Jota Machinery Goes Global: Exhibiting at JEC WORLD 2023

China’s leading manufacturer, Jota Machinery Industrial (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., is committed to providing high-quality equipment for the composite material industry.

JEC World 2023

At JEC WORLD 2023, the international composite show in Paris, Jota Machinery will showcase their impressive range of machines for composite material impregnation, prepreg production, and slitting.

One of the highlights of their exhibit is the CFRT hot melt UD prepreg machine, which is designed for winding reinforced thermoplastic pipe(RTP) and sandwich composite honeycomb panels.

Thermoplastic prepreg machine features advanced technology and precision engineering, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers looking to produce high-quality composite materials.

Another machine that will be showcased at JEC WORLD 2023 is the prepreg uni-directional tape slitting spooling machine, which is used for making narrow towprep.

JT-SLT-250S machine is perfect for automated fiber placement(AFP) and automated tape laying(ATL), which are essential for producing high-quality composite materials efficiently.

Jota Machinery will also showcase our CFRT uni-directional tape slitting machine, which is capable of slitting widths of 3.175/6.35/12.7mm.

Our ud tape slitting machine is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers looking to produce narrow tapes for composite material applications.

Finally, Jota Machinery will showcase their double belt press system, which is used for making thermoplastic sandwich composite honeycomb panels.

The machine is ideal for manufacturers looking to produce high-quality composite materials with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

Jota Machinery invites visitors to JEC WORLD 2023 to visit our exhibit in Hall 6, Booth number R60.

We look forward to sharing their innovative technology and expertise in the composite material industry with attendees.

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