Kraft Paper Tape Roll Printing Slitter Rewinder

  • Printing And Slitting Can Operate Simultaneously
  • Hydraulic Shaftless Unwinding Stand
  • Water Activated Tape Production Line
  • Support Customized
  • Small Layout
ItemKraft Paper Tape Roll Printing Slitter Rewinder
Applicable MaterialKraft Paper Tape
Max Unwinding Width1400mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1200mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftAir Expanding Shaft
Min Slitting Width80mm
Max Rewinding Speed200m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter1500mm
Rewinding shaft3-Inch Air Expanding Shaft
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
Dimension (L*W*H)3500*4000*3000mm
Essential MaterialAir Compressor, Paper Tube
wat banana roller 570

Banana Roller to Avoid Overlapping Issue

Our slitting blade is adjustable.  You can re-combine the spacer provided by Jota Machinery to get different slitting widths.

If you have an issue with changing slitting width, please don’t hesitate to with Jota Machinery.

Automatic Tail Cutter And Gluer

An automatic tail cutter and gluer device is developed by Jota Machinery’s engineer team

This device is popular with our clients. The main reason is to save gluing time so that the thermal paper roll output is increased.

automatic tail cutter and gluer 570
buffer 570

Online Printing Device (Optional)

Around 2021, we launched a new thermal paper printing slitting machine.

We have added 1 single-color online flexo printing machine to the thermal paper slitting machine, this set slitting machine can also print while slitting the paper.

Your Complete Guide to Kraft Paper Tape Production in 5 Easy Steps.

Kraft paper tape is a type of adhesive tape made from unbleached kraft paper and a water-activated adhesive.

The tape is known for its strength, durability, and eco-friendliness, making it a popular choice for packaging and shipping applications.

The kraft paper used in the tape is typically between 70-100 GSM in thickness, which provides the tape with a strong and sturdy base.

kraft gummed tape

The paper is unbleached, which means that it retains its natural brown color and has a rough, slightly porous surface that allows the adhesive to bond more effectively.

The adhesive used in kraft paper tape is typically a starch-based glue that is activated by water.

The adhesive is applied to one side of the kraft paper using a coating machine and then dried to remove the moisture from the adhesive and create a tacky and dry adhesive layer.

The dried adhesive layer provides a strong and reliable bond between the tape and the surface it is applied to.

Kraft paper tape is often used as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic-based tapes.

The unbleached kraft paper used in the tape is biodegradable and can be easily recycled, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

kraft paper tape

Additionally, the water-activated adhesive used in the tape is non-toxic and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment.

Kraft paper tape is available in a variety of widths and lengths to suit different packaging and shipping needs.

Today Jota machinery will give you fully introduction about how to manufacture kraft paper step by step:

The manufacturing process for kraft paper tape generally involves the following 5  steps:

  1. Kraft paper production: kraft paper is produced by pulping wood chips and then cooking the resulting pulp at high temperatures with chemicals to break down the wood fibers. The resulting pulp is then washed, refined, and formed into sheets of Kraft paper.
  2. Coating: The Kraft paper is then coated with an adhesive, which is typically a natural rubber or synthetic adhesive. The adhesive is applied to one side of the paper using a coating machine.
  3. Drying: The coated Kraft paper is then passed through a drying oven to cure the adhesive and remove any excess moisture.
  4. Slitting: After drying, use our kraft paper tape slitting machine cut into the desired width and length using a slitting machine.
  5. Packaging: The rolls of Kraft paper tape are then packaged for distribution to customers.

Next let us have a further introduction about each working step.

Kraft Paper Production:

The thickness of kraft paper you should choose for making kraft paper tape will depend on the intended use and strength required for the tape.

Kraft paper tape is typically made from unbleached kraft paper with a water-activated adhesive.

The most used kraft paper thickness for making tape is between 70-80 GSM (grams per square meter), which is roughly 0.1-0.15 mm thick. This thickness provides a good balance between strength and flexibility.

However, if you need a stronger tape, you may want to consider a thicker kraft paper.

For example, a 90-100 GSM kraft paper (roughly 0.15-0.2 mm thick) may provide more strength and durability, but it may also be less flexible and more difficult to tear by hand.

Ultimately, the choice of kraft paper thickness will depend on the specific requirements of your application.


The kraft paper then enters the coating section of the unit, where a water-based adhesive is applied to one side of the paper using a coating station.

The adhesive is typically a starch-based glue, which is activated by water and becomes sticky when wet.


The drying function in kraft paper tape manufacturing typically involves passing the coated kraft paper through a drying section of the coating machine.

This section of the machine uses heat and airflow to evaporate the moisture from the adhesive and create a tacky and dry adhesive layer on the paper.

The drying time can vary depending on the type of adhesive used, the thickness of the coating, and the machine settings.

Once the adhesive is dried, the kraft paper tape can be wound onto a roll for distribution and use.

The dried adhesive layer provides a strong and durable bond between the tape and the surface it is applied to, making it an effective solution for packaging and shipping applications.

The specific manufacturing process for kraft paper tape can vary depending on the equipment and materials used, as well as the desired properties of the final product.


A kraft paper tape slitting machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to slit large rolls of kraft paper tape into smaller rolls of specific widths.

kraft paper tape slitting machine

These machines are essential in the production of kraft paper tape, as they allow manufacturers to customize the width of the tape to suit different packaging and shipping needs.

One key feature of our kraft paper tape slitting machine is the special design hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand.

This feature allows for easy loading and unloading of the rolls, as well as quick and easy adjustments to the tension of the kraft paper tape during the slitting process.

The hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand also minimizes waste and downtime, as it allows for the maximum utilization of the kraft paper tape roll.

hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand

In addition to the hydraulic shaftless unwinder stand, our kraft paper tape slitting machine is also customizable in terms of size.

While the standard sizes for the unwinder stand are 3-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch, we can also customize the machine to suit the specific needs of the manufacturer.

Another key feature of our kraft paper tape slitting machine is the flexography printing unit.

This unit allows for high-quality, multi-color printing on the kraft paper tape while it is being slit.

This gives manufacturers the flexibility to print logos, product information, and other important details directly onto the tape, which can help to increase brand recognition and improve the overall appearance of the packaging.


When you finished the slitting step then your manual place the small kraft paper tape to the wooden box. After you seal the box then you can sell to the buyer.


This article gives you a fully guideline for manufacturing kraft paper tape from raw kraft paper production to packing.

If you want to know more about kraft paper tape knowledge the feel free to contact Jota Machinery, we will introduction you more.

What Is Water Activated Tape Machine?

The water-activated kraft tape machine is our company’s most advanced product.

It is a new type of sticky tape activated by water. It is composed of kraft paper and nonwoven fabric components. It has advantages such as high strength, high-temperature resistance, strong aging resistance, and great retention of cutting edge, among others.

This tape machine is utilized in numerous industries, including packing, decoration, and binding. Additionally, it can be used as a masking tape to keep dust from entering sensitive areas during building or maintenance.

The water-activated kraft paper tape-making machine is utilized to manufacture a variety of water-activated paper tapes. And the sticky glue mixer and printing machine are utilized to produce water-activated adhesive glue and print on the tape’s surface.

What Is Slitter Tape?

It is designed with round disc cutters assembly, including the upper cutter, upper apron, lower cutter, spacers, etc. The slitting width is mainly 56mm and 79mm, which can be changed according to the customer’s requirements. The spacers ensure the slitting width precision.

The round disc knives are vulnerable; they have a working life span of 6-12 months. We suggest buying 100pcs or 200pcs spare parts as soon as possible when purchasing the machine.

Replacement knives are easy to install and micro-adjustments are available if needed during installation or replacement processes.

Is WAT Tape Slitting Machine Is the Best?

WAT tape slitting machine is the best choice for your business.

It is the best way to make your own custom tapes and labels to expand your business.

It is a high-speed, heavy-duty slitting machine for all types of paper and film materials. The machine has been designed for high efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in a wide range of applications.

The WAT tape slitting machine is easy to operate, simple to maintain, and can be used for single or double side slitting in one pass with no need for manual adjustments or fixturing adjustments.

It is equipped with advanced technology, has a complete set of automatic devices, can be used for all kinds of tapes, various specifications, widths and thicknesses of all kinds of paper materials, thin plastic film rollers, etc.,

It can be finished after printing or printing before cutting into the required length according to customer requirements.

What Exactly Is Kraft Paper?

This brown paper tape has a transparent coating that renders it waterproof. A substitute for plasticized film and kraft paper tapes. The primary distinction between Kraft paper and other packing tapes is that Kraft paper is not adhesive. Water activates the adhesiveness of the kraft paper.

Kraft paper is an adaptable, sturdy, and long-lasting substance. This is the most popular natural kraft paper in the world. Wood pulp is the primary constituent of kraft paper.

The strength, adaptability, and durability of Kraft paper are exceptional. It can be used for numerous purposes, including packaging, shipping, printing, binding, labeling, and insulating.

What Is the Purpose Of Gummed Paper Tape?

Gummed paper tape is also known as slitting tape and gummed Kraft paper tape.

Gummed paper tape is an adhesive tape that can adhere to a variety of surfaces. It can be utilized for numerous purposes, including bundling, strengthening, sealing, and protecting.

The backing material is manufactured from high-quality, water-activated kraft paper, making it simple to apply and remove even in freezing weather!

It offers superior adherence and conformability and is easily removed when wet. As a decorative border, the adhesive can be placed in a single line or many lines. On boxes and shipments, the gummed paper tape can also be used as an alternative to conventional labeling.

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