And Gluer

An automatic tail cutter and gluer device is developed by Jota Machinery’s engineer team

This device is popular with our clients. The main reason is to save gluing time so that the thermal paper roll output is increased.

automatic tail cutter and gluer 570
buffer 570

Online Printing Device (Optional)

Around 2021, we launched a new thermal paper printing slitting machine.

We have added 1 single-color online flexo printing machine to the thermal paper slitting machine, this set slitting machine can also print while slitting the paper.

Automatic Kraft Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine

If you’ve been in search of automatic kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine manufacturers, you’re on the right place. Jota Machinery is your to go company for all your slitting and rewinding machines.

The automatic kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine is designed to slit, rewind and cut paper rolls into specific lengths with a high accuracy rate.

It is widely used in paper mills, printing factories, packaging companies and other industrial sectors.

We are offering automatic kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine to our customers. This machine is specially designed and developed to provide ease while slitting the sheets of kraft paper.

Get A Taste of Certified Team of Engineers and Designers

While every business has its unique needs, our engineers and designers listen to your need and produce just what your business wants.

At Jota Machinery, we customize all machines to every client according to their preference. Even though we have the standard machines, if you need adjustments everything will be adjusted to your demand.

Our engineers and designers are competent and ever have a listening ear to tend to your needs.

If you need a customized slitter and rewinder, we will help you plan the ideal design and craft it to meet your needs. Contact us if you need unique custom-made machinery today!

One-Stop-Shop for Your Automatic Kraft Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Our engineering team’s versatility allows us to manufacture a variety of Kraft paper slitter and rewinder machines.

You’ll discover a choice of slitter and rewinder machines in our inventory that can perform a wide range of slitting and rewinding operations.

Apart from unique machines created and built to your specifications, here are some of the different machines we offer:

Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine

The automatic kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine is a highly efficient machine that can process a wide variety of materials.

The machine is equipped with an automatic paper feeding system, which increases efficiency and reduces waste. It is also designed to be user-friendly, so it’s easy to set up, operate, and maintain.

Because it’s an automatic machine, this set slitting machine requires minimal human intervention—just set your desired output size and watch it take care of the rest!

This machine comes with a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily adjust settings like web tension and cutting width according to your needs.

It also offers high reliability because it’s made from top-quality materials like stainless steel, which makes it much more durable than others!

Label Slitter Rewinder

The label slitter rewinder 10 is equipped with a high-speed driving motor.

It makes use of an air shaft that automatically expands the paper tube and is capable of accurately positioning the paper core to ensure a stable and smooth production process.

The machine is also equipped with an automatic programmable counter, automatic meter counting, and preset counting stop functions.

The machine has a simple structure, and convenient operation, and is capable of producing high-quality products.

Jumbo Roll Slitter Rewinder

The jumbo roll slitter rewinder is a high-speed automatic kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine. It can be used to make kraft paper rolls of different sizes.

The machine has an advanced electrical system, a user-friendly operating system, and an independent drive system.

The motor on the jumbo roll slitter rewinder drives the machine’s main shaft through a gearbox, which makes the machine run smoothly.

The jumbo roll slitter rewinder has been designed to produce Kraft paper rolls that are easy to transport and store. It can also slit and rewind kraft paper in one pass.

The jumbo roll slitter rewinder is made of durable material, which means it will last for years to come.

Features of automatic kraft paper slitting and rewinding achine

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by the manufacture of kraft paper for your business, you are not alone.

Many small to mid-size businesses struggle with this manufacturing task, and most of them tend to underestimate the time and effort it will require once they begin.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the kraft paper slitting rewinding machine, you can save time and make more money by streamlining your kraft paper manufacturing process.

It’s easy to learn, and intuitive to use, so you can get started right away! Our team is here for you every step of the way as you get started—just reach out with any questions!

Our machine is a fully automatic slitting and rewinding machine designed specifically for kraft paper. It can be used with an existing die cutting machine or integrated into a new line. You’ll find that its best features include:

  • It’s easy to set up and use
  • Its design is compact and portable
  • It has a high rate of production, so you can maximize your output without sacrificing quality
  • Its interface is intuitive and easy to learn, making it user friendly
  • It can be used in a variety of different industries
  • Its very cost effective compared to traditional methods of production
  • It allows companies to produce high quality products at low costs (which means more profit!) and reduce waste materials because they require less energy consumption than traditional methods like cutting by hand or using scissors.

Besides all these incredible features, we also have you in mind when you need unique customizations.

If you need other features in your machine, our team of engineers can incorporate it too to increase efficiency. Reach us when you want to scale your business to greater heights!

Why Work with Jota Machinery

We guarantee that while purchasing our quality machinery, you will also experience a cordial working relationship with us.

Besides, the quality you will also encounter the following service if you engage us:

Undisputed Quality

The high standard of our automatic kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine is due to the use of quality parts. This machine is made from stainless steel and rollers with a long lifetime.

It is also fitted with high-quality motors that ensure it remains in good working condition for years. Our products are built to last: we are dedicated to providing quality products that will withstand the test of time.

A Diligent Design And Engineering Team

If you’re looking for high-quality slitting and rewinding products, we’re glad to hear it—you’re in the right place!

We have a diligent design and engineering team that works to ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality.

We have a team of highly qualified engineers who work together with our sales and marketing teams to ensure that our clients get exactly what they need.

Our machines are engineered to meet your unique specifications, needs, and requirements.

Our products are applicable in various industries.

They are designed to perform consistently and with durability, so you can count on them to stay up and running as long as you need them.

Top-Notch Materials

A product is only as good as the materials it’s made with. That’s why it’s so important to source your materials from vendors who understand and embrace the quality of your work.

When you purchase your kraft paper from Jota Machinery, we’ll be able to deliver to you a product that meets or exceeds your standards, at no extra cost.

What does that mean for you? It means knowing that you’re sourcing a product that will reinforce the quality of your business.

When people ask about how you achieve such high standards, you can tell them: by working with JennerJahn Machinery who have the same level of commitment to excellence as you do.

Our Products Are Applicable In Various Industries:

The machines we make are applicable across various industries including textile, paper, printing and many more. No matter what industry you operate in we have the perfect machine for you.

Distinct Pre-Sale Services:

Our pre-sale services include thorough consultation as well as site visits prior to the sale of any product in order to help you make an informed decision that is tailored towards your specific needs.

We provide value for your money by ensuring that you get the most suitable machinery for your business when you come to us.

World-class after-sale services. Our customer service representatives are always available to address any questions or concerns regarding your purchase—whether it’s about maintenance or general usage—and our technicians can be dispatched quickly to do onsite installation or repair work as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your kraft paper cutting and rewinding machines customizable?

Yes, our machines can be customized to all kinds of specifications.

We can even help you determine the best configuration for your specific needs and workflow. Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll set up a call to discuss your requirements.

Do you supply replacement parts?

If anything breaks down or wears out, we can get you replacement parts promptly for almost any part on our slitter rewinder machine. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Replacement parts are typically delivered within one week of placing an order.

Will my team receive training after purchase?


Our team is committed to helping you succeed with your machine. After purchase, we’ll train your team on how to operate it safely and efficiently at no additional cost to you or your business.

If needed for continued success in running the machine successfully over time we can also arrange ongoing support through scheduled maintenance visits and remote phone support so that you never experience any problem.

Do you ship overseas?


We have shipped these machines to our customers all over the world.

We have customers in North America, Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and more. Get in touch if you’d like some advice on how to prepare for installation in your country.

Get in Touch

If you want efficiency and quality in one place, then an automatic kraft paper slitting and rewinding machine is the best for your business.

Call us today to get more info!

Unwinding Stand Information

An unwinding stand is used to unwind the heavy thermal paper mother rolls, It has a compact structure, fewer sizes, and the magnetic brake for unwinding tension control can ensure the stability of the operation.

The automatic tension control system can provide stable tension by adjusting the working speed based on the material thickness, and it can be easily operated by one person. It consists of one tension controller and two sensors.

The 2.2kw motor is powered by 2.2kw with a gearbox and chain lifting system, which means you don’t have to worry about its efficiency or durability—it’s got both! ; The maximum unwinding diameter of 1000mm makes it possible to cut any size of paper roll into pieces of the desired size.

Slitting Cutters

It is designed with round disc cutters assembly, includes the upper cutter, upper apron, lower cutter, and spacers etc. The slitting width is mainly 56mm and 79mm, which can be changed according to the customer’s requirements. The spacers ensure the slitting width precision.

The round disc knives are vulnerable; they have a working life span of 6-12 months. We suggest buying 100pcs or 200pcs spare parts as soon as possible when purchasing the machine.

Replacement knives are easy to install and micro-adjustments are available if needed during installation or replacement processes.

Rewinding Device

Our thermal paper slitting rewinding machine is built with a solid frame, which makes it durable and able to withstand long-term use.

It adopts surface rewinding methods, two lower shafts, and one top lay on shaft for rewinding to clamp the rewinding paper rolls.

Its rewinding shaft is solid, the main diameters are D12.7mm, D25.4mm. With the layon roller, the pressure is adjustable to realize the rewinding thermal rolls in tight or loose, by adjusting the pneumatic air valve, which is from SMC, japan.

With the meter counter controlled by PLC and equipped with an easy-to-operate button panel and LCD touch screen display, it is very easy to operate.

Our thermal paper slitting rewinding machines are easy to use and feature simple, reliable functions that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Control System

Software program controlled and continuously upgraded by our own companies, under the 13 years experiences background, it is also a key point for the thermal paper slitting machine operations.

Many customers had no ideology on the machine software. The software like the brain of one machine, with high intelligence, high sensitivity for easy operations.

The Siemens PLC and HMI are installed for control. Servo motor available for fast speed acceleration and deceleration all famous electric appliances from Scheneidler all famous pneumatic appliances from Taiwan



If you’re looking for a machine that can handle thermal paper slitting and rewinding, Jota Machinery is a perfect choice.

Thermal paper slitting rewinding machine is a reliable and efficient machine with an affordable price that will help your business keep up with the demands of today’s fast-paced market. It’s equipped with a meter counter to keep tabs on your rolls and make sure they’re getting rolled on time.

This machine is also easy to use, so you can get started quickly. And it has an excellent reputation for its sturdy construction and stable performance.

If this sounds like your ideal machine, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our thermal paper slitting rewinding machines are available in many different sizes and configurations, so you can choose one that’s both affordable and fits your needs perfectly.

Jota Machinery has been producing these machines since 2002 and has created an excellent reputation in this industry with our high-quality products at affordable prices. These machines are easy to use and have been designed with small footprints so that they can fit onto any workbench or table space without taking up too much room.

Now, just make a phone or send an inquiry to us, and you shall get more information about our thermal paper slitting machine as well as the thermal paper roll business plan project.

You are welcome!



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