What Is Water Cooling Differential Friction Shaft ?

Differential friction shaft is more popular for different sensitive products.

We have a patented differential friction shaft with water cooling devices.

The friction shaft is called a differential friction shaft because of its function. Differential shafts are used to transmit rotational torque from the axle to the wheel axle, which will make the vehicle run smoothly. The main components of differential friction shaft include differential ring, bearing race, and outer ring, inner axis, etc.

Our patented differential friction shaft has a high degree of accuracy, which can avoid backlash and make workpieces more stable.

In addition, the use of water cooling devices can effectively reduce the temperature of the friction surface, so as to reduce the coefficient of friction between the friction surface and the workpiece surface. so as to ensure the rewinding force is in a stable range which leads to a qualified rewinding effect.

In order to meet your requirements for different dimensions, we have many kinds of diameters and patterns of differential frictions shafts for you to choose from.

On the shaft axis, we have drilled a hole for cooling water recycling, and one chiller is connected with it by the universal rotating valve.

Why do we need to use a water cooling differential friction shaft?

The primary reason is that as high-strength materials and technology progress, the stress on equipment grows considerably. If we continue to use traditional lubricating methods, the surface temperature of metal parts rises rapidly when they reach their peak loading rate, making it difficult to attain the requisite precision. To address this issue, we must develop innovative technologies that reduce friction at high temperatures. It is a water cooling system.

What is the operation of the water cooling differential friction shaft?

When rotating normally, the water cooling differential friction shaft has two sets of circumferential grooves in its body that are used for cooling. Each pair features an inner ring groove structured like an elliptical cylinder, which creates a seal with its outer ring groove during high-speed spinning. When rotated slowly or stopped, two inner rings form two closed chambers that communicate with each other via many small holes punched into both sides of each inner ring groove. The recyclable running water may take away the friction heat in this tight axis, ensuring a power rewinding tension on the machine.

Jota machinery is the first differential friction shaft with water cooling technologies, if we can supply a perfect solution for all your materials, just give us a phone call or mail for better communications.

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