Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine Have Delivered to Asia Pulp and Paper

In 2022, we have made a big upgrade to our fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine.

Not only with the new color but also with the new program. Do you want to know the story of this slitter?

back side of thermal paper slitting machine

Asia Pulp & Paper, known as the king of pulp in Asia, found us and wanted to buy 3 fully automatic thermal paper slitting from us.

2022 upgrade fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine

As we all know, any project of a large enterprise needs to be tendered.

In order to win this order, our engineers and sales managers are working hard to meet customers’ needs for automatic thermal paper slitting machines.

In late March, we took the order. All the hard work pays off.

This fully automatic thermal paper roll cutting machine has 2 separate packaging lines, hot foil stamping packaging and heat shrink film packing.

The most significant advantage of the new upgrade fully automatic thermal paper slitter machine is you can customize the packing type in the HMI system.

You just need to set the required packaging method in the system, and the whole machine can operate according to the program

On July 29, the Asia area manager in charge of Asia Pulp And Paper came to inspect the thermal paper roll slitting machine and take pictures.

On July 30th, we delivered the 3 automatic thermal slitters to the app.

On August 27th, our sales manager and engineer will have 3 months of maintenance and commissioning in Asia Pulp and Paper.

We are looking forward to our fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine to bring the production efficiency of Asian Pulp to the next level.

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