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Automatic Kraft Paper Slitting Machine

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ItemSimplex Paper Slitter Rewinder
Paper Thickness Range40gsm-450gsm
Max Unwinding Width2500mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1500mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftHydraulic Shaftless Unwinding Stand
Upper Rotary Blade9SiCr, φ200mmxφ170mmxφ40mm
Lower Rotary Bladeφ190mmxφ90mmxφ2mm
Max Rewinding Speed500m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter1500mm
Rewinding shaft3-Inch Air Expanding Shaft
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
Dimension (L*W*H)2530mm*6700mm*3700mm
Rated Power37Kw
Total Weight7000Kg
slitting blade 370

Adjustable Round Slitting Blade

Our slitting blade is adjustable.  You can re-combine the spacer provided by Jota Machinery to get different slitting widths.

If you have an issue with changing slitting width, please don’t hesitate to with Jota Machinery.

Automatic Tail Cutter And Gluer

An automatic tail cutter and gluer device is developed by Jota Machinery’s engineer team

This device is popular with our clients. The main reason is to save gluing time so that the thermal paper roll output is increased.

automatic tail cutter and gluer 570
buffer 570

Online Printing Device (Optional)

Around 2021, we launched a new thermal paper printing slitting machine.

We have added 1 single-color online flexo printing machine to the thermal paper slitting machine, this set slitting machine can also print while slitting the paper.

What Is The Simplex Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine?

Slitter rewinder machines are also known as a paper cut and winder machines. It may cut a large heavy roll of paper into one or more narrower rolls based on the customer’s specifications, and then rewind them into rolls.

The paper slitter rewinder machine is an essential component of the paper production line, which is widely utilized in the printing and packaging industries.

It has been around for more than a century about the paper slitter rewinder

We have seen a very old version of slitter rewinder in my Mexican customer paper mill factory in 2016, it was made in Germany, and the production date was 1907. It was an old and simple machine with simple controls that were still operational.

It is made up of two bottom rollers and one lay-on roller on top. The paper is routed between these two bottom rollers, while the top lay-on roller rewinds the paper before it is cut off by the blades. The lay on roller will then wind it back up into a roll.

A classical structure is eternal, and we still utilize a similar mechanical framework today. Just significantly speed up system more intelligent and smart.

The machine, like a traditional paper board roll slitter rewinder, is made up of three parts:

The unwinding stand is the initial stage of the paper slitting machine. This part’s job is to retrieve the finished product from the storage rack. This element of the machine is typically composed of a casting metal frame with high strength, rigidity, and low vibration characteristics; it also includes a full set of the hydraulic oil pump systems to ensure that the unit can function constantly without interruption throughout production.

We utilize an automatic tension control system in our machine to ensure that all materials are wound consistently on both sides, with no wrinkles or folds.

Unwinding Stand

The unwinding section of the paper slitter rewinder machine is outfitted with an automatic control system and a computerized control system that can be managed by a human or a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). There are two types of unwinding in this section: shafted unwinding and shaftless unwinding.

Nip Roller Device

It is a pair of Rubber Roller for feeding the paper board, it drives by the Main Frequency Inverter motor or a servo motor, and the machine running speed is controlled by the Main Motors.

NIP roller is also a working center for paper tension control. Because of it, the tension is divided into several parts. They are separate tension control but synchronized by the PLC control system.

Pneumatic Knife

The machine has 5 sets of pneumatic knives attached.

It measures D150 x 80 x 2.5mm and has a hardness of roughly 62 degrees. Mainly used for high-speed machines such as 500-1000m/min, pneumatic knives have stable functions, high precision, and low noise, making them more popular among slitting machine suppliers.

The rewinding device is the key assembly for the slitter rewinders. The slit paper ribbons will be rewound on this device. It is a surface-type slitting technology, with two bottom rollers and one lay-on roller to clamp the paper rolls to rewind it from the small to the big.

It is a device consisting of motorization, pneumatic system, and auto tension control system.

With this device, the Max. rewinding diameter is 1500mm, and Max. running speed reaches 1000m/min.

In order to reduce the labor working strength, one discharging hopper is installed on the machine. When one paper roll slit, Just overturn the discharging hopper, it will unload the finished paper rolls onto the floor automatically. Easy operations.

Another distinguishing feature of our slitting equipment is that we have used modern technology and equipment from Japan, Germany, and other nations across the world to ensure that each machine meets international quality control and safety precautions during production.

We can supply single motor, three motors type slitter rewinders for your different capacity requirement. If you would like to get more information, just send us an inquiry.

What is a Simplex Paper Slitter Rewinder?

A Simplex Paper Slitter Rewinder, also known as a simplex paper slitting rewinding machine, is a machine that has the ability to cut paper and then rewind it back onto the roll. This machine is used in many different industries, including printing companies, packaging companies, and paper mills. Especially it is a hot product in large paper scales mills

The main purpose of this machine is to be able to produce large quantities of paper rolls quickly and efficiently.

There are several different types of simplex rewinders on the market today that can be used for different applications.

No matter which type is, it must have a surface-type rewinding mechanical structure for rewinding the paper rolls.

How does a slitter machine work?

Slitter machines are used in the printing industry to cut paper into small strips that can be used as labels or tags. Slitter machines are also used to make perforated paper, which is paper with holes cut into it.

A slitter machine’s primary function is to cut a roll of paper or film into strips. This can be done in one or both directions. The width of the strip produced is determined by the width of the roll and the number of passes performed.

Feeding material into the machine is the first stage in a slitting procedure. This can be done manually or automatically with the help of a push-to-feed system. The material must then be cut to fit within the widths of the material being processed by the slitter machine.

Round disc cutter blades are used to cut through the material to prevent fraying. Depending on the material being slit, the blade may be constructed of steel, carbide, or ceramic materials. For enhanced strength and longevity, it can be coated with protective compounds like as tungsten carbide.

What's the purpose of the paper slitter rewinder machine?

The paper slitter rewinder machine is an important piece of equipment in the paper and cardboard manufacturing process. It is used to cut the paper into precise sizes based on the needs of the customer and then rewind it. Its primary raw material is flat board, which includes wood pulp board, bamboo pulp board, cotton pulp board, and others.

This machine can cut all types of paper into various specifications; it can be used with varied cutting widths; and it can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. reduces labor costs and increases efficiency.

These machines’ applications are not restricted to industries that require cutting and rewinding rolls. Individuals who want to save money on purchasing paper rolls from retailers can also utilize them. These machines are available for purchase in stores or on websites such as eBay and Amazon.

There are numerous varieties of paper slitter rewinders on the market today. Some are automatic models that run at fast speeds, while others are manual models that require human participation to operate. Prices for these equipment can range from $5000 to $400,000, depending on the capabilities and features provided by each model.

As a leading paper slitter rewinder, Jota Machinery can provide the correct equipment to assist you in creating more money.

What's the paper slitter rewinder for sale?

The paper slitter rewinder can be used for high-speed automatic cutting and rewinding of a range of paperboard materials for sale, such as corrugated cardboard or corrugated cardboard box, single-ply corrugated cardboard, and coated paperboard, as well as other paper and composites materials with varying width specifications. Unwinding, round disc cutting, and rewinding are all done in a continuous process.

The primary motor, gearbox (gear reducer), control system (including microcomputer or PLC), electric control cabinet, and auxiliary equipment are the main components of paper slitter rewinders. These parts are assembled in an indoor workshop. The machine is compact and has low noise and vibration characteristics.

The slitter and rewinder make it possible to run your business more efficiently by creating numerous sheets of paper at once rather than one at a time. This machine can also be used to make unique sizes that aren’t available in ordinary rolls.

We sell several paper slitter rewinder machines; please call us for more details.

What is a paper rewinder?

One of the most crucial auxiliary equipment in the printing and packing process is the rewinding machine.

It can be used to print on paper as well as other materials such as cardboard and plastic film.

The primary goal of rewinding paper rolls is to prevent paper waste or to make it easier to transport. There are numerous sorts of rewinders, each with its unique set of characteristics and applications.

A paper rewinder is a piece of specialist equipment used to wind paper rolls into coils utilizing the centrifugal force principle. It is widely utilized in a variety of industries, including the chemical, printing, and dyeing industries, as well as the food processing business.

The rewinder is a device that decreases the diameter of paper rolls for easier handling.

It can also be used to straighten the paper roll’s edge.

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