SMT Paper Roll Slitting Machine

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Item SMT paper roll slitting machine
Applicable MaterialSMT Pencil Paper Roll,Non Woven Fabric
Max Unwinding Width900mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Diameter of Unwinding Stand Shaft3-Inch (76mm)
Unwinding ShaftAir Expanding Shaft
Min Slitting Width25mm
Max Rewinding Speed150m/min
Max Rewinding Diameter160mm
Rewinding shaft0.5”, 1” are Available (Or As Your Request)
Voltage3 Phase, 4 Wire, 380V/220V
Packing Dimension (L*W*H)1900*1900*2100MM
Essential MaterialThermal Paper, Plastic Core, and Air Compressor
slitting blade 370

Adjustable Round Slitting Blade

Our slitting blade is adjustable.  You can re-combine the spacer provided by Jota Machinery to get different slitting widths.

If you have an issue with changing slitting width, please don’t hesitate to with Jota Machinery.

Automatic Tail Cutter And Gluer

An automatic tail cutter and gluer device is developed by Jota Machinery’s engineer team

This device is popular with our clients. The main reason is to save gluing time so that the thermal paper roll output is increased.

automatic tail cutter and gluer 570
buffer 570

Online Printing Device (Optional)

Around 2021, we launched a new thermal paper printing slitting machine.

We have added 1 single-color online flexo printing machine to the thermal paper slitting machine, this set slitting machine can also print while slitting the paper.

Why Need Anti-static SMT Paper Roll Slitting Machine

We’ve worked with thermal paper slitting machines for over 15 years in developed extensive knowledge of small core rewinding technology.

We also have our own patents for rewinding paper rolls. Anti-static SMT paper roll slitting machine is one of our patented slitting machines.

In 2019, Some clients requested that non-woven SMT wipes be produced using thermal paper slitting technology if at all possible.

After discussing with the technical team, we upgraded the equipment so that they could create non-woven SMT wipes.

smt p[aper roll

We ultimately made progress after a long test run.

For small core size nonwoven kitchen wipes, we invented the wipes slitting machine surface rewinding technology, and SMT wipes suit this demand.

Non-woven wipes, also known as non-woven kitchen wipes, are a type of anti-static, anti-fingerprint material that is good for the environment.

smt pencil paper roll
SMT Pencil Paper Roll

Because of its strong performance in static elimination and anti-fingerprinting, it is widely utilized in the electronic and electrical component packaging business.

SMT paper roll slitting machine is a new type of equipment developed by our company based on our accumulated experience and scientific research results in related fields,

Our SMT pencil cleaning wiper slitting machine is suitable for extensive capacity cutting of non-woven packaging materials (mainly used for cutting polypropylene non-woven packing material), anti-static polypropylene non-woven packing materials, polypropylene non-woven packing materials, nylon non-woven packing materials, and other types of non-woven packing materials.

paper roll

The same story, the spunlace non-woven kitchen wipes are more and more popular, it also has the same requirement for slitting, this machine could be used to cut it.

Spunlace non-woven kitchen wipes are an entirely new type of kitchen towel.

It’s comprised entirely of nonwoven polypropylene fibers. It may be used to clean any surface and can be used instead of cotton cloths and sponges.

The solution is ideal for cleaning worktops, sinks, stovetops, windows, mirrors, automobiles, and other surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. Spunlace Non-woven Kitchen Wipes have the following features:

  • Reusable and long-lasting
  • Easy-to-clean absorbent design
  • Replace your old cotton towels or sponges with ease.
  • Easy to clean in the washing machine after usage
  • Ecologically friendly

Spunlace non-woven kitchen wipes are environmentally friendly, incredibly absorbent, and long-lasting. They can be used to clean a range of surfaces. The biodegradable kitchen wipes are composed entirely of post-consumer recycled material.

Non-woven kitchen wipes from spunlace come in a variety of sizes and combinations. Each larger roll comes with one dispenser box, while each smaller roll comes with two dispenser boxes.

clean paper roll

Spunlace paper towels are constructed from a combination of high-quality materials that make them both soft and durable.

The spunlace paper towels can be reused many times without losing their strength or integrity.

Spunlace paper towels are available in non-bleached or bleached white color options, as well as large quantities to fulfill your demands at a reasonable price!

SMT to nonwoven slitting machines for wipes is used to cut nonwoven materials into wipes. The machine was created specifically for cutting non-woven cloth into wipes and sanitary napkins.

The slitting machine for nonwoven SMT wipes has excellent efficiency, low energy usage, minimal floor area, etc. It also has the benefit of being simple to use and maintain.

Spunlace non-woven kitchen wipes are created from premium spun lace non-woven fabric. They’re made to clean the insides of computer motherboards and other electronic gadgets.

These wipes can remove fingerprints, dust, and other contaminants from board surfaces while avoiding static electricity. The wipes are highly absorbent and provide good cleaning results.

What is a Non-woven SMT Wipes slitting machine?

A Non-woven SMT Wipes slitting machine are equipment that cut nonwoven rolls into SMT wipes. The equipment is used to cut nonwoven rolls into the appropriate sizes for usage in the electronics industry.

SMT non-woven During PCB production, wipes are used to clean and dry surfaces.

They’re primarily utilized to clean printed circuit boards and other electronic equipment before they’re put together with other parts.

How does the Non-woven SMT Wipes slitting machine work?

Non-woven SMT Wipes slitting machine is an effective tool for cutting paper and non-woven materials.

It can be widely used in the packaging industry, printing industry, and environmental protection industry.

The material is fed into the machine by a pair of NIP rollers.

The material will be cut into small strips by round disc knives in the required width, then it will be rewound by a rewinding assembly which makes up of 2 bottom rolls and one top lay-on roller.

Then tails cutter and label tagging stick, it is the Nonwoven wipes roll.

What's the function of the Non woven SMT wipes slitting machine?

We have developed this function for non-woven SMT wipes, on the basis of our traditional thermal paper slitter rewinders.

This kind of machine is applicable for thermal paper, nonwovens, and some Moving films.

It has features of small diameter core rewinding.

So if your material roll core diameter is less than D25mm, you can think about this type of machines.


Benefits of the Non-woven SMT Stencil Cleaning Rolls Slitter Rewinder?
  1. The anti-static non-woven fabric rolls are cut and ended up using the SMT stencil cleaning rolls slitting rewinding machine. It has numerous functions, including cutting, winding, and rewinding. It has high efficiency and low energy usage when compared to other devices. The working speed can be changed to meet the demand of the consumers.
  2. The SMT stencil cleaning rolls slitting rewinding machine is a new type of automatic equipment that can be used not only for cutting but also for winding and rewinding in one step. The velocity may be adjusted based on the needs of the customer, allowing it to satisfy their needs while saving them money on manpower.

I’ve worked in the flexible materials sector for a long time and have seen a lot of things come and go.

The Non-woven SMT Stencil Cleaning Rolls Slitter Rewinder is a significant device that has been shown to be effective, durable, and inexpensive.

SMT Stencil Cleaning Rolls, Non-woven Slitter Rewinder is an excellent piece of packing machinery.

It is used to cut stencil cleaning rollers into various widths and lengths based on customer specifications.

The machine includes an automatic control system that a single person may simply manage. It also saves time and money on labor.

This is one of the most effective products I’ve ever used, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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