What Is Pneumatic Slitting Knife?

Pneumatic Slitting Knives are used to shear a wide range of flexible materials. Air pressure is employed as a source of energy. The slit’s maximum width is 70mm. It can be employed in a variety of industries, including food processing, clothing manufacturing, medical instruments, and other printing industries.

Pneumatic Slitting Knives are used to shear a wide range of flexible materials. The knives have a pneumatic system for quick blade changing that is also very simple to use.

A vacuum system has been installed close to the knives to prevent material dust from being distributed during the cutting operation. The machine has a high level of accuracy and efficiency, making it ideal for use in bag-making machines or other sectors that require cut products.

The following are the key characteristics of pneumatic slitting knives:

1)High cutting efficiency: It can be used on a variety of soft and hard materials of various hardnesses and thicknesses. The pneumatic system is flexible for all the slitting cutting methods

2)low noise: Noise levels are less than 80 decibels.

3)Long service life: The blade is made of high speed alloy steel that has a long service life is durable and may be replaced as needed.

4)Low maintenance costs: You only need to replace the blade when it becomes worn or damaged; there are no extra charges.

Pneumatic Slitting Knives is a kind of new generation of industrial cutting machine

Pneumatic slitting knives are used to cut paper, cardboard, plastic film, and other materials. The material is fed into the machine by means of an automatic feeding device that is installed in this machine.

Pneumatic slitting knives have been around for a long time and have lately made their way to the Chinese mainland from Taiwan. More and more welcomed due to the steady functions, high precision, and cheaper repair cost.

They are mostly utilized in aluminum foil rolling production lines as well as other industries such as paper producing, food packaging, and garment manufacturing. It is also utilized in some simple steel wire mesh and angle iron cutting machine processing lines.

Structure of a Pneumatic Slitting Knife

1) The entire construction is designed with fewer components than standard mechanical slitting knives.

2) The pneumatic slitting knife’s structure is simple and compact, which decreases installation space significantly.

3) The pneumatic slitting knife features an automated drive mechanism that assures proper knife alignment throughout operation.

4) The pneumatic slitting knife employs non-standardized parts that are simple to repair or maintain, resulting in a 50% reduction in maintenance expenses.

Knife shaft, knife blade, and motor are the three basic components of a pneumatic slitting knife. The knife blade is made up of four parts: the blade body, the blade holder, the blade shoe, and the blade setter. The motor is attached to the shaft through coupling drive shafts or belts. There are also other auxiliary parts, including a dust collection vacuum pump and a lubricating device.

A pair of pneumatic slitting knives prices between USD600 and USD1500. The diameter is D90mm and D120mm.  If you can afford it, pneumatic slitting knives are the best way to ensure the slitting quality of your goods.

Pneumatic slitting knives are more expensive than traditional round disc cutter, but they have more advantages. Pneumatic slitting knives, for example, offer a longer service life since they cut the material with compressed air rather than human strength. It is also more efficient and requires less labor than manual methods.

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