Water Activated Tape Printing Slitting Machine

  • Printing And Slitting Can Operate Simultaneously
  • Hydraulic Shaftless Unwinding Stand
  • Water Activated Tape Production Line
  • Support Customized
  • Small Layout
ItemWater-activated Tape Printing Slitting Machine
Applicable MaterialKraft Paper Tape
Max Unwinding Width1400mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1200mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftAir Expanding Shaft
Min Slitting Width80mm
Max Rewinding Speed200m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter1500mm
Rewinding shaft3-Inch Air Expanding Shaft
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
Dimension (L*W*H)3500*4000*3000mm
Essential MaterialAir Compressor, Paper Tube
wat banana roller 570

Banana Roller to Avoid Overlapping Issue

Our slitting blade is adjustable.  You can re-combine the spacer provided by Jota Machinery to get different slitting widths.

If you have an issue with changing slitting width, please don’t hesitate to with Jota Machinery.

Automatic Tail Cutter And Gluer

An automatic tail cutter and gluer device is developed by Jota Machinery’s engineer team

This device is popular with our clients. The main reason is to save gluing time so that the thermal paper roll output is increased.

automatic tail cutter and gluer 570
buffer 570

Online Printing Device (Optional)

Around 2021, we launched a new thermal paper printing slitting machine.

We have added 1 single-color online flexo printing machine to the thermal paper slitting machine, this set slitting machine can also print while slitting the paper.

What is A Water Activated Tape Printing Slitting machine?

Water activated tape printing slitting machine is a high-tech piece of water-activated gum tape manufacturing equipment.

kraft tape rolls

Customers are becoming increasingly interested in eco-friendly, recyclable tapes.

The equipment is designed and built using the thermal paper slitting machine idea.

This machine’s functioning features include the use of water-based starch glue to generate high-quality gummed paper tapes via a specific comma-blade coating process.

wat tape slitter rewinder

This machine’s primary duty is to rewind the process of cutting, rewinding, and gumming onto a core rod.

They are commonly used to pack, bind, and sell products in a variety of sectors.

It’s WAT tape.

water activated paper tape 800

Since 2018, we’ve had queries concerning a kraft paper tape slitting machine, with the sample resembling our standard paper rolls. Small cored size and short lengths such as 20m and 30m. The only material used is kraft paper.

water activated paper tape printing slitting machine

One Korean company even sent us two rolls of kraft paper jumbo rolls for a trial run.

We put it through its paces on our thermal paper slitting machine, and the results were promising.

It has a smooth edge and can be rewound on the rewinding shaft.

Our engineer begins the research journey in order to meet the customer’s exact requirements.

The roll width of these tapes is approximately 1270mm, and the core size is either 1″ or 1.5″.

One roll length is around 50m or 80m. It comes in two varieties: cored rolls and coreless rolls.

hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand

With the aforementioned factors in mind, we put up this gummed WAT tape slitting rewinding machine after 5 months of hard effort.

It’s finally here!

Information of Our Water Activated Paper Tape Printing Slitting Machine

The Gummed Water Activated Tape Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine operates by drawing the roll through a rewinding assembly comprised of two bottom rollers and one top layer roller, which rewinds the finished roll smoothly.

We discovered it to be a subversive slitting rewinding machine for WAT cassettes due to the quick roll-changing activities.

rewinded tape rolls

It may quickly replace the finished paper rolls and begin the next cycle in a short time for starting

Both regular kraft WAT tapes and reinforced tapes with fiberglass wire mesh can be used on our equipment.

If you require gummed paper tape but don’t have a lot of space or money for equipment, this is a fantastic solution.

The gummed water activated tape paper slitting rewinding machine is suitable for a wide range of tapes, including gaffers tape, duct tape, and packaging tape.

It is comprised of high-quality kraft paper and gum adhesive, which has good water resistance and adhesion.

Gummed water-activated tape is used in the food sector and other industries for packing and sealing.

How To Use Water Activated  Tape?

The development of e-commerce over the years has brought with it the need for packaging materials that protect products during the processing, packaging, and transportation of the products.

water activated paper tape

Safety regulations call for products to be handled carefully and sealed well to avoid anyone interfering with them.

This has created a demand for adhesive tapes, which are known to be more secure.

This heavy demand has boosted the water-activated tape market as more and more businesses are turning to water-activated tapes.

printing slitting machine

Water-activated paper tape can therefore be used in many ways.

Generally, it is used to seal cartons for shipping and transportation, but it can also be used to seal packages during processing and the packaging process.

Water-Activated Tape Vs Pressure Sensitive Tape

Many people often do not pay attention to the different types of tape when it comes to packaging so long as it gets the job done.

However, it is crucial for people to recognize the different types of tapes, as the right tape can make a very big difference.

The most commonly used tapes are pressure-sensitive tapes and water-activated tapes.

These tapes are quite different in their application and their effect on the package.

Let us have a look at the differences between the pressure-sensitive tape and water-activated tapes;


Water-activated tapes help to improve packer productivity, while pressure-sensitive tapes take much longer for packers to seal boxes.

This is because, with water-activated tapes, only one strip is enough to seal a carton, while pressure-sensitive tapes require two to three tapes to seal a package.

Productivity is 21% higher with water-activated tapes.


Using water-activated tapes on packages make them more secure than using pressure-sensitive says.

With the latter, you can easily push down on it and gain access to the package leaving no evidence of tampering.

On the other hand, water-activated tapes are challenging to pass through, and if you try, the tape and the box will tear, showing evidence of tampering.


Pressure-sensitive tapes are relatively cheaper compared to water-activated tapes on a per-foot basis.

However, if you look at it in terms of general usage, WAT is actually more cost-effective.

PST uses more cotton sealing material compared to WAT. With WAT, only one strip is enough, but PST requires several strips to achieve the firm and stronghold.

Climatic conditions

Water-activated tapes perform better when it comes to integrity testing on how the tapes hold up in different climatic conditions.

WAT will keep its hold in humid, cold, hot and even dusty environments.

On the other hand, PST loses its seal with varying climatic conditions. It also attracts dirt under its seal, compromising its hold on the package.


Branding is an important aspect of all business, whether it is an upcoming business or an already established business.

Water-activated tapes give you the opportunity to brand your packages without the extra cost of having to brand the packages themselves.

You can easily print your message or logo on the gummed tape and use it o seal all your packages.

On the other hand, branding with pressure-sensitive tapes is quite difficult and expensive.

Given the fact that you also have to use more than one strip, your message may be obscured by another tape.


Perhaps the main difference is in their application.

Water-activated tape application requires water to activate the adhesive in the tape so it can firmly bond with a surface.

Pressure-sensitive tapes are applied with a bit of pressure and do not need any solvent for activation.

Water-activated tapes stay dry and non-sticky before applying water.

WAT also delivers a stronger bond to different surfaces compared to PST.

The bond between a WAT and a surface is so strong that one of the two or both will tear if you try to open it.

With PST, however, you can access a package without causing any damage to the box or tape.


Water-activated tapes are most ideal when it comes to sealing packages for shipment or transportation.

Some of the benefits of using them compared to other tapes include being more secure, tamper-evident, improving packer productivity, Good for branding, and being more cost-effective.

It also maintains its stronghold on cartons in different climatic conditions and this makes it better than most tapes.

gummed paper tape

Water-activated Tapes are also eco-friendlier as they are made from raw materials that are compostable, biodegradable, and do not pollute the air.

For businesses looking to minimize their plastic use, the water-activated tape is the best option.

What Is Water Activated Tape Machine?

The water-activated kraft tape machine is our company’s most advanced product.

It is a new type of sticky tape activated by water.

It is composed of kraft paper and nonwoven fabric components. It has advantages such as high strength, high-temperature resistance, strong aging resistance, and great retention of cutting edge, among others.

This tape machine is utilized in numerous industries, including packing, decoration, and binding.

Additionally, it can be used as a masking tape to keep dust from entering sensitive areas during building or maintenance.

The water-activated kraft paper tape-making machine is utilized to manufacture a variety of water-activated paper tapes.

And the sticky glue mixer and printing machine are utilized to produce water-activated adhesive glue and print on the tape’s surface.

What Is Slitter Tape?

It is designed with round disc cutters assembly, including the upper cutter, upper apron, lower cutter, spacers, etc.

The slitting width is mainly 56mm and 79mm, which can be changed according to the customer’s requirements. The spacers ensure the slitting width precision.

The round disc knives are vulnerable; they have a working life span of 6-12 months. We suggest buying 100pcs or 200pcs spare parts as soon as possible when purchasing the machine.

Replacement knives are easy to install and micro-adjustments are available if needed during installation or replacement processes.

Is WAT Tape Slitting Machine Is the Best?

WAT tape slitting machine is the best choice for your business.

It is the best way to make your own custom tapes and labels to expand your business.

It is a high-speed, heavy-duty slitting machine for all types of paper and film materials.

The machine has been designed for high efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in a wide range of applications.

The WAT tape slitting machine is easy to operate, simple to maintain, and can be used for single or double side slitting in one pass with no need for manual adjustments or fixturing adjustments.

It is equipped with advanced technology, has a complete set of automatic devices, can be used for all kinds of tapes, various specifications, widths and thicknesses of all kinds of paper materials, thin plastic film rollers, etc.,

It can be finished after printing or printing before cutting into the required length according to customer requirements.

What Exactly Is Kraft Paper?

This brown paper tape has a transparent coating that renders it waterproof.

A substitute for plasticized film and kraft paper tapes.

The primary distinction between Kraft paper and other packing tapes is that Kraft paper is not adhesive. Water activates the adhesiveness of the kraft paper.

Kraft paper is an adaptable, sturdy, and long-lasting substance.

This is the most popular natural kraft paper in the world. Wood pulp is the primary constituent of kraft paper.

The strength, adaptability, and durability of Kraft paper are exceptional.

It can be used for numerous purposes, including packaging, shipping, printing, binding, labeling, and insulating.

What Is the Purpose Of Gummed Paper Tape?

Gummed paper tape is also known as slitting tape and gummed Kraft paper tape.

Gummed paper tape is an adhesive tape that can adhere to a variety of surfaces. It can be utilized for numerous purposes, including bundling, strengthening, sealing, and protecting.

The backing material is manufactured from high-quality, water-activated kraft paper, making it simple to apply and remove even in freezing weather!

It offers superior adherence and conformability and is easily removed when wet.

As a decorative border, the adhesive can be placed in a single line or many lines. On boxes and shipments, the gummed paper tape can also be used as an alternative to conventional labeling.

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